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Saturday, 07 April at Timeframe is M2 Indicators are: Ichimoku Cloud The settings for the bolinger bands are 2,2 and 6,2 each.

I will drop the ichimoku settings when i get home but it is almost not even doing any work. The concept is for each of the bolinger lines to interact with each other. Upper line of the 2,2 bolinger to touch the upper line of the 6, I will post chart pictures when i can. But from my above description, you can set up your tradingview chart. Choose colors for easy identification of lines.

In your DEMO mind I 115 in binary option strategies grown beyond this type of argument It is a free world, you are entitled to your opinion Please indulge my curiosity Elomosho. What setup or indicators are you using in this chart and are the buy and sell signals auto generated by an indicator or did you put them there for emphasis? Please mention the name of this GURU so other potential victims could steer away. After all he can't kill you.

Not that his system is that bad oooh, just dat its not too good 115 in binary option strategies me as I have less time for manual trading. But wait Ooh girls too dey trade binary? However, when price touches the channel it gives you alert and the Fisher gives you alert to buy or sell when price closes back inside the channel. Are those Keltner channels and if so what settings are used? Or can u refer me to where i can cop this strat? From my experience i lost some bucks because i was moving from one strategy to the other which eventually led to my loss.

However,you need to ask yourself some fundamental questions: Which of the binary. If it is BO find somebody to train you and perfect your strategy,stick with and know it very well. But as for me I do BO now and i love doing it. If you stick with one you will make a lot of money. My brother gone are days when women are relegated to the kitchen. This is you remember? Away from that, I know you will like to make it as private as possible.

Communicate to me through my mailbox. I really need to know whom to avoid on this thread. There are three channels in that chart and only two are visible. When those three channels meet and candle closes back inside the channels it's a good time to buy or sell.

If there would be a retracement before getting to the channel, the harmonic indie would let you see this. I'm 115 in binary option strategies a vid right now to be shared to members of the group alongside with the indies.

I hope my explanations help. Not bad if I burst everything open here, but keep calm. The guy is not here on this thread. Nevertheless, am still going to inbox you. What is the present price now? I have a twitter account with a sizeable number followers over 60k. Just like binarykid said Have a target while using TBM All we r after here is consistent profit.

Meanwhile the script is still hiting my seasonal target Ndidiamaka you are so right sir, just reading this thread from afresh again. I know you have it just in case you don't send me a message on my mail. Someone 115 in binary option strategies perplexed and actually giving up and all you could do is laugh at him. My friend you need not give up. Coming to trade binary all because you need an immediate money is the first mistake you made as this will increase your emotions towards trading.

Ultimately, one loss can frustrate you and other losses would follow as a result. Trading FX or BO is a process. There is a minimum amount of period you would spend before you can be able to stand tall 115 in binary option strategies the market punches. During the learning phases, it is standard for you to lose money as a result, that's why you don't join to trade FX or BO just because you need an immediate money.

It is just like an institution, you won't be gainfully employed unless you are schooled. So take those period of losses as a learning phase of your life, if you quit you are the one who lose not the brokers.

We've all had our losses. But the difference between you and the 115 in binary option strategies on this thread is being able to fight yourself out as many people did. If you are willing to wake up back to crawl then learn to walk you can PM me.

I would give you the necessary resources That's if you are willing. But truth should be told You must be willing to spend at least 2 months of learning and practicing before thinking of making any money from trading at all.

You can now allow your browser to rest!!!!!! God bless you, it really work and saves me browser stress I ve been experiencing this over weeks now. Please help me out with the Tbm software, God'll bless you plenty. So what i did was to just change my candlesticks 115 in binary option strategies lines.

I have mailed them a lot concerning 115 in binary option strategies issues and they always promise to look into them. I just cannot wait for them to upgrade finally to MT I salute your wisdom Sir! 115 in binary option strategies one You would need T. Damiani Valometer and Somai indicator. They are not MUST but they help to confirm a good trade. Increase your Dx lines to 3 so u could see it well.

This is a point where colours change on the EMA window indicator It changes from Orange to either Green or Red depending on if the market would be going up or down. Please of all the indicators you mentioned it is only Damiani valometer that I was able to get.

Morever the MACD on my mt4 isn't the type on your screenshot, mine is colorless. Please sir where and how do I get the necessary indicators? May God continue to give you wisdom as you continue to help out not minding knocks of discouragement and distraction being aimed at you.

Hoping to read your reply. I wonder what age level we have on this thread This masterpiece gives me encouragement that there are still good people around. Elemosho only God can reward you and I pray God rewards you.

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