../apertium- arg_~r+wmf1+b1_amdchanges dpkg-genchanges." />

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Upstream has released new packages for apertium-cat, apertium-spa, apertium-spa-cat. These apertium-isl 010~r65494-1 binary issue mentioned at: Change had a related patch set uploaded by KartikMistry; owner: Change merged by Alexandros Kosiaris: So if what you are asking is if we can avoid the above, no we can't. After the changes have been uploaded though, apertium-isl 010~r65494-1 binary building the packages can be done in mass.

KartikMistry Yeah I see what you means. That being said, when I tried building using that I got. Care to take a look? Update apertium-cat, apertium-spa, apertium-spa-cat Closed, Resolved Public. Edit Task Edit Related Tasks KartikMistryJun 26 Task Graph Status Assigned Task. KartikMistry created this task. Jun 26 Apertium-isl 010~r65494-1 binary Application added a subscriber: KartikMistry triaged this task as Normal priority. KartikMistry updated the task description. Show Details Jun 262: Show Details Jun 274: Show Details Jun 275: KartikMistry added a project: Language-team April-June Language Sprint 9.

Jun 277: Jun 27 New upstream release https: Amire80 moved this task from Backlog to Apr. New upstream version https: Show Details Jun 27 Jun 28 Jun 303: Arrbee added a project: Jul 37: KartikMistry added a subscriber: Jul 117: KartikMistry added a apertium-isl 010~r65494-1 binary.

Jul 118: These packages are Build-Depends: Jul 122: In Takosiaris wrote:. KartikMistry created subtask T Document bin-NMU procedure of packaging. Jul 138: KartikMistry renamed this task apertium-isl 010~r65494-1 binary Update apertium-cat, apertium-spa, apertium-spa-cat and cg3 packages to Update apertium-cat, apertium-spa, apertium-spa-cat.

Jul 234: Arrbee closed this task as Resolved. Jul 287: KartikMistry closed subtask T Document bin-NMU procedure of packaging as Declined.

Sep 124: Log In to Apertium-isl 010~r65494-1 binary. T Update apertium-cat, apertium-spa, apertium-spa-cat. T Document bin-NMU procedure of packaging.

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