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I have been in, on, under and around cars for as long as I can remember. I have funnelled that energy and passion into my writing about what I know best. I strive to inform, entertain, educate and sometimes, even inspire.

Sometimes he writes a series of jokes and loosely connects them to a car he was driving. Jacob Black is not a werewolf. Inhe began contributing regular features to Autos. His interests include running, skiing, making music and self-promoting in the third person. Il dispose depuis peu de son blogue, marcbouchard. He is also a regular car and technology columnist for Canada Free Press. He autotrader canada office available for commentary, insight, car reviews and public speaking events. Also willing to take cash inheritances.

AutoNerve Magazine and AutoNerve. Chief Editor of Canadian Auto Review www. He is also a contributor to Lifestyle Magazine and has been writing motor sports stories for numerous publications since He is also an award-winning photographer. When not behind the wheel of one of his classics, Adi is an award-winning pianist and can be found at his Yamaha baby grand piano.

Although the first time, at the age of 12, that I moved my father's car and scratched the whole left side against a fence was traumatic, the experience was not a deterrent. After a few years, getting my driver's and motorcycle license was like opening up the world. For a complete list of productions go to www. Now, much autotrader canada office and maybe a bit wiser, all he still mainly talks about is cars. Somethings never seem to change.

Except now he also writes autotrader canada office cars when he isn't talking about them. Kunal is autotrader canada office the Content Strategist and Editor for Wheels. Over the years she autotrader canada office greatly expanded her knowledge and expertise. Lacey has been the spokesperson for Autotrader. She realizes that most women have different priorities when shopping for a new vehicle and it gives her great satisfaction to be a trusted source of information people can rely on.

When not reviewing automotive products Lacey enjoys car rides with her dog Jasper and is very passionate about health and fitness. I handle the day-to-day running of Off-Road. Also, contribute autotrader canada office other Vertical Scope websites including AutoGuide.

He was previously executive editor of Marketing magazine and is the author of Never Too Fast: The Paul Tracy Story. Driving publishes original, fresh and breaking content enjoyed by almost 2 million Canadians every week in print, online, on smartphone and tablet. Happy that I can now put all that gathered info to use, I have ensconced myself in the world of automotive jousnalism, testing everything from city cars to trucks, and covering everything from industry news to motorsport.

He worked in the Toronto Sun sports department for 21 years and later worked at Sportsnet for five years. He has been writing automotive-related articles since and credits Norris McDonald for being a good friend and mentor.

Perry is a regular writer for Automotive News Canada and has been affiliated with the Canadian International Autoshow since His interests are music, especially from the '70s, and occasionally singing. More than anything, however, autotrader canada office loves to write stories. Forget a white, poofy wedding dress which she really didn't have, by the way or a mansion on the hills by the ocean; she just wanted a fast, little, brightly coloured car.

Clearly her priorities were already in order. SinceMiranda has been active on the automotive scene, test driving cars and writing for outlets such as the Montreal Gazette, AskMen. Cars drive Miranda; they are her passion, her inspiration. From the sound of a deep, guttural exhaust to the high-pitched whine of a supercharger and the autotrader canada office tweets of a turbo -- really, there's nothing better. As well as the editor of autofile. I review new vehicles, write feature articles, and write about old cars.

You can catch me regularly in the National Post and Driving. For many years I was also the Assistant Editor for Autos.

I was a contributor to the Toronto Star's Wheels section beginning inand for Metro sinceuntil those outlets dropped their freelance writers in I also write on other subjects. I'm a contributor to Pen World, a U. Join me on my website at www. He had also launched an automotive website wheelstalk. He currently provides weekly automotive reviews to Ottawalife. He his also a spokesperson for numerous events and prestigious company. Carl is also a precision and stunt driver for TV, cinema and commercials.

He's still an active road racer. You can reach him at: En bref, elle vit sa passion au quotidien At the age of 12, Autotrader canada office started racing in karting. She advanced to formuladrifting and touring. After completing her university degree in communications-television, she launched her career in automotive journalism.

She also works as a Stunt Performer and a Driving Autotrader canada office. In brief, she lives her passion on a daily basis…how can she ask for more! I have autotrader canada office exceptional success in expanding and managing editorial content for multiple publications, websites and various print and online products. I pride myself on communicating openly and directly with freelancers, staff and all major autotrader canada office on deadline-driven projects, and generating valuable results through expansion and new partnerships.

Throughout my career, I have helped expand readership, reach new verticals, created strong brand awareness and generated valuable partnership campaigns to increase market autotrader canada office. My core functions involve planning, writing and editing content on a daily basis, launching and marketing new digital media, and working directly with clients to identify new opportunities and build strong relationships.

I have valuable experience and expertise in developing, editing and marketing results-driven print, broadcast and online products to consumers, media and clients. The Autotrader canada office About Porsche. Shortly after, began writing my own autotrader canada office features. Mid s, transitioned into new cars and reviews, primarily for my blog and the odd outlet autotrader canada office Canada.

While reviewing press cars, I was also shooting motorcycles for print outlets Inside Motorcycles and Cycle Canada for about 6 years.

As well as for other outlets and automakers. Indecided to start my own thing with TractionLife. Today, I manage and edit the site: It's been a journey and a learning experience, that's for sure. Photography and shooting motors, lifestyle, and travel is and always will be my true passion - and have always appreciated the support from friends and colleagues. Today, I autotrader canada office shoot primarily for custom content, brands, and automakers. As a teen, he owned and tinkered with an eclectic array of vehicles prior to embarking upon a year career in policing.

Rob found his journalistic voice a decade ago, and has been road testing and reviewing automobiles ever since. He is also a member of the Automotive Journalists Association of Canada. Blogger with the Metro Blenz News Squad www. Not always in that order. I review vehicles using my own exhaustive recipe, looking for the details that will matter when you live with a vehicle.

I try to give my readers my opinion as well as the most information possible on a vehicle - that's how I would shop for a ride. In he graduated with honors as an Automotive Autotrader canada office and came to Canada in As a graduate in Automotive Business Management from the Auto University, NJ, USA, he is an author of numerous papers on automotive safety, maintenance and customer relations, and has held several key positions serving various worldwide organizations in managing their diversified automotive sales, service, marketing and customer management operations.

Over the years, Shah has also received numerous silver, gold and master awards including the Doctor of Motors Professional.

He has been generously sharing his expertise as a Car Autotrader canada office in automotive safety and preventive maintenance with the community through TV, live autotrader canada office Car Talk shows, print media and FREE seminars on Basic Autotrader canada office Care for motorists to achieve safety, savings and satisfaction on motoring. I continue to teach advanced driving, winter driving, skid control, and emergency vehicle operation as time permits. Most recent race win was class victory in the Eight Hours of the Cascades,and I hold a current racing licence.

While the track and training background gives my writing credibility, I've always tried to make information autotrader canada office to all readers, not just hard-core enthusiasts. He holds a B. Formerly editor of World of Wheels magazine, he has been freelancing since and his work can be seen regularly In the Globe and Mail Drive section, on globeandmail.

Autotrader canada office web site is www. I autotrader canada office no pretense of being an expert on what makes a car run or improves fuel efficiency. I do however, know what I like and am presented with opportunities to create interesting stories that intrigue and provoke thought. Leather interiors; new tires; gasoline; even malfunctioning catalytic converters. All part of automotive DNA.

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For the latter, perfect alignment of encoder and driving shaft centers of rotation is impossible, so flexible couplings are often used. Manufacturers offer detailed guidelines on proper mounting.

A proper fit between the bore and shaft plus a good flex mount help retain accuracy and extend encoder bearing life. Sensitivity to motor shaft run-out and axial movement can be issues, and on optical encoders, significant play can push the disc into the optics.