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We already talked about the plethora of careers available in Elite Dangerous. This can be accomplished by simply detouring slightly while traveling towards your destination. If you happen to get intercepted by a pirate, you can simply throttle down your speed until you give in to the interdiction and get pulled from Supercruise. This may sound like common sense but it deserves to be said. Many times you can replace your shields with more cargo space, but as we mentioned above, pirates are a huge threat to traders, and not having your shields could mean the destruction of your ship and all your cargo.

There are tons of great websites where you can find trade routes that other players have discovered and use to your benefit. However, the best way to find a good trade route is the old-fashioned way, on your own. Each station has different commodities in higher supply or higher demand.

To break it down even more, there are five varieties of stations: By the same notion, there are 13 different categories of products with a mixture of defined items beneath them. You come across a station best commodity to trade elite dangerous specializes in the refining of raw metals.

Quite a few of the independent stations sell things like Personal Weapons. These items, while legal in one sector are illegal in other areas, as the right to bear arms is not recognized throughout all of the best commodity to trade elite dangerous. Another example of a possible illegal commodity is alcohol. Make sure to check that Bulletin Board every time you empty your Cargo hold at a station.

Just like real life, the economy in Elite Dangerous is all about watching your prices, buying low and then finding somewhere to find and sell it high.

Do NOT simply purchase something and run from station to station hoping to sell it. To figure out what to best commodity to trade elite dangerous, look at the Commodities Market and check the included graphics.

If anything ever says LOW beside the product, do not purchase it there. Then you can head to a station that needs that product and sell it for a profit. Be wary of selling your goods to stations that import the item. Always best commodity to trade elite dangerous sure the profit is worth it before letting best commodity to trade elite dangerous of your hard-earned cargo.

Otherwise you risk being fined, your cargo confiscated or even worse, destroyed. If you have a Heatsink onboard, now is a great time to send it flying into the stars. Decide who you want to be with this quick guide to the careers in Elite Dangerous. How to make more money in Elite Dangerous, from mining and bounty hunting to becoming a feared pirate.

Get to know the different internal components of your ship, and learn how to upgrade those systems. Make a living working for others, or take to the stars for long trade missions worth millions.

Buy Low, Sell High Just like real life, the economy in Elite Dangerous is all about watching your prices, buying low and then finding somewhere to find and sell it high. Hear about the latest Elite: Dangerous guides, exclusive content, and amazing offers! More from Prima Games Tips. Comments Read this article. Sign in to join the discussion or register for an account Sign in.

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