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Some say it transports storied treasures, rare cosmic best weapons trader in skyrim and luxurious stolen goods from around the System. Darker rumors speak of dungeons and prison holds filled with despairing hybrid slaves destined for sale on the black market….

Still drooling over the idea of space-jacking this graceful beauty? You must be logged in to post a comment. Darker rumors speak of dungeons and prison holds filled with despairing hybrid slaves destined for sale on the black market… Still drooling over the idea of space-jacking this graceful beauty?

Devs Ask Space Monkeys 2. I loved the idea that you have sails on top of a spaceship Log in to Reply. Might be solar power plants. I remember seeing something like that in the Treasure planet when I was a kid and I was very cool.

I totally agree on that. They need to be more modern looking for that tho. Seems to just be a visual play on old Asian pirate ships. No real purpose other than to serve as both notice and a warning of who you are dealing with. I don't best weapons trader in skyrim want them to be more modern. I think blending old and new is part of BGaE identity at this point.

It seems okay to me. Not like there would be a game based around that one hoverboard from TreasurePlanet. We are talking about a universe with space-swimming bubble-making whales. Have a look at BGE1. It'd be awesome to see with they would do with the solar sails concept. I hope they run with it. Mate I loved seeing that space whale, took 11 year old me several years best weapons trader in skyrim get to space to see that whale!

Space ships must look like space ships you know, and not like pirate ships Please guys make moderns ships!!! Man You missed the point This game is based on Pirate Universe put in Space I agree, part of the appeal is the pirate aspect and who's to say that they don't keep the sails for traditional purposes?

It's a flying fortress for players to capture. It must be inviting and attracting. But if we can control ths type of spaceship, it must have some advantages and some defaults. And his apparence is awesome. I think that would be cool, maybe not on all ships but maybe on an interceptor class of ship or something? I have two questions one will there be land vehicles like dune buggy and quadbike also will there be best weapons trader in skyrim to best weapons trader in skyrim and sell thse vehicles.

Lutter contre l'exclavage, promouvoir les jeux, l'art et les interactions sociales. Monter une affaire fructueuse. Though I do like the shark best weapons trader in skyrim on the other ship, I still have to say Best weapons trader in skyrim particularly like the sales of fins near the back of the ship.

Are they functional and make the ship better, no. Are they necessary, probably not. But they do make the ship that much more awesome! I love the use of smaller ships for scale in this one, this mothership is a couple hundred meters long! This being Zhou Yuzhu's personal ship is quite interesting. With how he addressed Knox in the trailer, I don't doubt he has some best weapons trader in skyrim slaves of his own. I'm assuming the structure with the sails at the back is a detachable, smaller ship?

It doesn't look pretty safe-proof, I'd guess it's really a ship for sailing bodies of water. Also, the cannons at the front and the sides really make this menacing, I love it! This ship looks pretty, maybe its look goes with the owner. The ship looks like it has several potntial ways of getting in and out, it would be nice if those were in the game. Like the space fights in battlefront 2: Maybe you can attack the crew in the crew quarters before you raise an alarm, or take control of the engine room and open vents to let the crew get sucked into space?

That would be awesome! Build up an army, choose an approach, maybe even sabotage the ship to conquer it and then scavenging for parts to repair it after it's captured? Utilise onboard weapons while still fighting for total control over the ship?

It feels like it best weapons trader in skyrim be a big accomplishment to conquer and use this juggernaught and the rewards should be there too faster travel through long distances, more firepower, unlock new systems to explore, etc. Multiple strategies for boarding ships and stealing them would be awesome, yes.

The attention to detail and color in every artwork released so far is amazing and inspiring. It's crazy to think spaceships like these, and smaller ones, or even bigger ones? The mix of cultural design elements and sci-fi is outstanding as always!

Getting more and more curious to see this game further evolve and what other stunning artworks will be revealed. Now granted big ships like these are cool, but what if I just want a ship to cruise with afew buddies? Think like the millennium falcon, I want a han and chewie ship. And the ship looks to have the shape of a whale, there is even an eye in its side.

Seems to be there is also a flying fish painted. Is that best weapons trader in skyrim symbol for longevity in ship bow? Is the painting on top a fusion of dragon and clouds? Could be similar to Zhou tattoos? Once again with another big teaser on what we would be able to do for the time being!!

The ship is gorgeous but would be a mess when were done with it. So I guess this can be a heist and steal good and save the chained hybrids, so far so good! Now I'm picturing it as a public event or "who gets to it first". Having well armed shipmates will be a highly recommendation to those who think they are confident enough. Let's say it's a heist you'll need strategies, can go in hard, or play it slow and sneaky. It would be cool to have specific shipmates you'll need to join you on how they want it played out.

Darker rumors speak of dungeons and prison holds filled with despairing hybrid slaves destined for sale on the black market… Pure water for thermal baths. Why not, embryo of a new hybrid breed. Of course it's mean that the sails has to be retractable. Ou tout simplement recharger les batteries du vaisseau. I'm loving that this has been built in the shape of a whale.

I always loved that the Beluga had a kind of animalistic shape, and that General Kehck unashamedly flew around the moon in a giant spider. It instantly gives you a sense of a vehicle's personality before you've even set foot inside it. I love that i can even just talk about Beyond Good and Evil 2 now and it actually being a thing soo excited.

Perhaps similar craft should make an appearance in-game, if not already. I'm loving this mothership design though. If Ubisoft could make a world with a Fifth Element Theme, that best weapons trader in skyrim is so old and yet so well enjoyable to watch over and over again! This ship looks DOPE! This brings up all types of questions on customization. Also, noticing all the weaponry on the ship, it makes me curious as to how ship to ship fights will be like.

Will there be best weapons trader in skyrim "attack mode" when the need arises aside best weapons trader in skyrim traveling fast going from planet to planet? It is still very exciting to hear about the different elements this game will possess.

That said, I like the design of the ship. Ship looks really cool!! Easy to find and pay a good concept artist, but does this coherently contributes to the game? Across the years, games and movies are all looking more and more attractive while loosing any and all involvement from the consumer. Covenant, perfect example of slicks designs still being boring because it's producer didn't know what a second draft is.

Theses things take time, best weapons trader in skyrim I'm already finding preorder links for BGE2 on fnac. I think you need team of writers as well, so it can both look cool and be cool. BGE1 was not a game about improving stats and equipping weapons, ; random loot was not at the core of the original game, instead we had exploration, pearls and animals, and every single one of them was an individual challenge with brilliant ones involving hot-pursuit of pirates, hovercraft races, even a whale in space!

And all very well implemented in the huge world!

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