Surgical Outcome of Bronchiectasis in Children: Long Term Results of 60 Cases

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By the s Its principal activities involved providing touring coaches for international coach holidays and operating most of the local bus services in the Binare operationen sind serie oder ein betrug und district.

With a fleet of around buses and coaches, Wahl was believed to have become the largest privately owned bus company in Europe.

In the business underwent a high-profile bankruptcy. Fritz Wahl, who had by this time succeeded the elder generation and was in charge of the business, disappeared. Some time later he was located in Mexico: On 6 August two brothers, Wilhelm — and Albert Wahl —set up a bus service between Heidenheim and nearby Schnaitheim. They operated the service with an seat Ford bus. Just two months later they acquired a second bus. Additional local routes were opened up to Oggenhausen, Voithsiedlung and Mergelstetten.

From company contracts provided for further expansion, and cunning timetabling was also used to build passenger numbers. In a region where punctuality is highly valued, the Wahl buses were scheduled to depart just slightly earlier than the corresponding postbus services. At the railway station, while the postbus was still waiting for the letters and parcels to be loaded from the train, the Wahl bus was already departing, so that only a minority of slow moving passengers were left to use the binare operationen sind serie oder ein betrug und.

The buses were well filled, but then the company were forbidden to operate along the route. At this point Wahl gave up on trying to compete with the trains on routes to Stuttgart. During the war the company buses and employees were conscripted for war work, and were even required to provide some of the services previously operated by the postbuses.

The postwar decades saw a massive increase in the population of Heidenheim and the surrounding region, fed by refugees from the east and economic migrants from the regions administered between and as the Soviet occupation zone. The registered population in the Heidenheim administrative district increased from 62, in toin In the municipal authorities set up their own publicly funded rival operation, "Kraftverkehr Heidenheim GmbH", with routes connecting Heidenheim with Oberkochen and Giegen with Staufen.

Six years later, inthe municipality's public bus company was dissolved and its routes were taken over by Wahl and the national postbus operator. In Wahl was operating 37 vehicles. By this time the economy of what had become, in Maythe German Federal Republic West Germanywas growing strongly and disposable incomes were increasing to a point where many people could contemplate foreign holidays. Wahl itself grew strongly during binare operationen sind serie oder ein betrug und later s and s, both in respect of local bus services and of internationally used touring coaches.

By the mid s, with a fleet of over 70 buses and coaches, Wahl had become one of the largest private companies of its kind in West Germany. In Heidenheim a minute frequency binare operationen sind serie oder ein betrug und introduced for the city buses, and additional suburbs such as Erbisberg and Mittelrain were added to the local network. In an important contract was concluded with American Express for Wahl to provide touring coaches to be used for European coach tours sold to customers by American Express from America and other, mostly English speaking, binare operationen sind serie oder ein betrug und outside Europe.

Over the next few years similar deals were entered into with Global Tours and Trafalgar Tours. Fritz Wahl took over the leadership of the business.

In July Regine Wahl, Dr. Wahl's daughter, married Patrick Reynoldsthe orphaned scion of a US tobacco dynasty. The move into luxury international coach tourism was a great success. In Fritz Wahl spotted another international opportunity, this time in China.

So many people on bicycles, or walking long distances. They need motor transport, motor transport and then more motor transport. In the mids, as Wahl expanded its business remit, ugly rumours began to circulate as to the company's solvency. There were suspicions that the expansion was, at best, injudiciously funded.

The public bus network had been ringing up deficits for the years, while the tourist coach business was highly cyclical, and vulnerable to exchange rate fluctuations. Wahl explained "I extinguished one fire with another fire.

It was a kerfaffel ein Kuddelmuddel ". Even the judge, Werner Meinhold, was unsure what to make of the matter: There was talk of the regional government binare operationen sind serie oder ein betrug und financial guarantees. But now events assumed their own momentum. The company applied for a "scheme of arrangement" "Vergleichsantrag" with its creditors, but such an arrangement would have required the agreement of creditors and of the court.

What followed for the company, in Maywas a compulsory bankruptcy. Wahl and his wife disappeared, leaving behind them a shortfall of fifty million marks. An international arrest warrant was issued, but there could be no arrest while the doctor's whereabouts remained unknown. Dr Wahl was located and, in Augustarrested in Mexico City. Wahl refused to receive them in his Mexican prison cell. As matters turned out, at the time when he was found in Mexico Dr Wahl still had not sold on all his unpaid for buses, nor handed them over to the banks who had accepted them as security on debts.

Back in Germany, in May Fritz Wahl received a three and a half year jail term for deception and embezzlement. By that time the luxury coach fleet had already disappeared from the company books, during its unsuccessful struggle for survival. HVG is focused on scheduled services, with only very limited involvement in private hire and one-time contracts. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Setting trends 30 years ago". Retrieved 1 December Die ZeitHamburg online.

Retrieved 30 November Eingestiegen waren ehemalige Wahl-Mitarbeiter". Deutsche Verwaltungsgeschichte von der Reichseinigung bis zur Wiedervereinigung Die brauchen Fahrzeuge, Fahrzeuge und nochmals Fahrzeuge. Retrieved from " https: Interlanguage link template link number. Views Read Edit View history. Languages Deutsch Edit links. This page was last edited on 11 Decemberat By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

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