Damocles network communication protocols

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Modbus Poll application version 3. It is necessary to restart the program after to run it again. Launch Modbus Poll application mbpoll. In setup menu select option Poll Definition keyboard short cut F2. Picture a - Input setting. Beginning at the address - ending at the address Length: Picture b - Network parameters setting. Application is now connected to selected device and in periodic interval loads input values see the picture c.

Picture c - Values loading. Picture e - Output setting. Binary inputs model 2404 control binary inputs select option 05 in function menu: Write Single Coil short cut F7. Picture f - Output control. You can safe setting of Poll Definition to mbp file to simplify your work. Any time you need it simply load the saved setting.

Setting of Modbus Poll application for communication with Damocles is identical with setting for Damocles MINI above, change value binary inputs model 2404 Length parameter, model support 24 inputs instead of 4 and 4 outputs instead of 2.

Picture h - Output setting - Damocles Picture ch - Setting of temperature sensor. Two binary inputs model 2404 are displayed. The first line shows number of connected sensors and the second current temperature with an accuracy of 0.

Save your setting to mbp file to simplify work with Poll Definition. In binary inputs model 2404 you need it, simply load saved setting. We describe how to properly setup Modbus Poll program version 3.

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The measured data from Damocles are available by different ways corresponding to various applications. Damocles is in the TCP Server mode, waits for request from supervising application. States of binary inputs and outputs are displayed on a simple WWW page which is first loaded when accessing Damocles using web browser.

The page is reloaded every 5 to 30 seconds see the Damocles models manual. If some variable reaches the value that is set as ALARM value, this binary input or a sensor is colored red. Access to this WWW page is not restricted by password, it only writes values and there is also nothing to modify. The access can be restricted by IP address filtering. On the other hand for access to the Flash Setup user name and password can be demanded.

In case you forget your password new configuration of the device to "Set to Default" over RS Setup is necessary. All current monitored values are displayed in the defined. XML page for example values. XML entry is comprehensible for a man as well, process independent on SW platform and information can be retrieved even without a special software.

Majority of the Damocles models contains two XML files which differ in range of commands. The smaller file typically values. The second file typically setup. If the setting of Damocles allows it, you can change some parameters over this file. The Modbus is a communication protocol developed for measuring devices communicating over RS or RS The Modbus protocol allows sharing the variables' memory area over one of the physical interface, from measuring values for instance. Easy implementation into visualization systems for industrial professions is advantageous For more information, see http: Schedule of individual parameters mapping can be found in the Damocles models manual.

Individual variables are organized and described in so-called MIB Management Information Base table, which can be used for any device. The MIB table is distributed as a separate. Thanks to existing modules it is possible to allow access to reading or writing the data, provided by peripheral device to the system e. In classic communication mode, the communication proceeds in terms of questions and answers. The variables are defined by a numeric string that is described in the MIB table that also defines the meanings of the individual variables, format and names.

If you know the hierarchy numeric string — e. With these programs, you must enter the OID strings manually. The strings can be found in the MIB table, but to save you looking there, we provide a summary of several variables, their OID in Damocles models manual.

If sending of an Email is allowed as a reaction to Alarm, Damocles sends email directly or via supervising program. It is standard email, where recipient, subject and some parts of the message can be set.

The trap consists of two SNMP traps for increasing of security and compatibility with other systems. The format of the packet is described in MIB table, the first packet contains information about Alarm beginning and the second packet contains information about sensor in alarm status.

The alarm is state value so that after alarm termination for example temperature goes back to the defined range another two SNMP Traps are transmitted.

The Damocles model manual contains enhanced description. The alarm status notification can be realized with redirecting the Email to SMS. The redirecting is executed by supplied software which runs as the service in the background of your system. Czech version English version.

The units from Damocles family control the binary inputs and outputs over the network, eventually measure the value of temperature sensor. The immediate values are available over the network communication protocols here mentioned.

Example of XML record for a binary input: