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Not unless you have terrible money management. I mean robots by someone with no conflict of interest, and with rigorous backtesting data and proper MM. You might also think about hiring some real moderators instead of these goofballs Okane and Michael Hodges, omg why don't they just work for the binary options brokers? What am I saying, they likely do! You two SUCK imo and if you don't like that well try not defending brokers when they are in the wrong instead you bash traders?

You two are just paid shills than Worse you both are so boring I want to use you for sleep aids anytime I have insomnia. You could put people high on crack in coma's you are so boring in what you write.

That's what i am saying, if IQ options provides the technology for building the robot, it is the same as owning the robot, why would you wanna use anything like robots or any trade help from the broker?

It is a robot behind a nice story as advertisement on my Smartphone. COM called me and let me transfer 5. Now I became scared after reading all the comments on this website. I keep you informed about my account of 6. Fri Apr 13 Tokyo: September in Brokers. I've been using them for a few weeks and it's been horrific. Please be aware that the stop-losses you put on your robot are not withheld and the bot WILL trade past them. Please see these images.

She keeps telling me that "the robots section is in beta" but nowhere on their site does it say this. Unfortunately, I'm locked into this site now because of the bonus scheme, but once I'm out of this scheme, I will take my money elsewhere. You have been warned! I wish I had never signed up with them. Sorry to hear but it's not a surprise.

Robots can't and will not make you money. In this case, they are just supposed to be seen as a guide but even then, you should always make your own analysis. Further to this, I've just had the manager of customer services on the phone, and he's refusing to refund the money the robot erroneously took from me.

What's more, he's now saying that IQ Option doesn't want me as a customer and that they will terminate my account. Simple guys, is this a company YOU want do deal with? Okane, I agree, I was playing with the programming, but when I initiate a stop-loss, I expect it to be adhered to, if not, then refunded, because that is THEIR programming problem, not mine. Additionally, THEY made money off the back of their programming problem, which I had already identified to them.

Refusal to refund seems like theft to me. If they do not refund, then I will see them in small claims court. You are using robots provided by the broker and not building your own? I don't think I would ever use someone elses, especially since the product is so new.

I am still curious to try building my own robot though, it looks pretty cool to me. You should complain to them, maybe to your credit card too, they may be able to get you a charge back. I was using a robot I had written, but it carried on trading past a stop-loss I had put in. I have also now had a response from IQ Option. It basically says and I quote "I am fully aware that the issues I am experiencing are due to the fact that the version of the Robots website is beta and as such may have some inconsistencies and bugs.

They only did the refund because I threatened to sue them. Not good when you lose money due to their bad programming. Anyway, I'm taking the money and running, I'll never use them again. I don't mind bugs, but reimbursement is expected if I lose money due to a bug that's not of my own doing. Didn't think about the card option, my try that also. In the end no matter what they say or how great or bad a system is it always traders responsibility and user beware.

The Geek, I disagree, if I setup a stop-loss, I expect it to be adhered to, even if it's a bot. Otherwise, what's the point? What you're saying is that even if you were placing trades on forex normally, and you set a stop-loss, you would be happy to lose more money because your trade was not stopped at the stop-loss? Yes, it's my responsibility if the robot I create puts or calls wrong, but it's not my responsibility when I set a stop-loss and the robot ignores it.

That is not something that is programmable on IQ Option. It's a setting on each robot. Simply amount of unsuccessful trades in a row before reset. I set 6, it traded 8, thus those last two are not my liability in my option. And I was not concurrent trading, it was serial. Trading with a self made robot sounds cool, this technology is also pretty interesting, but as we are discovering through this discussion may have some bugs as yet to be worked out. BTW what kind of stop-losses are you setting?

There are no stop losses in binary, at best there is early out features but those are not widespread and have serious limitations. As soon as I mentioned IQ Option to my banks chargeback department, they said "We've had quite a few Chargebacks for this company, mainly because funds were not released back to the customer when they were withdrawing funds" - OMG, they're not giving out the funds when customers click Withdraw!?!?!

I haven't had my money deposited back in my account either. I do not think the "beta" excuse from IQ Option is acceptable. Providing evidence that a robot has traded outside of it's parameters and suffered a loss, should result in a refund.

The issue is, if the robot traded outside of it's parameters and made money - would the trader give it back? It is interesting to see someone using this in anger though. The other important point is that it is possible to setup your robot on the demo account, and let it run on there. That might be an idea for anyone keen to set one up, but worried about the bugs. In this example, IQ Option give traders the ability to configure their own robot. Based on criteria setup by the user.

So IQ Option provided the tools via which a trader builds the robot. I agree with you that the beta excuse is not acceptable. But in what world do you trust a broker to build a profitable robot to help you take their money? Because no broker has market makers and as much as they tell you different bs stories about how they don't make money off your losses, they do.

So using a robot from them either simply means you are stupid if you have been around any time or a newbie that was taken in by their lying. The only bots a broker will enjoy having are the ones that zero out your balance as fast as possible because than your money is now their money.

Nice job on promoting them binaryoptions. September edited September What I am learning? There are no shortcuts. It is absolutely a must to learn trading for myself and if I wanted to go on to play with algos and such like then fine but I'm going to put in the time and effort on the basics first whatever I do from then on. At the moment, there are no robots at IQ Option. However, if you have any issues with your deals, please, contact our Support Team: IQ Option Support Team.

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