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Binary Options Trading has become one of the most popular investment businesses these days. People like to earn easy money sitting at home without putting much effort into it and moreover, who would want to sit in front of their computer screen and want to trade for hours? The answer to this problem is the automated binary options trading software with which you can make the computer do your trade. This software are also known as robots or auto traders and they can lessen all the problems that you could face when you trade manually.

This also allows common people like you and me to trade without any hardcore knowledge of advanced financial and economic strategies and make money. These days the number of automated binary options trading software have increased by leaps and bounds and the authenticity of this software are quite questionable. This is because most auto traders are not binary options scam brokers and traders list ! and this opens up the opportunity for fraudsters to develop their own fake software and sell it to common people and trap them and steal their money.

But now it has become quite easy for them to make fraudulent sites, and as people were not able to differentiate between the fraudulent and legitimate sites this led them to suffer heavy losses. So today, in this article I will tell you how you can identify a binary options scam brokers and traders list ! or Scam system. But before we go into that let me tell you what Binary Options Trading is. Binary Options Trading is a financial trading in which the payoff is a fixed amount or nothing at all.

Generally, traders trade through regulated platforms that provide with licensed brokers but day traders and amateur traders can also trade using the automated trading robots or software. But before trading through these software one must know what kind of product they are dealing with so as to make sure they are tricked. So, let me help you to learn how you can identify a Scam software among the variety of trading systems available online.

Here I have listed the various ways with which you can identify a Scam System. Option Robot is one such genuine sites which have regulated brokers and they clearly give details about the broker sites with which they will link you up as soon as you make binary options scam brokers and traders list ! account.

Just have a look below. For example, the person shown above is a very well known the fiverr actor who is regularly hired by scammers to provide testimonials or as a spokesperson of scam systems. Check the picture below. As we know that the scams will never end, so that is why it is important to stay alerted from this bogus systems whenever you would come across.

Here are some of the Binary Options Scam brokers Lists that one must avoid. So these are some of the details that you can notice to identify a scam software.

Be very careful while noticing these details as some of these are not easily noticeable. Try to avoid any kind of suspicious system if you have a little bit of doubt. The best thing is to check up reviews about these suspicious systems and investigate the matter so as to save yourself from scammers and to avoid any kind of online theft. What is Binary Options Trading Platform? How to Identify Scam System: These are the financial regulatory agency that provides a license to these trading platforms on the basis of the services provided by them.

Generally, fraudulent sites are not licensed by these agencies, but sometimes they use fake logos to confuse people. So be sure to check them out carefully. Sometimes they even offer the free trial, but this is nothing but a ploy to take away your money which you could have invested in some other legitimate source and earned loads of money with it. Sometimes they use a hired persons to share a testimonial or to be their spokesperson in the promotional videos.

They are actually not the owners of these scam sites, in fact, they are just actors who have been hired to provide you with false details. Checking the age of the website is another best option for catching these scam makers. You can binary options scam brokers and traders list ! copy the domain address and paste it in the binary options scam brokers and traders list !. These websites are generally two or three months old and the information they provide on their sites is that they have been doing this for a year or so, basically, they are just lying about everything.

In the videos, you will come across the actors, who will tell you about a unique algorithm that they have created and with they have earned loads of money. But in reality, these are just bogus things made up by them to trick you.

Watch the video carefully to notice that they will keep on bragging about this algorithm but they will never explain to you how the algorithm really works. The algorithms that are used in the Options Trading platforms are unique and very different from each other.

This is because the possibility to generate such huge amounts are not binary options scam brokers and traders list ! in binary options trading at least every day. Another important thing that you can do is change your VPN and then check. When you try it normally without changing the VPN then you will notice that they might provide some bogus limited offer but as you change your VPN you will notice that binary options scam brokers and traders list !

numbers in those limited offers have changed drastically. Sometimes they even have time limits that are about to get expired as you enter but when you just change your VPN the time resets. Binary Options Scam Brokers List:

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Binary Options Trading has recently become a source of easy money provided you are aware of all the unwanted things happening online. Ever since its popularity the binary options trading business has become vulnerable to all sorts of online scams and thus it is dangerous to trade with just any random system which you stumble into. So, how do you identify a scam system? It involves nothing sort of brainstorming but a little investigation can help you identify whether a system is a scam or not.

A scam system comes with various loopholes that you can easily find out if you pay a close attention to the details. Just go through the following points and learn how you can do this on your own. The most important thing to do while learning to trade in binary options is to keep your expectations low and think rationally about the whole business.

Some system will promise you a huge amount overnight and also promise to make you a millionaire in a month or so. This is not what happens in reality and you should keep in mind that no one has become a millionaire in such a small amount of time and even the now rich traders are a result of years of investments and hard work.

So, if any system tries to convince you that you will become rich by using their software then that is a very wrong idea which is being shared about binary options trading. Almost every scam system will try to make you believe that after using their software you will become rich and will be able to buy a costly sports car and pay all your debts and go for the costliest holiday destinations. These promises are stereotypical and have been used over again and again from time immemorial.

Falling for such promises will only ruin you. Scam systems will contain a video with all sorts of nonsense stories being portrayed to attract your attention.

The video will contain nothing genuine and even the actors in the video are usually paid a good amount of money to act as the spokesperson for their product. These actors can be sometimes found on fiverr.

Just be alert and try to find out whether the video is genuine or not there will always be a hint hidden somewhere you just need to pay close attention. Whenever you open an account in a scam system you will be assigned to a broker which is either fake or not worthy of any investment. For this, I suggest you go through a brief online investigation about the broker and then proceed to the next step.

In simple words, I would suggest that you either trade with a licensed broker or just avoid. This is probably the first thing that you should find out while dealing with any kind of binary options trading system. It is sometimes found that the scammers provide a fake trading history and information about their members.

You might be misinformed that the system was active for years but if you make an investigation you might find that the system has been just registered a few months ago. To find such information you will have to make a search in who. Just make sure you check each and every detail and find out whether the information about the members is real or not.

You can try checking out on popular social networking websites like Facebook or Twitter and find out the authenticity of the members. Usually, the scammers steal pictures of people from all over the internet and post it on their websites with fake names and fake success stories.

The above-mentioned points are all to be kept in mind before you start trading with any random system online. But what makes a system genuine?

Here are some indications which prove that the system you are dealing with is trustworthy. I am sure you have got a clear idea about how to identify scam systems. There are no doubt many other minute things that might have been missed out but if you closely investigate the whole system it is not a big deal to spot a identify a scam system. In fact, scam systems have become so common these days that I can find out whether a system is real or not on the very first look.

Binary Options Brokers Scams List: Binary Options Scam List: So, give some time in reading this article and find out all the ways to identify scam system.