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The new Nismo sits near the top of the latest GT-R range, which was first binary options strategies 2018 nissan altima at the New York motor show earlier this year sporting a facelifted look rather than the overhaul associated with an all-new car. Nismo has been steadily growing from a niche label for JDM aficionados to a bona fide performance sub-brand for Nissan. And it will grow by one more model next week when the doors open at the Chicago Auto Show.

Nissan hasn't revealed exactly what it has binary options strategies 2018 nissan altima store just yet, but whatever it is, it'll be an all-new model we haven't seen before. The Datsun binary options strategies 2018 nissan altima studio has already given us amped-up versions of the Juke, Z and GT-R, offers several more versions in markets overseas and has displayed concept versions of other Nissan models as well.

We're hoping that whatever Nismo has lined up for Chicago will be ready for production and available Stateside, but we'll have to wait a little while longer to say for sure.

The higher-spec GT model gets sat-nav, 19in wheels and an upgraded stereo, but the price is cranked up too: Fettled by the same in-house tuners who worked wonders with the fast Juke CAR drove recently, the Z Nismo adds an extra 16bhp to the standard car's output, taking the 3.

These days, however, the Sentra has slowly ebbed into the background with uninteresting driving binary options strategies 2018 nissan altima, out-of-place mini-luxury-car styling—shared with the Altima—and unholy of unholies, a CVT.

There is hope yet, as Nissan proved at the L. But then doing more with less has always been part of what the GT-R is all about, right? With hp and lb-ft of torque from its twin-turbocharged 3. At 7 minutes 8. In March20 automakers made a commitment with federal regulators to make automated emergency braking a standard feature on … [Read more Yes, even in performance cars.

This comes as no surprise, as some 60 percent of non-NISMO Z buyers choose the optional, paddle-shifted seven-speed automatic. To top it off, that gearbox can make any driver feel like … [Read more In the s and 60s it was the horsepower war, followed soon after by the fuel economy battles of the s and 80s.

Today, the peace of mind that comes from available safety features competes with horsepower, environmental sensitivity and connectivity to win the hearts and minds of new car buyers. Owning a vehicle that can head off a crash by itself is a tantalizing prospect for many drivers. With the industry already heading in that direction, Nissan has decided to add automatic emergency braking as standard equipment on eight of its models. For those unfamiliar with the technology, AEB uses radar to judge the proximity and speed of the vehicle ahead, applying the brakes if the driver fails to … [Read more

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Twenty major car manufacturers have agreed to make automatic emergency braking a standard feature on their new vehicles by The automakers participating in the commitment make up 99 percent of the U. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration claims the agreement will help make automatic emergency braking standard in the industry three years faster than could be achieved by traditional rulemaking. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety estimates the pact will prevent 28, crashes and 12, injuries during those three years.

This will make it a total of UN regulations incorporated into Malaysian law. Braking and being seen by the traffic behind is of essential importance for motorcycle riders. BMW Motorrad has announced the development of a dynamic brake light which warns drivers of following vehicles even better about when the motorcycle in front of them is braking.

Stage one is activated when the motorcycle decelerates from speeds above 50kph. In this case, the brake light flashes with a frequency of 5 Hz. These remain turned on until the motorcycle accelerates again to a minimum speed of 20kph. Top 10 global automakers have committed to implement AEB on its vehicles and working with the US transport department to implement the system and also decide a timeline to mandate the same.

We all know that safety and pollution reducing elements have become an integral part of vehicles. USA and Europe are one of the foremost markets where the same are implemented effectively; setting up a benchmark for the rest of the world. Automatic Emergency Braking system is designed to address the large number of crashes, especially rear-end ones wherein drivers do not apply the brakes or fail to apply sufficient braking power to avoid or mitigate a … [Read more With constant emphasis towards safety in the motoring world, it is extremely interesting to see automakers introduce more safety tech and electronic aids on two-wheelers, which are otherwise considered to be less safe.

A safety feature specific to only cars till date, BMW is the first automaker to offer this in motorcycles. Essentially, the Dynamic Brake Light system warns drivers when the motorcycle in front of them is braking.

There are two levels of the intensity of the warning lights to turn … [Read more With increasing number of vehicles on roads, development of safety features become a credential part for the automakers. The intelligent brake light system is based on a wireless signal technology that warns the following vehicles during the time of emergency braking to avoid the accident cautiously. During sudden braking, the Ford vehicle equipped with this technology transmits a wireless signal and warns the following vehicles behind by lightning up a signal light on their dashboard.

The system works even when the following vehicles are taking a corner or stuck behind other traffic. The technology is like a pre-assist system and helps to apply brakes timely, potentially to avoid accident during traffic queue.

The minivan S-MAX models are taken in use to test this smart feature. The technology is one of 20 potential future systems Ford tested as part of Safe Intelligent … [Read more Regardless of how much we complain and boo-hoo about the safety nannies in today's cars, there is no denying the fact that they have made cars safer than ever.

One of the latest features that closely monitor our habits and keep us out of trouble is automatic emergency braking. Today, the NHTSA announced that 20 major automakers agreed to make this potentially life-saving technology a standard feature on all light-duty vehicles by September 1, For those who don't know, automatic emergency braking uses radar, cameras or lasers to sense stopped vehicles or other stationary objects in front of the vehicle.

If the driver fails to apply the brakes quick enough, and the system senses an accident is likely to occur, it will automatically engage the brakes. As the saying goes, everything has its price, and that includes the Nissan Altima. With the base model gone, we expected the prices to rise at least a little for models powered by the hp 2.

The new base model, the 2. The tests showed the systems worked more or less as planned. During 70 trials, vehicles with AEB designed to prevent crashes slowed by twice the amount as those designed to simply slow the vehicle before impact.

Vehicles designed to prevent crashes shed, on average, 79 percent of their speed before impact. Those designed to mitigate the crash slowed by 40 percent.

In tests conducted at speeds of 30 miles … [Read more The topic is combination turn signal-brake lights, which are the stupidest thing that currently exists in the auto industry. Suddenly, the driver — who is undoubtedly trying to locate the Uber rider who hailed him — puts on the turn signal to make a … [Read more