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Since Luke Skywalker dropped that bomb in the middle of binary wars attack of the clones trailer youtube Star Wars universe in the first trailer for The Last Jediquestions have been swirling:. The central nugget here is that all signs are pointing to a new era for the Jedi. If only we had Star Wars stories that explored the uneasy complexities of the Jedi Order.

One of those nutty prequel defenders. I love those movies, and I always will. That said, one of the things I thought those three movies totally nailed was its treatment of the Jedi Order as being pure and noble in theory, but highly flawed and reckless when put into practice.

Granted, the flaws that the Order had exposed were circumstantial: And binary wars attack of the clones trailer youtube prequels show the Jedi failing—in principle and in practice—again and again. I have failed you. From a certain point of view hehyou can say the Jedi are completely to blame for what became of Anakin.

They tore him away from his mother at a young age and never supplemented the parental and emotional nourishment he clearly needed. The Order was never completely sold on him—perhaps because they sensed something dark within him, perhaps because they were jealous of his status as the Chosen One of Jedi prophecy—and, therefore, they never fully embraced him.

Yoda, Mace, and the rest of the Jedi Council never made determined attempts to help raise him into the Jedi he could have been, choosing instead to try binary wars attack of the clones trailer youtube squeeze him into the only mold they allowed themselves to understand—even as their world, their principles and mores, were crashing down around them during the Clone Wars. Anakin was a Gray Jedi; the problem was that no one around him was interested in understanding what that meant.

He was light and had the capacity for great heroics; but through his great passion—his love and his rage—he also had the capacity for darkness. And through this understanding, at last, Luke will bring balance to Force—by showing all of Star Wars nation just how critical the prequels truly are.

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This group is where we post a whole bunch of arrangements and transcriptions of all of the Star Wars battles. The Star Wars Battles This group is where we post a whole bunch of arrangements and transcriptions of all of the Star Wars battles. Discussions 9 Sheet music 19 Members 40 Join. I arranged this medley of film music to be played as an interlude at my chorus concert.

Unfortunately, I got carried away and it is too long. The Return of the King. I plan of writing several more film arrangements in the future with more specific topics such as a Lord of the Rings film medley, a Star Wars film medley, Marvel film score medley, etc. That way I will be able to include more material. The pieces I used in the arrangement are as follows: The Original Series - Alexander Courage 2.

Ahch-To Island - Star Wars: The Last Jedi - John Williams 3. The Imperial March - Star Wars: Main Title - Jaws - John Williams 8. First Step - Interstellar - Hans Zimmer 9. The Fellowship of the Ring - Howard Shore. Ladies and Gentlemen, here it is: I have a whole list of songs that still need to be included, and don't worry, it may take me a while, but I have no intention of letting the project go unfinished.

Probably won't be truly done anytime soon anyway because they keep making new films. So until then, hold your dewbacks! I'm saving those for the end. I arranged this music from The Last Jedi Trailer 2 by ear. I used traditional orchestral instrumentation plus a few instruments of my choice to add the sounds I needed I added saxophone because that's what I play. I am very proud of tinkering with the tempos enough to have it line up with the trailer as near as I could get it.

If you play it simultaneously to the trailer it should match right up until the last measures. This is my first completed arrangement. See the original trailer: I have a lot of Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, and other fun nerdy projects I am working on and I would love to share them with you!

May the force be with you! Battle of the Heroes Richard H. Revenge of the Sith". I transcribed this from PinnaclesPeak's tutorial on YouTube, however there are some changes I've made to make it playable. The pedaling is open to interpretation, but pedal is important for this score. The fingering is very tricky at certain parts, so I'm currently experimenting to see what works. You're free to use the sheets as you like, just make sure to give me credit as the arranger and you cannot profit commercially off of this arrangement.

So this is an arrangment of the famous Imperial March by John Williams for a trumpet ensemble. I'm gonna perform and upload this on youtube soon, so make shure to check out my youtube channel: This is an adaptation for 5 five themes of this iconic movies saga, turning them to various styles and genres of ROCK. My first upload of this was deleted. I hope you guys liked it. Jango's Escape and Across the Stars W.

This will eventually be the entirety of the Attack of the Clones soundtrack for piano! As of yet it is only a tidbit of Jango's Escape and less than half of Across the Stars.

I know that many people on this site want this up!!!! I will add it to my Revenge of the Sith pieces for orchestra on my other account! This will hopefully eventually become all of the Revenge of the Sith soundtrack transcribed for piano. I do not own this tune. If you can play this, you are ahead of me. A sheet Music company called "Bantha Music" has released the Official "Battle of the Heroes" on piano, so I won't be putting it in my sheet music it might be considered stealing.

To summarise the Cues: Battle of the Heroes, with a bit of the Coruscant theme. I decided to update it to 2 Piano's. The first piano is the main tunes, the second piano is just backup. I added this tune to Musescore.

Looking back, i hardly touched it. I added Richard H. Jones's score for balance. I also continued "Boys continue". Yoda into Exile was added. I updated it to 2 piano, also making it easier. And a fine job at that i might add. Check it out Here: Star Wars- The Complete Timeline daniel trchalek.

This is an arrangement and collection of John Williams' Star Wars scores. The pieces are in chronological order of events in the cinematic story line and includes many familiar pieces. The score is for an orchestral arrangement and begins with The Force Theme.

I am not connected to the films in any way and do not own the rights. This is simply an arrangement, yet it is still self-writen and all rights to this arrangement are reserved and the score is not to be copied or published. I hope you enjoy this arrangement and feel free to leave comments below!! Normally, I would hold off the update until I only have one unfinished piece, but today is Star Wars Day!!!! A piano transcription taken from The Star Wars Saga.

This was originally created under my sister account, WilliamsMusicLover, but after some edits, I've decided to take down the other sheets and re-upload them. Because The Battle of Endor is so lengthy, I've split up the whole battle into three separate sheets, in conjunction with the divisions on the Return of the Jedi soundtrack.

The Battle of Endor II. The Battle of Endor I.