Ex-JPMorgan FX Salesman Loses Unfair Dismissal Case at Retrial

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Refco was bloomberg news forex scandal dubai New York -based financial services company, primarily known as a broker of commodities and futures contracts. F riedman and Co. Though these filings have since been disowned by the company, they are probably roughly accurate in showing the firm's level of leverage. Refco became a public company on August 11, with the sale of Refco said that through an internal review over the preceding weekend it discovered a receivable owed to the company by an unnamed entity that turned out to be controlled by Mr.

Apparently, Bennett had been buying bad debts from Refco in order to prevent the company from needing to write them off, and was paying for the bad loans with money borrowed by Refco itself. Between and[1] he arranged at the end of every quarter for a Refco subsidiary to lend money to a hedge fund called Liberty Corner Capital Strategy, which then lent the money to Refco Group Holdings, an independent offshore company secretly owned by Phillip Bennett with no legal bloomberg news forex scandal dubai official connection to Refco.

Bennett's company then paid the money back to Refco, leaving Liberty as the apparent borrower when financial statements were prepared. It is not yet clear if Liberty knew it was hiding scam transactions; management of the fund has claimed that they believed it was borrowing from one Refco subsidiary and lending to another Refco sub, and not lending to an entity that Mr.

On October 20, they announced plans to sue Refco. In Aprilpapers filed by creditors of Refco seemed to show that Bennett had run a similar scam going back at least tousing Bawag P.

Group in the place of Liberty Corner Capital Bloomberg news forex scandal dubai. The law requires that such financial connections between corporation and its own top officers be shown as what is known as a related party transaction in various financial statements. As a result, Refco said, "its financial statements, as of, and for the periods ended, Feb.

This announcement triggered a number of investigations, and on October 12 Bennett was arrested and charged with one count of securities fraud for using U. His lawyer said that Bennett planned to fight the charges. On October 19, trading of Bloomberg news forex scandal dubai shares was halted on the New York Stock Exchangewhich later delisted the company.

Bloomberg news forex scandal dubai also announced a tentative agreement to sell its regulated futures and commodities business, which is not covered by the bankruptcy filing, to a group led by J. However, other bidders soon emerged, including Interactive Brokers and Dubai Investmentsthe investment division of the emirate of Dubai. These offers were for a time rebuffed, as the Flowers-led group had a right to a break-up fee if Refco had sold this business to anyone else. The business was instead sold to Man Financial on November Though of much smaller size, the regulatory impact of the scandal will be larger than for probably any other corporate failure except for Enron.

Refco had sold shares to the public in a public offering only two months before revealing the apparent fraud. Their largest private investor was Thomas H. Lee Partnersa highly regarded buyout fund, and the reputation of its managers has been similarly sullied.

On March 2,a lawyer representing Refco's unsecured creditors began steps to sue the IPO underwriters for aiding and abetting the fraud, or for breach of fiduciary duty. In Aprilcreditors sued Bawag P. On February 15,Phillip R. Bennett pleaded guilty to bloomberg news forex scandal dubai charges of securities fraud and other criminal charges.

On July 3,Bennett was sentenced to 16 years in federal prison. Though no detailed report on Bennett's transactions has yet been made public, anonymous sources cited by the Wall Street Journal and other publications have stated that the debt stemmed from losses in as many as 10 customer trading accounts, including that of Ross Capital, and the widely reported October 27,trading losses of hedge fund manager Victor Niederhoffer.

Niederhoffer said on his website in response to these news articles that Refco wanted to take over the assets in his accounts and assume all the liabilities in order to meet capital requirements, and that he and Refco signed a formal agreement to that effect on Oct.

I don't know how much money Refco received for these assets, or how it accounted for the transaction, or whether it ended up with a profit or loss. Group bloomberg news forex scandal dubai, an Austrian bank that lent Bennett the money to repay Refco.

On October 5, before news of the hidden loan was made public, Phillip Bennett applied for a million euro loan, to be collateralized with his shares in Refco. The Refco stock that collateralized the loan is now worthless, and on November 16, Bawag joined the line of people suing Refco, demanding million euros plus punitive damages in compensation for the company's failure to disclose information that would have discouraged Bawag from lending the money to Bennett.

The apparent fraud was caught by Peter James, Refco's newly hired controller. Apparently, in the fiscal quarter before the story broke, Bennett failed to execute his temporary Liberty Strategies-hidden repayment of debt. This left the position on the books for James to find. He was under investigation by regulators who suspected he may have known something about Bennett's malfeasance. Trosten pleaded guilty to five charges in Grant, a Refco official, bloomberg news forex scandal dubai convicted of 5 charges on April 17, He was sentenced to 10 years on August 8, On March 15,information leaked by the U.

The company held the "securities" for Bawag P. Apparently, Bawag and Liquid Opportunity jointly owned six Anguilla companies, which in turn owned the fake bonds. Refco's attorneys have declined to comment. However, they failed to follow up with any legal filings. The likelihood that the fake bonds represent some kind of ongoing criminal activity does not bode well for the principals of Refco, BAWAGor Liquid Opportunity.

Refco has not enjoyed a clean reputation with regulators. The Commodity Futures Trading Commission and the National Futures Association took action against Refco and its units more than times since the firm's founding. On May 16,the company disclosed that it had bloomberg news forex scandal dubai a " Wells Notice bloomberg news forex scandal dubai indicating it might face charges related to improper short selling at its Refco Securities unit and other matters.

The company had been implicated in naked short sales on the stock of a company called Sedona Corp. The company has also been sued by Sedona in connection with this trading. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

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The third-quarter dividend is payable on September 15, , to common stockholders of record as of September 1, Directors will serve a one-year term. Japan Exchange Group, Inc. Morris — Fortune The Bitcoin community has finally done what for years seemed impossible, pulling together to approve a software upgrade, known as Segwit2x, intended to increase network capacity. Will it ever be as big as the buzz?

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