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Today the increase in world population, has resulted in increased demand for food, especially protein products of animal origin Caicedo et al. Therefore, the livestock industry has implemented the use chicago toros opciones comerciales 2017 growth promoters in order to improve feed efficiency, achieving better daily gain, which gives results in a higher production and cost reduction.

This phenolic compound has been extracted from rice husk and corn, wheat bran, and beet chicago toros opciones comerciales 2017 Mattila and Heilstrdm,and has shown to have a high power! In another study, Sema tested dietary supplementation of 6 ppm of AF in cattle over the past 30 and 60 days ongrowing and compared against a commercial BAA and a control group, and noted that meat from bovines supplemented 30 days lipid oxidation was retarded and maintained the red color of the meat for longer compared to control.

In addition, this meat was softer than the group with BAA. However, on the productive performance of animals not promoting effect as significant growth as obtained with the commercial BAA was reflected. Por su parte, Masuda et al. Meanwhile, Masuda et al. Similarly, most chemical to fatty media, affinity supports their integration in a wide variety of foods.

These considerations make FE a good choice for use chicago toros opciones comerciales 2017 antioxidant and growth promoter from animal production. By O, this invention has as main objective to evaluate the effect of supplementation of low doses 5 chicago toros opciones comerciales 2017 and high 10 ppm of ethyl ferulate FE on the productive performance, and meat quality in bovines meat producers.

The characteristic details of the chicago toros opciones comerciales 2017 invention are shown in the following description, figures and examples, which are accompanied, by way of illustrating the embodiment of the invention, so should not be considered as limiting the present invention.

Asf all those variants that are obvious to one skilled in the art, fall within the scope of this invention. Hot PCC " is the "hot" weight not frozen carcass in kilograms, taken after slaughter and after the skin, head, intestinal tract and internal organs have been removed. TrazasLigeroPocoModestoModeradoLigeramente abundante TracelightLittleModestoModerateslightly abundant For example, a concentration of 5 ppm FE FE means 5 mg per kg body weight of the anima!

In another example a concentration of 10 ppm means FE FE 10 mg per kg body weight of bovine animal. The present invention relates to the use of ethyl ferulate as a nutritional supplement, more specifically for administration to an anima! As an object of the present invention is a pre feed mixture to an anima!

En otra chicago toros opciones comerciales 2017 las modalidades de! In another embodiments of a present invention it is that both the pre feed mixture and food formulation containing feruiato acetate, can be administered to a bovine animal, which belongs to the subespecles: A further aspect of the present invention is a method for improving the efficiency of meat production in a bovine animal, said method comprising supplying daily bovine animals a food formulation containing a dose of feruiato acetate over Last os days feedlot phase of the anima!

Bos primigenias taurus y Bos primigenias indicas. The method of improving efficiency in the production of meat of the present invention can be applied in a bovine animal, which belongs to the subespecles: Bos taurus and Bos primitive primitive indica.

This example is a mere embodiment of the present invention therefore should not be considered as limiting the invention, but rather is illustrative only. Productive performance test was conducted in feedlots of a commercial ranch, located in the state of Sonora, Mexico, chicago toros opciones comerciales 2017 an altitude of meters above chicago toros opciones comerciales 2017 level and latitude 29 05 '56!!

Prior to the start of the study, cattle heifers commercial beef producers crosses racial influence mainly Bos tauruswhich were divided into three batches with uniform feeding days, racial origin and composition were selected. Animals were individually weighed and identified with plastic eartag different color, to be randomly distributed according to a block design 3 randomized complete.

To facilitate handling and programming heifer their humane slaughter, each block was postponed one week and consisted of three pens with 30 animals each. T ta iBntos ejrper? Una vez formados los bloques de animales, a cada corra! Once animals shaped blocks, each run! Animales recibiendo la dieta basa! Animals receiving diet based! Animals received the basal diet supplemented and the last 30 days of fattening phase with 5 ppm of ethyl ferulate.

Animals received the basal diet supplemented and the last 30 days of fattening phase with 10 ppm of ethyl ferulate. El peso chicago toros opciones comerciales 2017 inicial de los animales fue de The initial live weight of the animals was All animals were fed a basal diet with a ratio of forage: The amount chicago toros opciones comerciales 2017 ethyl ferulate per ton of feed was first added to the mineral premix and subsequently it was incorporated into the experimental ration automated.

All animals were individually weighed at the beginning and end of the experimental test, for which an electronic chicago toros opciones comerciales 2017 is Tru Tru-Test Corporation, New Zealand equipped with recording memory was used.

Sacrifice and evaluation of the quality of the channel. Una vez terminada la prueba de comportamiento productivo, los animales fueron sacrificados siguiendo la normatividad vigente.

After the test productive behavior, the animals were euthanized following the current regulations. At 24 h postrreortem the weight of the cold carcass was measured.

In at least 38 channels treatment area in ribeye cm 2 backfat thickness in mm was evaluated. TracelightLittleModestoModerateSlightly abundant These determinations were made in the LD muscle Nive! Finally, the degree of quality of the channel as USDAbased on marbling and physiological maturity of the estimated channel: Posteriormente, fueron cortadas 5 rebanadas de chicago toros opciones comerciales 2017.

Subsequently, 5 slices were cut 1. Estudio de vida de anaquel. During the shelf life was evaluated day 0, 7, 10 and 14 storage color parameters as well! Se realizaron tres determinaciones por muestra.

Once carried out the previous step, the tubes were cooled on ice and proceeded to read the samples at nm using a spectrophotometer model Spectronic Genesis 5 Thermo Electron Corporation, USA. The results were calculated by a standard curve using 1, The percentage of metmyoglobin formation during storage compound, was measured at the surface of meat, according to the methodology Steward to!. It was determined by the spectrophotometric measurement of the reflectance at wavelengths of and nm, with a Minolta d C, and the ratio was calculated S.

Study data shelf life were analyzed by analysis of variance two VFAs, considering the fixed effects of treatment and storage time.

When differences between treatments were detected in the variables of productive performance and carcass quality, mean comparisons will be made by orthogonal contrasts. Se probaron los siguientes contrastes: Data for meat quality in the study of oxidative stability, the comparison of means was performed by the Tukey test. Resultados obtenidos Comportamiento productivo Productive performance results. In Table 1 the effects of supplementation of ethyl ferulate FE on the productive chicago toros opciones comerciales 2017 of heifers completion presented.

Initial body weight was similar for all treatments, which ranged from This demonstrates a growth promoting effect of compound supplementation in the diet of heifers completion. Peso final, kg a Daily food consumption fluctuated around 8 kg. An important aspect of all livestock is the calculation of feed conversion, as part of this depends Sa profitability of such activity. The characteristics of the channel supplemented with feruiato heifers acetate FE the last 30 days of intensive feeding are presented in Table 2.

In general, it was observed that affects FE most carcass characteristics evaluated. El peso de canal caliente PCC de las vaquillas sup! The hot carcass weight PCC of sup!

Heifers ementadas with 1. This represents more than 5 kg increase in weight of a canal. Peso inicial, kg Grasa dorsal, mm TrazasLigeroPocoModestoModerado TraceLight Shortly Con respecto a los porcentajes de rendimiento an cana! With regard to the percentage of an cana performance! G5however, because the chicago toros opciones comerciales 2017 supplemented chicago toros opciones comerciales 2017 FE presented heavier channels, this affects a greater number of useful sale meat, E!

Los valores fueron en el rango de 13 a 15 mm de grasa dorsal. Estos valores se encuentran dentro del rango esperado para el peso de las canales producidas. Los animales suplementados con 10 ppm de FE presentaron un mayor grado de marmoleo respecto a los animales suplementados con 5 ppm de FE.

The animals supplemented with 10 ppm of Fe had higher marbling regarding supplemented with 5 ppm FE animals. En cuanto al grado de calidad de la canal, se detectaron diferencias Chicago toros opciones comerciales 2017.

Q5 entre los tratamientos en el porcentaje de canales clasificadas como Choice o mayor. Chicago toros opciones comerciales 2017 for the degree of carcass quality differences PO.

Q5 between treatments they were detected in the percentage of channels classified as Choice or higher. It was observed that control treatment showed The findings of the channel quality indicate that supplementation of FE produced more marbling channels, and therefore a higher percentage of Cholee channels. The favorable effect on fat deposition showed FE, indicated anabolic agents on this feature opposite effect.

Figure 1 shows the behavior of the meat pH over time of refrigerated storage. Por su parte, e! QS it showed that the meat was gradually losing the red color over time.

These results indicate that supplementation FE any dose possible to reduce the loss of red meat during shelf cooling, and the antioxidant capacity of this compound was shown, which has a favorable impact on the meat industry, chicago toros opciones comerciales 2017 economically.

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