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The Report Builder window is designed to help you easily organize cinta de opciones de word y sus funciones report resources and quickly build the paginated reports you need.

The design surface is at the center of the window, with the ribbon and the panes around it. The design surface is where you add and organize your report items. This article explains the panes you use to add, select, and organize your report resources, and change report item properties.

Cinta de opciones Ribbon. Propiedades, panel Properties pane. Panel Datos de informe The Report Data pane.

Barra de estado del informe actual Current report status bar. With report parameters, you can control report data, connect related reports together, and vary report presentation. The Parameters pane provides a flexible layout for the report parameters. The Report Builder report design surface is the main work area for designing your reports. To place report items such as data regions, subreports, text boxes, images, rectangles, and lines in your report, you add them from the ribbon or the Report Part Gallery to the design surface.

There, you can add groups, expressions, parameters, filters, actions, visibility, and formatting to your report items. You can also change the following: The report body properties, such as border and fill color, by right-clicking the white area of the design surface, outside any report items, and cinta de opciones de word y sus funciones Body Properties.

The header and footer properties, such as border and fill color, by right-clicking the white area of the design surface in the header or footer area, outside any report items, and clicking Header Properties or Footer Properties.

The properties of the report itself, such as page setup, by right-clicking the gray area around the design surface and clicking Report Properties. The properties of report items by right-clicking them and clicking Properties. For information about using the keyboard to manipulate items on the design surface, see Keyboard Shortcuts Report Builder. The design surface size might be different from the page size print area you specify to print the report.

Changing the size of the design surface will not change the print area of your report. No matter what size you set for the print area of your report, the full design area size does not change. To display the ruler, on the View tab, select the Ruler check box. From the Report Data pane, you define the report data and report resources that you need for a report before you design your report layout.

For example, you can add data sources, datasets, calculated fields, report parameters, and images to the Report Data pane. After you add items to the Report Data pane, drag fields to report items on the design surface to control where data appears in the report. If you drag a field from the Report Data pane directly to the report design surface instead of placing it in a data region such as a table or chart, when you run the report, you will see only the first value from the data in that field.

You can also drag built-in fields from the Report Data pane to the report design surface. When rendered, these fields provide information about the cinta de opciones de word y sus funciones, such as the report name, the total number of pages in the report, and the current page number. Some things are automatically added to the Report Data pane when you add something to the report design surface. For example, if you add a report part from the Report Part Gallery, and the report cinta de opciones de word y sus funciones is a data region, the dataset is automatically added to the Report Data pane.

Also, if you embed an image in your report, it will be added to the Images folder in the Report Data pane. You can use the New button to add a new item to the Report Data pane. You can add multiple datasets from the same data source or from other data sources to the report.

Puede agregar conjuntos de datos compartidos del servidor de informes. You can add shared datasets from the report server. To add a new dataset from the same data source, right-click a data source, and then click Add Dataset. For more about items in the Report Data pane, see the following topics: The easiest way to create a report is to find an existing report part, like a table or chart, on the report server or a report server integrated into a SharePoint site.

There you can search for report parts to add to your report. For example, you could search for all charts created last week by one of your coworkers. To view the Report Part Gallery, you need to be connected to a server. You can view the search results either as thumbnails or as a list, and sort cinta de opciones de word y sus funciones search results by name, created and modified dates, and creator. Every item in a report, including data regions, images, text boxes, and the report body itself, has properties associated with it.

For example, the BorderColor property for a text box shows the color value of the text box's border, and the PageSize property for the report shows the page size of the report. Estas propiedades se muestran en cinta de opciones de word y sus funciones panel de propiedades.

These properties are displayed cinta de opciones de word y sus funciones the Properties pane. The properties in the pane change depending on the report item that you select. En el Generador de informes, puede cambiar las propiedades de los elementos de informe de varias maneras: In Report Builder, you can change the properties for report items several ways: Haciendo clic en los botones y listas de la cinta de opciones. By clicking buttons and lists on the ribbon. By changing settings within dialog boxes.

Cambiando los valores de propiedad del panel de propiedades. By changing property values within the Properties pane. The most commonly used properties are available in the dialog boxes and on the ribbon. By default, properties displayed in the Properties pane are organized into broad categories, such cinta de opciones de word y sus funciones Action, Border, Fill, Font, and General. Each category has a set of properties associated with it.

For example, the following properties are listed in the Font category: If you prefer, you can alphabetize all the properties listed in the pane. This removes the categories and lists all the properties in alphabetical order, regardless of category. The Properties pane has three buttons at the top of pane: Category, Alphabetize, and Property Pages. Click the Category and Alphabetize buttons to switch between the Properties pane views.

Click the Property Pages button to open the properties dialog box for a selected report item. Groups are used to organize your report data into a visual hierarchy and to calculate totals.

You can view the row and column groups within a data region on the design surface and also in the Grouping pane. Grupos de filas y Grupos de columnas. The Grouping pane has two panes: Row Groups and Column Groups. When you select a data region, the Grouping pane displays all the groups within that data region as a hierarchical list: Child groups appear indented under their parent groups.

You can create groups by dragging fields from the Report Data pane and dropping them on the design surface or in the Grouping pane. In the Grouping pane, you can add parent, adjacent, and child groups, change group properties, and delete groups. The Grouping pane is displayed by default but you can close it by clearing the Grouping pane check box on the View tab.

The Grouping pane is not available for the Chart or Gauge data regions. In report design view, you are not working with the actual data but a representation of the data indicated by the field name or expression.

When you want to see the actual data displayed in the context of the report that you designed, you can run the report to preview the data from the underlying database displayed in the report layout. Switching between designing and running your report allows you to adjust its design and see the results immediately.

Para obtener una vista previa de su informe, haga clic en Ejecutar en el grupo Vistas group on the ribbon. To preview your report, click Run in the Views group on the ribbon. When you click RunReport Builder connects to the report data sources, caches the data on your computer, combines the data and the layout and then renders the report in the HTML Viewer.

You can run your report as often as you like while you continue to design it. When you are satisfied with your report, cinta de opciones de word y sus funciones can save the report to the report server where other individuals with the appropriate permissions can view your report. Read more about Previewing a Report in Report Builder. When you run your report, it is processed automatically.

If the report contains parameters, all cinta de opciones de word y sus funciones parameters must have default values before the report can run automatically. If a parameter does not have a default value, when you run the report you need to choose a value for the parameter, and then click View Report on the Run tab.

When you preview a report in run cinta de opciones de word y sus funciones, it resembles a report produced in HTML. You can change the view to represent a printed report by switching to print preview mode. Click the Print Preview button on the Run tab.

The report will display as though it were on a physical page. Cinta de opciones de word y sus funciones view resembles the output produced by the Image and PDF rendering extensions. Print Preview is not an image or PDF file, but the layout and pagination of the report are similar to the output of those formats.

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