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In grammarsentence clause structure is the classification of sentences based on the number and kind of clauses in their syntactic structure. Such division is an element of traditional grammar. A simple sentence consists of only one clause. A compound sentence consists of two or more independent clauses. A complex sentence has at least one independent clause plus at least one dependent clause.

A sentence consisting combining sentences keywords at least one dependent clauses and at least two independent clauses may be called a complex-compound sentence or compound-complex sentence. Sentence 1 is an example of combining sentences keywords simple sentence. Sentence 2 is compound because "so" is considered a coordinating conjunction in English, and sentence 3 is complex. Sentence 4 is compound-complex also known as complex-compound. Example 5 is a sentence fragment.

The simple sentence in example 1 contains one clause. Example 2 has two clauses I don't know how to bake and I buy my breadcombined into a single sentence with the coordinating conjunction so. In example 3, I enjoyed the apple pie is an independent clause, and that you bought for me is a dependent clause; the sentence is thus complex. In sentence 4, The dog lived in the garden and the cat combining sentences keywords inside the house are both independent clauses; who was smarter is a dependent clause.

Example 5 features a noun phrase but no verb. It is not a grammatically complete clause. A simple sentence structure contains one independent clause and no dependent clauses. This simple sentence has one independent clause which contains one subjectIand one predicaterun. This simple sentence combining sentences keywords one independent clause which contains one subject, girland one predicate, ran into her bedroom.

The predicate is a verb phrase that consists of more than one word. This simple sentence has one independent clause which combining sentences keywords one subject, dogand one predicate, barked and howled at the cat.

This predicate combining sentences keywords two verbs, known as a compound predicate: This compound verb should not be confused with a compound sentence. In the backyard and at the cat are prepositional phrases. A compound sentence is composed of at least two independent clauses. It does combining sentences keywords require a dependent clause. The clauses are joined by a coordinating conjunction with or without a commaa semicolon combining sentences keywords functions as a conjunction, a colon instead of a semicolon between two sentences when the second sentence explains or illustrates the first sentence and no coordinating conjunction is being used to connect the sentences, or a conjunctive adverb preceded by a semicolon.

A conjunction can be used to make a compound sentence. Conjunctions are words such as forandnorbutoryetcombining sentences keywords so. He is going fishing on Friday is an independent clause. The coordinator "and" is used, and a comma is correctly used before the "and.

The use of a comma to separate two independent clauses without the addition of an appropriate conjunction is called a comma splice and is generally considered an error when used in the English language. A complex sentence has one or more dependent clauses also called subordinate clauses. Since a dependent clause cannot stand on its own as a sentence, complex sentences must also have at least one independent clause.

In short, a sentence with one or more dependent clauses and at least one independent clause is a complex sentence. A sentence with two or more independent clauses plus one or more dependent clauses is called compound-complex or complex-compound.

In addition to a subject and a verb, dependent clauses contain a subordinating conjunction or similar word.

There are a large number of subordinating conjunctions in English. Some of these give the clause an adverbial function, specifying time, place, or manner. Such clauses are called adverbial clauses. This complex sentence contains an adverbial clause, When I stepped out into the bright sunlight from the darkness of the movie house. The adverbial clause describes when the action of the main clause, I had only two things on my mindtook place.

A relative clause is a dependent clause that modifies a noun or noun phrase in the independent clause. In other words, the relative clause functions similar to an adjective. In the first example, the restrictive relative clause who has been deceived specifies or defines the meaning of him in the independent clause, Let him complain. In the second example, the non-restrictive relative clause who have never known your family describes you in the independent clause, You see them standing around you.

A noun clause is a dependent clause that functions like a noun. A noun clause may function as the subject of a clause, or as a predicate nominative or an object.

In this sentence the independent clause contains two noun clauses. The noun clause What she had realized serves as the subject of the verb wasand that love combining sentences keywords that moment serves as complement. The sentence also contains an adverbial clause, when your heart was about to burst.

An incomplete sentence, or sentence fragment, is a set of words which does not combining sentences keywords a complete sentence, either because it combining sentences keywords not express a complete thought [1] or because it lacks some grammatical element, such as a subject or a verb. Some prescriptive grammars [4] consider sentences starting with a conjunction such as but or and to be incomplete sentences, but this combining sentences keywords prescription has "no historical or grammatical foundation".

If the context is clear from combining sentences keywords rest of the paragraph, however, an incomplete sentence may be considered perfectly acceptable English. A run-on combining sentences keywords fused sentence consists of two or combining sentences keywords independent clauses i. In general, run-on sentences occur when two or more independent clauses are joined without using a coordinating conjunction i. I drive she combining sentences keywords. An imperative sentence like "Run walk" can be a run-on even if it only has two words.

While some sources view comma splices as a form of run-on sentence, [8] others limit the term to independent clauses that are joined without punctuation. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Introduction to the Grammar of English.

University of Chicago Press. Combining sentences keywords 22 March Causal theory of reference Contrast theory of meaning Contrastivism Conventionalism Cratylism Deconstruction Descriptivist theory of names Direct reference theory Dramatism Expressivism Linguistic determinism Logical atomism Logical positivism Mediated reference theory Nominalism Non-cognitivism Phallogocentrism Quietism Relevance theory Semantic externalism Combining sentences keywords holism Structuralism Supposition theory Symbiosism Theological noncognitivism Theory of descriptions Verification theory.

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