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I have an environment set up running ElasticSearch 0. Initially, I was using a BulkRequestBuilder api to load json files to ES curl option data-binary out of memory was having problems with the process hanging.

So to isolate the problem, I found the largest file MB and attempted to upload via the command line using curl. This also hung, so I tried the next largest file that I had which was MB and curl was able to post this file without any problems and only took about 12 minutes to complete. The MB json file that I'm having trouble with contains binary data the MB file also had binary data and the curl command I am using:.

I've let this process run for more than 5 hours but it never completes and never errors. Any ideas why Curl option data-binary out of memory is hanging? To view this discussion on the web visit https: For more options, visit https: Did you increase the max content length [1]? Also, I think you should be using "--data-binary largebinaryfiles.

On Wed, Dec 11, at I did increase the http. I've also tried using the curl option data-binary out of memory switch vice -d, but had the same results. On Wed, Dec 11, at 2: To unsubscribe from this topic, visit https: It looks you had tweaked the default settings, but I would upload data portions of M at most, the whole length of the upload will require valuable space on the heap.

I upgraded ES to 0. Also, your master nodes usually dont need so much HEAP it can be even counter productive, as this may lead to longer garbage collections due to so much memory needing to be cleaned up. On Fri, Dec 13, at 7: ElasticSearch hangs when trying to upload large file Elasticsearch.

The MB json file that I'm having trouble with contains binary data the MB file curl option data-binary out of memory had binary data and the curl command I am using: Thanks, Matt Weber [1] http: Matt, I did increase the http.

Hey, do you have a stacktrace to look at?

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Is there a parameter to save and overwrite files with an newer timestamp? I have files with do not change their name but sometimes overwritten with newer dates.

I have a script that must get all files by pattern from remote folder and use this links to upload files to Dropbox. I tried different file types and sizes with same result.

Tryin to upload encrypted. Tue Jun 7 Please check the log. No such file or directory. I now got it managed to upload my nextCloud encrypted backup to my Dropbox app. I was asking me if its possible to hold only the last 10 folders that got uploaded and delete all others with your script?

I dont want to do t hat by hand time by time. I have been running this script for a while under Cygwin on two Windows boxes successfully. For some reason on one box, when I perform an upload, I get an error that says "which: The upload appears to operate OK.

Cygwin comes with sha1sum, shasum, shasum, etc. I'm a little confused as to why I have to do this on one box but not the other Good day everyone, Thank you so much for this tool, may i ask if how can i adjust the upload rate of the files im uploading? I believe it is limited only to 2mbps. Hello, Thanks a lot for the tool.

Is it related to the size of the files? Hello, Many hosting services use cPanel. Minor modifications are required to achieve full compatibility to use dropShell. The cPanel system supports a custom cloud backup script like Dropbox-Uploader but needs the commands to match this format: Other than these differences, dropShell.

Dropbox supports multiple revision revision aka version aka history of a single file. I use dropbox uploader to upload photo taken with my raspberry camera The second time another folder is create with the same name.

The third time is ok. DONE first time, it's ok pi dvmeteo-pi: After updating the source and also the config plus giving the right permissions on dropbox. Worked perfectly, also for big files, with the old API v1. First of all, thank you for this script, it works wonderfully. I would like to suggest something though, which would be searching only in specific folders which could potentially speed up the searching process? If I could do it myself, I would, but unfortunately, that's above my skill level.

Anyways, just a suggestion of a feature that would help me greatly. Thank you for your work. Hello, First thank you for the Dropbox- Uploader Andrea. Here i upload every day the backup to dropbox. Now i have a other RPI and want to download it from dropbox every day. It is a RPI 3armv7l Raspbian stretch, but there it dont working.

When i use it on SSH, for testing it works. But when i use it on crontab it don't work. I ran into this error: Hi, I am trying to sync a folder from Dropbox to local where the folder is a path like: No such file or directory Is there a way to make it work?? I seem to be getting this intermittently and inconsistently.

It only does it for files that exist - if I request an invalid filename, it tells me the file isn't there. Uploading only changed files Hello Andrea, I would like to know if it's possible to write a script which scans directories recursively and uploads to Dropbox only if a file has been changed.

If you already have a script like that or a link to a script like that, please let me know. Hi, due to a broken router somewhere in my path to dropbox I have to use really small chunks, else some bad interaction with Nagle strikes and causes extremely slow uploads. It does not seem to affect downloads as much btw.. Using many small chunks works around that, for me 60kb chunks work pretty well. It was easy enough to modify the script but perhaps this is something more people could use?

When I run the following command: Weirdly, if I add another trailing slash to the origin folder like this: Does anyone know what I'm doing wrong? And apologies in advance, I'm not a coder! The memory usage after booting looks something like this: Today an unusually large file And thus those folders' content can't get in their correct place, since their folder were treated as a file, they're synced to their folder's parent folder too, beside those fake files.

All in all, the script sometimes mistreat folders as files, so it creates fake files and creates copies of those folders' contents in their folder's parent folder. I hope I've explained it clear enough. If you have any questions I would be happy to answer them. Fix relative path names ".

Does, or can , the LIST command produce timestamp data associated with each file? Thanks for this useful tool! FreeBSD has realpath that can be used instead of greadlink -m to normalize file paths.

This has the advantage of reducing the runtime dependency to bash and cURL only. Does using Dropbox-Uploader keep the file on the server locally, or does it just transfer files that it is told to transfer? My desired end-state is a script that just pushes a backup to Dropbox, while not retaining any artifacts of the backup itself afterward. Couldn't connect to host. Wed, 02 Aug I would like to add a command line to add the access token instead of do. Currenctly the order presented in usage is: Ethical hacker, information security enthusiast, independent researcher and developer.