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Abra is making cash mobile. Too easy to steal, soon to be obsolete. Averon enables safe logins for all your online accounts. Averon instantly verifies your users' identities before granting them access to online accounts on mobile. BigchainDB genesis system forex dubai a scalable blockchain database that allows developers and enterprise to deploy blockchain proof-of-concepts, platforms and applications.

BitGo is the leading bitcoin security genesis system forex dubai, pioneer of multi-sig technology, and solutions provider for corporate treasury and key management.

Bitmark is a distributed registry that enables issuance of property titles for personal data and digital assets. Buying and using bitcoin in the Middle East and North Africa is now easier and faster than ever. BitPagos will democratize access to financial services through a full suite of applications using blockchain technology to genesis system forex dubai a cheaper, faster, and more open financial system.

BitPay is the bitcoin industry's leading payment service provider and developer of open-source payment solutions. BitPesa is a remittance platform that employs the bitcoin payments system to offer an easy way to send money to East Africa. Bitso is the leading Bitcoin exchange and Ripple Gateway in Mexico.

Bitso offers a full set of developer APIs, advanced banking integrations, top-of-the-line security standards, and a strong focus on regulatory compliance. Use Bitwala to pay for pretty much anything that requires a euro bank transfer.

We believe that bitcoin owners should be able to purchase anything, pay their rent and send money abroad with bitcoin. Blockchain is building a radically better financial system. Blockstack formerly Onename is creating open-source tools to allow you to build decentralized, server-less apps by plugging into Blockstack's services for identity, naming, storage, and authentication. Blockstream is the first company extending capabilities at the protocol level to support the application of Bitcoin and blockchain technology to a broad range of asset type through Sidechains, a novel blockchain protocol.

Blokur reduces costs and increases revenue for music publishers and CMOs through automation and better data, enabled by blockchain technology and machine learning. Bloq provides blockchain technology solutions for global enterprises. Our software platform allows companies to build, manage, and scale robust blockchain-enabled ecosystems, backed by enterprise grade genesis system forex dubai and support. At Brave, our goal is to block everything on the web that can cramp your style and compromise your privacy.

Annoying ads are yesterday's news, and cookies stay in your jar where they belong. BTCC is a blockchain technology and cryptocurrency company offering a digital currency exchange, a mining pool, and consumer wallets. Chain genesis system forex dubai with leading organizations to build blockchain networks that transform markets.

We enable our partners to design, deploy, and operate highly scalable blockchain networks. We built Chainalysis to spot connections between digital identities. Our products allow financial institutions to develop trust lines between them as well as identify malicious actors. ChangeTip is building a bitcoin micropayments infrastructure for giving and generosity on the internet.

ChangeTip was acquired by AirBnB in Circle is a digital currency company that makes it easy to exchange, store, send, and receive bitcoin. Civic aims to tackle the problem of consumer identity theft by using blockchain technology to protect consumer and business identities to reduce online identity fraud. Harnessing the potential of distributed ledger technology, Cobalt delivers a private peer-to-peer network that significantly reduces post-trade cost and risk for financial market participants.

Coinbase provides a suite of services that are designed to make digital currency easy for the average consumer. CoinDesk's mission is genesis system forex dubai chronicle the blockchain movement and create a forum for critical discussions among those building a more productive and genesis system forex dubai digital economy.

Your trusted partner to buy and sell digital currency, online and offline. The Coinhouse store is a unique space where one can discover, buy and sell digital currency.

Coinhouse is the easiest and safest way. CoinJar is a next-gen personal finance account with a debit card and integrated app, allowing people to easily trade and manage digital assets.

Coinsetter is a New York City based bitcoin exchange dedicated to making bitcoin safe and reliable for active users. Acquired by Kraken, another DCG company, in By giving people the ability to exchange digital cash directly with one another we are creating a new way of thinking about money that encourages sustainable and equitable economic growth while supporting local businesses.

Crypto Facilities is the first provider of regulated derivatives on digital assets and partners with CME Group to calculate and publish various digital asset reference rates. Custos develops cutting edge digital content technologies that allows content owners to distribute, manage, and protect sensitive media. The innovative core technology gives a new level of protection to the owners genesis system forex dubai any project.

Elliptic identifies illicit activity on the Bitcoin blockchain and provides actionable intelligence to financial institutions and law enforcement agencies. Catalyst creates research tools and a decentralized data marketplace for traders to build winning investment strategies.

Filament is building the first fully decentralized IoT platform. Filament lets you build a connected genesis system forex dubai without becoming an expert on security, scalability, or network stacks. Gem partners with companies to harness blockchain technology with a scalable, modular and custom-built platform.

Gem refines blockchain technology to power genesis system forex dubai networks that connect industries. Genesis Global Trading is an institutional trading firm offering two-sided liquidity for digital currency, including bitcoin. The trusted authority on digital currency investing, Grayscale sponsors the first publicly-available bitcoin investment vehicle, the Bitcoin Investment Trust ticker: Gyft is the 1 trusted mobile gift card app where you can easily upload, buy, and redeem gift cards in stores or online.

Acquired by First Data in HashPlex is a genesis system forex dubai mining services company that hosts and services mining equipment on behalf of retail customers. Jackpocket is a mobile app that allows users to play state lotteries from their smartphones using digital currency. A new BitTorrent client, with faster genesis system forex dubai, streaming and paid seeding. JoyStream rewards seeders for providing bandwidth with micropayments, and this leads to much higher download speeds on all content.

Founded inKraken is a foreign exchange and trading platform for a variety of crypto currencies and fiat currencies, including bitcoin, litecoin, namecoin, stellar, ripple and ethereum. Ledger provides key management solutions for retail and enterprise customers. Ledger specifically brings tools from the secure hardware industry to make Bitcoin and Blockchain safer.

Livepeer genesis system forex dubai a token incentivized protocol for scalable and cost effective peer-to-peer live video broadcasting and streaming. At Mediachain Labs, we are building the shared open data layer to genesis system forex dubai the new generation of decentralized applications. Mediachain is a protocol for registering, identifying, and tracking creative works online.

Melotic is a curated digital asset exchange platform, which offers a marketplace, asset trading and conversion APIs, and infrastructure services. Mifiel enables businesses to sign any legal document using a government-issued encrypted signature.

We combine genesis system forex dubai technology with the blockchain to allow negotiable documents to be signed and endorsed electronically. MONI is building the bridge between the now and the future of banking and financial services. Our mission is to provide simple, low-cost mobile personal banking tools for everyone, everywhere - and credit in real-time. The Netki team is focused on building applications that are ready to be used today to reduce the barrier of entry for blockchain technology, genesis system forex dubai a primary focus on identity projects.

OB1 is making online trade free for everyone, everywhere through decentralized software solutions and the practical application of cryptocurrencies. Omniex is an institutional operating platform for investment managers and active traders focused on crypto-assets. We offer the complete investment and trading solution, built for institutional needs.

The premier digital currency payment solution, bringing greater transparency, traceability, and safety to recreational MJ retail stores.

We genesis system forex dubai the internet has become humanity's most important technology. We build protocols, systems, and tools to improve how it works. We are focused on improving how we store, locate, and genesis system forex dubai information. Powered by mobile, blockchain and open data, Provenance empowers brands to increase trust, using technology for greater supply chain transparency.

Radar Relay is a non-custodial and peer-to-peer relayer where orders are settled directly on the Ethereum blockchain using the 0x protocol. Genesis system forex dubai is a provider of data management services for the creative industry, working to solve the problems of rights administration and royalty distributions to rights owners and creators.

Ripple enables banks to compress operational costs and offer new services for cross-border payments. RootStock is a smart-contract peer-to-peer platform built on top of the Bitcoin Blockchain. It adds value and functionality to the core Bitcoin network by the implementation of smart contracts as a sidechain. Safello is the world's first blockchain services genesis system forex dubai.

ShapeShift genesis system forex dubai a instant cryptocurrency exchange. From start to finish users can convert digital currencies in seconds, no account required. ShoCard provides a simple and intuitive mobile application using biometrics on the Bitcoin Blockchain that enterprises can adopt for definitive authentication while protecting users privacy. Silvergate is an innovative bank with an established, fast growing Genesis system forex dubai practice.

Their clients include the most recognized and well-funded digital currency exchanges, institutional investors and software developers in Fintech. Skuchain is building smart contract technology that governs all phases of a typical trade agreement from order, shipment and invoice to final payment.

Sonia is your partner on conference calls - a virtual assistant that uses artificial intelligence to offer a suite of next-generation voice communication tools.

Proof of Process Technology helps companies and organizations trust the millions of processes that connect our world.

Streami is a blockchain financial service provider based in Seoul. Streami partners with trusted market makers and various value-transfer networks to ensure secure, fast, genesis system forex dubai cheap cross-border remittance. Tierion turns the blockchain into a global platform for verifying any data, file, or business genesis system forex dubai.

We see a future where the blockchain is used to verify everything from medical records to online purchases. Token provides a Banking as a Service BaaS platform that helps banks monetize new value added services, comply with emerging payments regulations, and protect the bank's infrastructure from fraud and security breaches. TradeBlock serves financial institutions with execution genesis system forex dubai analysis tools built on blockchain technologies.

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