Player to Player Trading in Black Desert Online

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Started by Murderhouse21 Dec Posted 21 Dec Is it true that you can't trade silver and what items you can trade are few and far between? If so, I feel like this is highly detrimental to an MMO experience. I get the reasoning, we want to limit gold selling, but this is by how to trade silver black desert the most absurd system I've seen yet in an attempt to do that.

Black Desert and any MMO is a cooperative game. People are going to want to play with their friends and people are going to want to help out their friends. I get that their are probably maneuvers to get around these limitations, but it seems extremely convoluted. If it is true that you will not be able to trade silver or most items, can we please make a movement in order to lift this mechanic? I feel like the choice would be a no-brainer.

Also, sorry in advance if there's another thread dedicated to this. If there is, just poke me and I'll bump that one! Dunno if there is, but yes this is true. I personally just traded a friend of mine a few days ago and found we could trade nothing of what we have to each other.

Personally i found it kinda lame as well lol. But i know why they did it. Posted 21 Dec edited. Posted 22 Dec I understand not wanting to trade money to cut down on gold sellers well, silver sellers but we do need to trade items other than consumables. My friends were willing to give me what money they had left, but of course we couldn't trade silver.

No problem though, they could just buy the materials for me, but how to trade silver black desert couldn't trade those either. In the end they bought how to trade silver black desert and gave them to me so I could sell them, which was In addition when I made the outfits, I couldn't trade them to my friends to let them try them on, which was a shame. So please let us trade items, or at least crafting materials. More Activity Stream Status Updates. It's time to move into a new house!

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In JPN version there is no trade p2p at all, only marketplace. In CBT-1 was possible to trade p2p only Consumables. There is a large discussion on the matter at this topic: Go To Topic Listing Suggestions.

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