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There are numerous reasons why you should choose to invest in commodities. But what are commodities and how do they compare with other asset classes and securities? Commodities are tangible goods that invest in equity dubai gold the basic buildings blocks of the global economy. They can be exchanged with one another and can range from goods consumed directly in everyday life — for example, agricultural invest in equity dubai gold like grains, food and fiber or livestock and meat — to inputs that are used to create other products such as oil and gas commodities, natural resources like timber and rubber — and precious metals like gold and silver.

However commodities are not your typical investment — they do not pay any interest or dividends but tend to perform well in the wake of inflation. Holding a bar of gold does not generate any cash and will never turn into two bars of gold.

Over time it will just be in your possession, costing you money in storage, insurance and perhaps also as management fees. Commodities are a means by which an investor can diversify their portfolio beyond traditional investment holdings such as shares and bonds, or profit from informed judgements on price movements in a specific sector or geography.

The commodity sector has little correlation with the stock market and foreign exchange FX market, which means if equity or FX markets were to fall, the price of commodities will not necessarily decline — and vice versa. Also, inflation — the bane of stocks and bonds that erodes their value — tends to work well with commodities. By definition, inflation drives up prices of commodities. So commodities can play a useful long-term role for private investors as invest in equity dubai gold portfolio diversifier, a means by which to protect from inflation and a means by which to generate wealth from specific industries or regions.

However, it should be noted that while commodities have shown strong performance in periods of high inflation, commodities can be much more volatile than other types of investments. Purchasing physical raw commodities, such as gold, means actually buying and holding invest in equity dubai gold asset. This comes with the burden of storage. But there are ways of managing this. For example, several bullion firms offer online gold dealing services along with safe storage and insurance solutions.

However, secure storage is costly. Investors will also need to ensure they buy the asset at a good price. This can be difficult to achieve, particularly when buying smaller quantities. Moreover, there are other factors to consider based on the type of commodity such as perish-ability — as is the case with some types of agriculture commodities — and maintenance.

Overall, physical commodity investments are best suited for industrious investors. Futures are the most risky and straight forward investment. These are highly volatile and complex investments that are generally recommended for experienced investors only. On the other hand, equity-based commodity ETFs invest in shares of commodity companies — say Exxon oil and gas — whereas ETCs invest in equity dubai gold instruments that track the price of the commodity, or a basket of commodities.

They invest in equity dubai gold either be physically backed by holdings of the commodity itself, or may use swaps with other financial institutions to provide the exposure.

Most ETFs only track an index such as oil futures, so there is little room for manoeuvring. However, as with futures, investors should be very careful here, as although there are potential gains to be made, there could be huge losses too. Furthermore, there are various levels of tracking errors involved with these securities resulting in the actual return realised by an investor being different than the actual returns of the underlying invest in equity dubai gold. A managed investment fund is another way for you to gain exposure to commodities since it invests in commodity-related businesses.

A managed fund also provides a degree of diversification, since it will typically invest directly in a variety of commodities as well as in production companies. For instance, an oil and gas fund would own stocks issued by companies involved in energy exploration, refining, storage and distribution. Another alternative is to directly buy shares of commodity companies. For example, you could buy shares in companies such as Exxon, BP and Royal Dutch Shell in order to access the natural resources markets.

These can provide a form of leverage on commodity prices. For instance, a mining company involved in gold extraction obtains higher profits as the price of gold rises, since general costs of operations do not invest in equity dubai gold fluctuate proportionately. Moreover, commodity stocks and commodities do not always deliver the same return. As you can see in the chart below, there are times when one investment outperforms the other.

Commodity investments do offer diversification benefits because their return characteristics are different than those of stocks and bonds. But due to the costs and complexity mentioned above, commodities are an investment area which an investor would be best suited to consider after achieving certain leverage in invest in equity dubai gold portfolio.

Deciding on the right investment vehicle is crucial so as to not erode your potential return prospects. Also, futures and ETC contracts are not created for amateur investors — they are technically complex and bear high risk. Here at Holborn Assets, we carry the requisite experience and expertise to help you identify whether commodity investments makes sense for you and if so, to help you get started with your investment drive.

Get in touch with a qualified independent financial adviser today! We love being expats here in Dubai - but it is Bahrain that ranked as the top expat place in the Open Banking is designed So… … Why Invest in Commodities? Physical Commodity Investments Purchasing physical raw commodities, such as gold, means actually buying and holding the asset. Investing through Managed Funds A managed investment fund is another way for you to invest in equity dubai gold exposure to commodities since it invests in commodity-related businesses.

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One precious metals expert recently described the so called white metal as "The most bullish chart on the face of the planet". Unaware to so many, silver has outperformed its lustrous peer by 21 percent in the first quarter of this year, firmly placing it among the best-performing commodities in As a professional trader, my number one priority is to make a profit. The factors driving gold price persist and are likely to do so for many years to come.

But ignoring silver could wind up being a very costly mistake. Right now, in my opinion, silver is a better investment than gold. I know that's a big statement. This is one of the best indicators of how far silver prices can move.

If you average out the price ratio between gold and silver throughout history, you land on a single magical proportion: Silver is massively undervalued right now and that gives it much more upside potential than gold. PAGE will enable million ordinary customers of the giant Agricultural Bank of China to simply use their saving accounts to buy gold and silver.

That means there will be million potential new silver investors hitting the market in June. This event alone could boost silver prices, especially when you consider, the average Chinese citizen saves close to 30 percent of their income every month.

And guess who took centre stage? Dubai seamlessly connects the West and the East and therefore if this was to go ahead — it will add more volume and liquidity back into the global market. Dubai is also the gateway for precious metals going to into the world's two largest consumers — India and China.

Who in line with their rapid economic growth, both have huge demand for silver. In conclusion, silvers future is looking bright. The most important factor that has kept silver from really exploding is so little investor interest. With million potential new silver investors about to hit the market — silver is the single best asset you can own today. He is the CEO of thegoldandsilverclub. Mon 07 May Surprisingly, he wasn't talking about gold.

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