5 ways to Make money in Futures & Options

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How are Stock Futures different from Stock Options? In stock options, the option buyer has the right and not the obligation, to buy or sell the underlying share. Risk-return profile is symmetric in case of investing in futures and options in india stock futures whereas in case of stock options payoff is asymmetric. Also, the price of stock futures is affected investing in futures and options in india by the prices of the underlying stock whereas in case of stock options, volatility of the underlying stock affect the price along with the prices of the underlying stock.

What are Stock Futures? How are Stock Futures priced? What are the opportunities offered by Stock Futures? How are Stock Futures settled? Can I square up my position? When am I required to pay initial margin to my broker? Do I have to pay mark-to-market margin? What are the profits and losses in case of a Stock Futures position?

What is the market lot for Stock Futures? Why are the market lots different for different stocks? What are the different contract months available for trading? What is spread trading on BSE? As an investor, how do I start trading in Stock Futures? What securities can I submit to the broker as collateral? How does an investor, who has the underlying stock, use Stock Futures when he anticipates a short-term fall in stock price? How can an investor benefit from a predicted rise or predicted fall in the price of a stock?

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Today we have a very special treat — Nitin Rao is a blogger in the Indian markets, but he blogs in English at his brand new site Alpha Ideas. This is great stuff. Indians are hugely equity averse.

This amounts to a laughable figure of 2. In a country of 1. In the last 19 years, the ratio ranged from a low of BSE is the oldest stock exchange in Asia and claims to have the largest number of listed companies in the world. However, of the scrips stocks listed, only about a third around are traded every day.

Foreign Investors Now Welcome: Earlier foreign citizens were prohibited from trading directly in the Indian stock markets but since Jan , these restrictions are withdrawn and now they are permitted to invest freely.

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