ASP.NET MVC Tip #46 – Don’t use Delete Links because they create Security Holes

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Join Stack Overflow to learn, share knowledge, and build your career. I can only get it to work using text. Thanks for your help! From Stephen Walthe, from his Contact manger project. The Replace call is used to push the img tag into the action link. You just need to use the "[replaceme]" text or any other safe text mvc ajax actionlink options trading a temporary placeholder to create the link. Updated with an extra parameter to allow for setting additional HTML attributes to the image element.

I'll post whole description of this solution on my blog: The short answer is that is not possible. Your options are to write your own extension method to have an ImageActionLink, not too hard to do. Or add an attribute to the actionLink and replace the innerhtml with the image tag. See version 7 the Contact Manager Tutorial on http: Stephen Walther has an example of creating an Ajax.

ActionLink that is an image. There's a much better solution using Razor template delegates, which allows to insert any Razor code inside the action link in a very natural way. So you can add an image, or any other code. This allows to write Razor with intellisense, and use any object you want for the template the ViewModel, or any other object, like the car in my sample. And you can use any helper inside the template to nest images or whatver element you mvc ajax actionlink options trading. If you are using R in your project, you can add R annotations to improve Intellisense:.

Note that it is using a white space " " for the link text. It will not work with an empty text. The first solution is to use a helper static method DecodeLinkContent like the following:. Nice solutions here, but what if you want to have more then just an image in the actionlink?

This is how I do it:. The drawback is that I still have to do a bit of styling on the button-element, but you can put all the html you want in there. All are very Nice solutions, but if you dislike having a replace in your solution you can try this:.

Furthermore, in my case, if I don't use url. Content imageUrlthe image doesn't display. I've used it in combination with other controls libraries that interfere with AjaxOptions, so I tend to type out the whole System. AjaxOptions just in case I end up trying a different set in the future. By posting your answer, you agree to the privacy policy and terms of service. Email Sign Up mvc ajax actionlink options trading sign in with Mvc ajax actionlink options trading. ActionLink with Image Ask Question.

The answers to stackoverflow. MergeAttribute "src", imageUrl ; builder. ActionLink "[replaceme]", actionName, routeValues, ajaxOptions ; return link. Black Horus 7 In addition to this, in the above code sample link will not have the method Replace as an available option on it. I just added an "MVC3 and Razor" updated version of this below Mvc ajax actionlink options trading put it anywhere and reference it via usingand you should be able to consume the new method.

Here's the easiest solution I've found: I like this pragmatic solution! Oct 17 '09 at I tried to use the above code with. Replace" and it does not do the mvc ajax actionlink options trading.

It just throws the whole string in there. Has this changed in mvc3 or am I missing something? PedroC88 You can wrap it all with Html. MergeAttribute "alt", altText ; builder. ActionLink "[replaceme]", actionName, routeValues, ajaxOptions. It was quite helpful; however you appear to have 2 extra characters at the end of the.

This was mvc ajax actionlink options trading typical copy-paste error I feel a little silly, but, I can't work out how to implement this. I don't suppose you can explain a little where the class needs to go? Mvc ajax actionlink options trading can put it anywhere. At root level of your MVC application will do fine I would suggest you to add an attribute parameter to set attribute and style in the rendered image.

An usefull example can be found at this link kitsula. Another solution is to create your own extension method: PlainContent I'll post whole description of this solution on my blog: MrJavaGuy 4 8. ActionImageLink Thank you to all the other answers in helping me with these.

You need the following in your code for this to compile VS cannot resolve missing references for extension methods: Mar 8 '12 at This is the extension method: In my opinion this is the best solution. Compact and markup friendly! The only drawback is R doesn't understand it. Where i can place this extension method? What do you mean by "where can I place this extension method? I don't understand what you mean.

Is this answer what you expect: Every answer is good but I found the easiest one: Ali Adravi 9, 4 45 The first solution is to use a helper static method DecodeLinkContent like the following: This solution is little bit a hack but I think it's the most easy.

Based on various other answers on this page. Maslow 12k 13 78 Thirumalai murugan 3, 4 24 This is how I do it: Jeroen Visscher 9 2. All are very Nice solutions, but if you dislike having a replace in your solution you can try this: Content imageUrl ; imgBuilder. Action actionName, mvc ajax actionlink options trading, routeValues ; anchorBuilder. Normal ; return MvcHtmlString. Vlad Schnakovszki 4, mvc ajax actionlink options trading 45 James Pusateri 56 5. Use this Extension to generate ajax link with glifyphicon: Action actionName, controllerName, routeValues ; builderA.

TotPeRo 4, 3 25 Others didn't work for me as the. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. Sign up using Facebook. Sign up using Email and Password. Post as a guest Name. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.

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