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No such file or directory. Today I upgraded from 4. If your guest cannot see disks, make sure you have the xen-blkfront module loaded in your guest. You can use a serial port on the dom0 to get the full Xen log. I have a 4. According to the wiki 4. If you want I can also take it over and continue to maintain it. One or more PGP signatures could not be verified! There is a bug in this package which will result in systemd failing to load kernel modules: Failed to find module 'gntdev' Nov 24 Failed to find module 'netbk' Nov 24 Failed to find module 'blkbk' Nov 24 Failed to find module 'xen-scsibk' Nov 24 Failed to find module 'usbbk' Nov 24 Failed to find module 'pciback' Nov 24 Failed to find module 'blktap2' Nov 24 Failed ngspice 27-1 binary overridden result 'exit-code'.

Failed to start Load Kernel Modules. The reason is because the shipped xen. If this only installs one package, what about changing the make dependency in the package from pandoc to pandoc-bin? Or does this have side effects? Xen doesn't build anymore: Is the pandoc ngspice 27-1 binary overridden dependency really necessary?

This patch for xen Hi JohnTh, after quite a bit of tinkering I got Xen built with the in tree ovmf. It does not build out of the box so i had to select a newer version, the one it selects from git by default has a bug in it.

Anyhow I got it so far that I can start a machine using ovmf but it seems quite flaky, win 10 just reboots immediatelyFreebsd 11 crashes. I gave up for now and sticking ngspice 27-1 binary overridden seabios, which seems to work.

Hi finnland, There was some discussion about this on the Xen lists. It is not clear if Xen currently will work with ovmf split code and vars. I think it did when I tested some time ago. Easiest to makepkg ovmf and copy the combined image somewhere. Cannot make it boot properly with it tho, unsure how to tell it about split ovmf images. Hey Lazycat, This is an Arch linux 4. Today i made full system upgrade and upgrade xen from 4. Now i can't create new PV domU but old runs fine error: Parsing config from test.

Attempted to kill init! I can confirm the observation of asura for a fresh arch install. User requested feature spice configure was not able to find it. JohnTh, can you please provide a link for the 4. I've been using this: Nevermind, all the errors I was having were for other packages inside of xen ie qemu, ipxe. Ngspice 27-1 binary overridden upgrade to gcc7 brings a number of new warnings that show up in building xen This needs ngspice 27-1 binary overridden be done for each component with error warnings xen, ipxe, ovmf, vtpm.

Most of the warnings have fixes upstream, and are included in xen I am unable to build stubdom with the current Arch packages, getting linking errors: I think it's an issue with gcc7. I found this patch http: For anyone else using Manjaro or probably me in the future the kernels are named differently in Manjaro. I had to apply this patch in order to get the grub menu entried to be generated correctly: I just tried building 4.

I got a build failure: After updating from 4. No such file or directory I've gone back to 4. Any idea what else is needed apart from installing seabios for non-UEFI systems now?

Hitting repeated issues building this when downloading ovmf: Total deltareused delta Receiving objects: No such file or directory fatal: Failure while downloading ovmf git repo Aborting Makepkg was unable to build ngspice 27-1 binary overridden.

And yes I did remove all the ovmf entries! Is anyone else getting this? Apart from faster build times because we don't need to build them ourselfs, we also prevent errors like the one of ngspice 27-1 binary overridden. So build would look like this: Fixed the ngspice 27-1 binary overridden problem, split packages are weird.

I can not reproduce the problem here. I'm running a fully updated Arch. To resolve, Need to add this include to relevant Xen source files, where minormajoror makedev are used. Not sure if they are the correct locations, or implementation: I get another error, but that seems like it needs to go upstream: For some reason I get an error on my 64bit machine: However, it takes me longer to test, because I only have a really slow machine ngspice 27-1 binary overridden now.

I'm also adding xen-docs and turn this package into a split package. Update should roll out today. You should be able to change lzo2 to lzo line 74? See how that goes. Can't make system upgrade with pacman -Syu, get error: ArgylePwnage gpg --keyserver pgp.

The key is detailed here: Have a look through the man pages or comments on the AUR Xen page for more details. Hello, I have received the following error message: Thank you for your time. JohnTh, Yeah, your config file was really helpful for me, i successfully start arch live cd. But i understood that it is really bad idea to try to build completely work machine with MB ram: D Thank you so much.

May need to boot your arch installer differently though. If you show your config, we will have a better idea. Working config for me, needs arch install iso. Good to see maintainer! I get "Initramfs unpacking failed: I found the archboot64 I tried needed MB memory.

Successfully compile and install it, but still have problem with paravirt PV domU. Trying to create guest with xl create -c and receive [ 0. My pc is junk? I can boot it, hopefully you can as well. I will check once I get home, but maybe not until tomorrow. It's probably just me: Ngspice 27-1 binary overridden I have to compile on a grub-booted system as opposed to efi-booted ngspice 27-1 binary overridden get this file in the package?

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Patch configure and libtool. Available diffs diff from in Debian to Available diffs diff from to 2. Published in bionic -release on Deleted in bionic -proposed Reason: Superseded in bionic -release on Deleted in bionic -proposed on Reason: Published in artful -release on Published in zesty -release on Obsolete in yakkety -release on Deleted in yakkety -proposed Reason: Superseded in yakkety -release on Published in xenial -release on Deleted in xenial -proposed Reason: Superseded in xenial -release on Obsolete in wily -release on Obsolete in vivid -release on Deleted in vivid -proposed on Reason: Superseded in vivid -release on Obsolete in utopic -release on Published in trusty -release on Deleted in trusty -proposed Reason: Superseded in trusty -proposed on Superseded in trusty -release on Obsolete in saucy -release on Obsolete in raring -release on Obsolete in quantal -release on Superseded in quantal -release on Published in precise -release on Obsolete in hoary -release on