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But the new rulebook is available online, right now! You can get an electronic version of the rulebook here. Fusion Monsters page The card specifics will still tell you what to use, and from where, but the basic idea of what a Fusion Summon is is just explained in the Rulebook. This Special Summon is treated as a Fusion Summon. Compare that to the new Power Bond: Again, the text deals with the important stuff: The revised Rulebook section also deals with the frequently asked question of what happens with something like Macro Cosmoswhich causes your Fusion Materials to be banished instead of winding up in the Graveyard.

Yes, your Fusion Summon still happens. Since, of online yugioh trading card game, there are now many ways to Fusion Summon. Glossary — Equip Card page This is a rules change to streamline what you can do to monsters that have been turned into Equip Cards.

If a Monster Card is equipped to another monster, it remains equipped to that monster and cannot be moved to a different target, even by card effects that would normally be able to do so. Union monsters equipped by their own effects can be moved by appropriate card effects. Online yugioh trading card game — Send to the Graveyard page Normally, we loathe exceptions, but when we do need them, we like to have them listed in the Online yugioh trading card game.

A card can be sent to the Graveyard in various ways. Glossary — Excavate page Then, before you do anything else, apply the instructions from the card effect that excavated them. Cards that are being excavated are still treated as being in the Deck until sent elsewhere by the card instructions. Noble Knight Borz is a good example of this. Until the Sylvans come out in a couple months, the number of excavate cards is very small.

All of these revised cards will be reprinted in upcoming items like War of the Giants: Round 2Star Packand Astral Pack 4. In any case, cards that excavate will always say where from, what you do with the excavated cards, and where they go. When you excavate, do what the card says. If a card does something when excavated like many Sylvan cards dojust follow the instructions when it online yugioh trading card game excavated by a card that specifically states that it excavates. Pay special attention to the online yugioh trading card game in red: Normally, we loathe exceptions, but when we do need them, we like to have them listed in the Rulebook: Cursed Seal of the Forbidden Spell.

Welcome to the Yu-Gi-Oh! Search Strategy Site Search for: Recent Articles Soon… Ancient Millennium: Reflect, Refract, Disperse Extreme Force: Black or White Extreme Force: Take Online yugioh trading card game Medicine Extreme Force: Grab Your Spell Counters.

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