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Per tal de tenir diners en efectiu hi ha tres possibilitats. Cal tenir en compte que les festes generalment comencen a les 8 de la tarda predrinksla gent va a les respectives discoteques sobre les I am sure there are tons of books or websites talking about the life in Sydney. In the following post, I am going to talk about anything related to Sydney: The first thing you have to bear in mind when going to Australia is that the seasons are completely reverse.

That is, in July is winter while in January is summer. The weather there is really nice. By the beginning of September, I already went to have a swim at the beach. But you can enjoy the sea at any time with a good swimsuit! If you travel up to the north, the weather becomes more tropical. In general, the weather is really nice so do not bring to many winter clothes as you will not use them much. Sydney is a coastal city, situated in the south-east of Australia.

Melbourne, Brisbane and Canberra. Once you opciones comercial para vivir en australia 2017 to Australia, you realize that their distance magnitudes are quite different to Europe. You have to cross the bridge to arrive to the city center. Not very recommendable for students. Skyscrapers, big buildings, bars and everything you need. Near the university, one of the best places to stay.

However, the price is probably the highest in Sydney. Redfern and Surry Hills, slightly cheaper than the city center. It is min walking from the city center.

The buildings are much smaller compared to the city center, a little bit old some of them. Kensington, some parts of this neighborhood are already far from the city center. However, near UNSW another university you will opciones comercial para vivir en australia 2017 some good options.

Probably cheaper than Redfern or Surry Hills. I lived there and it took me 25 min by bike to get into UTS. It is 30 min walking from the nearest beach: The transport there is still very good. Bondi Junction that is not Bondi beach, still far from there. It is a very good option. I had few friends living there. The price level is similar to Redfern.

The transport is quite good too but it is a little bit hilly already. You should take it into account if going to UNSW.

You might be in front of the see with really nice views. Nevertheless, the transport to the city center is really bad and it is very hilly. Famous for its beach. A little bit overvalued in my opinion.

It is a nice place to stay if you want to spend more time surfing than going to the university. It is the furthest neighborhood from the city center so I would not consider it as an option. Anyway, views are very nice there. The further you move to the city center, the cheapest you might find an accommodation.

Most UTS students live near the city center and most of the bars and clubs are there as well. Sydney is a very big city. Thus, it takes some time to commute. The bus network is quite extended. In my opinion, it is better to move around by bike. Although there are not many bicycle lines, you can use the road for the cars and move much faster than by bus.

You can find many second hand bikes in Gumtree website. This is the link:. It is managed by a man who picks up bicycles from the street. He repairs them and then resell them. Helmet and lights are compulsory in Sydney.

Depending on your social abilities, you might be able to skip the fine but I would recommend you to buy them. The transport at night is poor. If you live far from the city center, it might be difficult to come back to your place. However, coming back by foot is pretty safe. Moreover, public transport is expensive. There is no discount for international students. They use a system called Opal Cards, very similar to the one in London. You can purchase this card for free in many shops.

Every time you jump on a bus, you will be required to top on and top off when jumping off. The price of the trip depends on the distance and the type of transport. Usually you will take the bus for in between 3 to 8 Km, the fare is 3.

Here the link to the transport website:. You are allowed to jump on a bus with only 2. However, you can jump off wherever you want, after doing for example 5Km. You will be charged 3. Throw this opciones comercial para vivir en australia 2017 away and take another one for free. When going in an exchange, budget is something to really take into account. Australia is an expensive country. However, here are some tips that will make your life easier.

It is full of this shops. Some of them are fuel stations. Not the best quality opciones comercial para vivir en australia 2017 a coffee in the university is around 3. It is also very convenient at night as the other supermarkets close early. However, the price is much more expensive. Unfortunately, there is no Primark in Australia.

In the other hand, you can find K-Marts all around. They are even cheaper than Primark in Spain and you can find literally everything there: Supermarket is a little bit more expensive than Spain, on average.

There are three big supermarket brands: Woolworth, Coles and Aldi. Aldi is the cheapest of opciones comercial para vivir en australia 2017. Fish and meat are slightly more expensive. The cheapest meat is chicken and kangaroo yes, I said kangaroo. I strongly recommend to try it. It has a strong opciones comercial para vivir en australia 2017 but it is healthier than beef as it contains less fat.

Signal is a problem when going out of Sydney. However, you should not have any opciones comercial para vivir en australia 2017 in the city.

I would recommend you to take a pre-paid opciones comercial para vivir en australia 2017, it is easy to cancel when coming back to Barcelona. I used Opciones comercial para vivir en australia 2017 and it works well. However, there are small companies offering better prices. Going to a restaurant is expensive, but not much more than in Barcelona. You can find plenty of Asian restaurants: I would not recommend any bank in particular. Commonwealth Bank has more branches than any other.

They all offer similar conditions for students. Make sure to close the account before leaving because it is more difficult to do it overseas.

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