What is the Pokémon TCG Online?

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That is the question. Being a longtime Magic The Gathering player, I wondered if it would be worth it to ditch the physical card game and give it a go online. So, what was stopping me?

The answer was a very easy one: But of course, my Magic crazed brain got the best of me. That tough decision was made easy after taking a look at the model that Magic Online created. Optionen trading card game pokemon online free pack codes 2016 MTGO provided was a key element to influence anyone to optionen trading card game pokemon online free pack codes 2016 participate in a game: How did they do this you ask? The answer is tournaments!

When participating in MTGO tournaments, a meager 2-person tournament victory awarded the victor 2 or 3 booster packs! Increase the tournament size and that number of booster packs increases! It was a challenge that I could not refuse. I will not argue that this prize is necessarily a bad one. Most players in their early — to late twenties or older will find investing into a deck, practicing their game play, and traveling to tournaments not simply worth it due to fact that the game will be awarding them prizes that are not of monetary value to them.

But this does not hold them back and it is rather unfortunate for the players. What I will say is this: Certainly, some may argue that Magic involves a higher level of skill that these players may crave.

The answer is an easy one to me, Magic. That is why it is imperative that PCTGO offers the right amount of incentive to encourage players of all ages to keep playing. The key lies in PTCGO s ability to create a tournament format online that emulates the physical game. With PTCGO, optionen trading card game pokemon online free pack codes 2016 goal should be to attract as many players as possible, and I think some great prizes would do just that.

The only way to influence people to invest their money and interest into a virtual product is with incentive! As such, any monetary rewards will be in the form of scholarships, and they will only be token amounts, not huge windfalls optionen trading card game pokemon online free pack codes 2016 the dollars being offered in Magic. Otherwise the game will become more cutthroat. I am probably one of the few players who does not play Pokemon with cards, but only online.

As for costs, well, I dont buy physical packs. Plus, I can always go online and start a game any time I want and have only a 45sec queue, maximum. The drawback is that some games take a bit of time, especially when your opponent goes AFK.

But even then, I can go afk too and alt tab back, play my turn etc. Must not be worth it, ditch them forever. Before, they were only available in non-retail BW packs and EP packs. More people, less chance to win a prize. If there were more ways to earn online booster packs, such as maybe completing tutorials or completing the AI controlled leagues, I would switch from PlayTCG. Not to mention parts of it are difficult to navigate. A lot of the players are in their mid 20s and have already completed college.

What are they supposed to do with a scholarship? I say scholarships for Juniors and Seniors, and maybe a smaller cash amount for Masters. I think some of you are missing the point. Entance fee — How do you stop people getting their mates online optionen trading card game pokemon online free pack codes 2016 help them play for a start? Push the competitive angle all you want, the fact still stands that video games are entertainment and the competitive part with actual prizes on the line always will come second to plain old fun.

Secondly, my main problem with this article: If I understand correctly, Magic: The Gathering Online was not released to the public until the game had finished development, which means M: Optionen trading card game pokemon online free pack codes 2016 even state that it would be unfair to compare these games at this point, and yet you still do. I can see how people might expect the same precedence for buying digital cards a chance to reap rewards.

The fact that there has been speculation about online tournaments, but little concrete info about optionen trading card game pokemon online free pack codes 2016 could throw people into a bit of a loop. Sure there are people that play strictly for fun without any organized, competitive play, but those are the main reasons a lot of people play.

Not even really for the prizes, but just for the adrenaline rush. I think there are valid arguments on both sides, but overall I think there needs to be more time for the software to develop like many people pointed out before we jump to conclusions. I respect your opinion and everything. But we know that magic is where the money is, and Pokemon is just for fun.

Why do we need you to tell us that? They are just a bonus thing we get for free in packs. You get them for nothing. They are an extra incentive for buying packs.

If TPCI was selling these things seperate from packs, then the arguments in this article would have some validity. I think people misunderstand its purpose. They have a bug tracker listing known bugs, bugs in progress, and bug fixes applied. If you find one not on the list; do your part and submit it.

And man, you ever see the Pokemon Youtube videos by kids? Because they charge about 19 cents more for a pack that has them. If you use TCGO, great, 20 cents for a code card.

You usually have better counterarguments than the actual authors on some of these, and this amuses me. But for online tournaments? Tedrick, I completely agree. People do not think that rationally! Many of us have been programmed to expect a chance to be rewarded for putting our resources mental, emotional, monetary into the game. Also in regards to paying for the codes, there are for sure people out there that buy bulk codes.

And there are also people who might have instead wished they bought single cards. Even if they did rise, there is no reason to assume that we are being charged extra for the codes prices do rise for other reasons. Remember that only the first printing of BW came with codes, yet those packs were not sold for more than the packs without codes, except on the secondary market which, again, is nothing to do with Nintendo TPCI.

At they end of the day, they are a business and are trying to turn a profit. As for the code cards being discontinued in packs, yes it is just speculation, but from a business perspective it makes sense for them to discontinue the code cards in packs.

Again, pokemon is trying to make money, maybe not at the moment, but eventually. They provide free codes initially to get people interested and it definitely has. I respect your opinions mario and optionen trading card game pokemon online free pack codes 2016 that can respect mine. In my opinion, the codes are part of marketing for the TCG. They are kind of at a crossroads here. Provide incentive, shift the demographic towards older players or 2.

Drop the game just as you said. Honestly, I gotta agree with the article. Between us, we have spent many hundreds, probably thousands, on Pokemon TCG. It is not at all about big prizes for us. It is first and foremost about having fun. I do not need, nor expect, cash or cards as prizes to keep me interested.

But I tell ya, if one of them EVER whines about not winning enough boosters or whatever, he will be left in no doubt at all about my thoughts on that attitude. If they can manage that, and it keeps them happy, fine. However, it would be unfortunate if the self interest of a vocal few was mistaken for the position of the general community. If you expect big rewards for indulging in your chosen hobby, you may need to review your motivation. You want to win big?

Try Magic, or Poker. I optionen trading card game pokemon online free pack codes 2016 Pokemon will continue just fine, supported by people playing it for fun, not profit. I addressed that in my comment. It was a joke about a Youtube video I saw recently while trying to find something else.

Proof on any site on the entire internet that allows you to post anything. But seriously, this was about a joke I made to someone who has suggested Pokemon close TCGO or aim it directly at Masters, cutting out the middlemen, who are here Juniors and Seniors.

Here, let me pick apart your post:. A link to a comment would be nice?

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