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The Official Movie Discussion Thread. Just watched Annie hall - it was on Netflix. I have to say I think it's overrated. Yes woody Allen is atypically great. But it just wasn't that funny. For me it's another supposed classic that when you really think about it isn't that great. I feel the same way about the breakfast club - I know, blasphemy, right?

Yeah Annie Hall is one of my least favorite Allen movies. I get why it's acclaimed- Diane Keaton and a rom-com where they don't end up married, and the fact that people felt like they were watching something "real" because Allen and Keaton had dated and it hadn't worked out it's a shoot, brother.

But it's not that funny and I hate Allen's character. It's just sort of a collection of scenes, and while some of them are great Chris Walkena lot of them are just long and tedious.

Changing gears, I enjoyed The Wolverine a lot more than I expected to. It's not nearly as dumb as X-Men Origins, as there's actually some pathos in this one. It also doesn't try to "outsmart" the audience with convoluted schemes where the villain intentionally gets put in jail. Also, I was irrationally excited after watching the post-credits scene. To me Woody Allen much like Mel Brooks are very hit and miss. Their movies are either really great or really bad there is not much middle ground with them No I do not have anything against people who wrote material for Sid Caesar.

Granted I have not watched a lot of Woody Allen movies so I really do not know a lot about his stuff. However, in regards to Mel Brooks well I find him to be a comedic genius. That being said a lot of Mel Brooks movies just do not work for me. I am probably one of the only people that you will ever hear say this but I hate the Producers. Sure some of it was good but I disliked the majority of it. History of the World Part I was pretty bad as well in fact I would say that was probably his worst movie.

I was not a huge fan of Silent Movie either, I mean I robin hood will have ptsd in john wickesque origins wanted to like it because the concept was great but it just totally missed the mark with me. On the other end I absolutely loved Blazing Saddles, I consider that to be one of the best comedies I have ever watched, the ending was a little weak but overall it was great.

Men in Tights as well. Just a great movie. Yeah I love Mel Brooks, but like you say at times genius at other times not-so-much.

Spaceballs is right up there with my favourite parody movies ever the wayans brothers could really learn a lot about spoof comedy from watching this And I agree Blazing Saddles was incredible. For some reason I didn't go much on Men in Tights, just didn't strike the right chord with me. Mind you I was pretty young when I watched, perhaps if I were to watch it now I might feel differently. As For Woody Allen - I find him hilarious. He plays the loveable nerd to perfection and his deadpan delivery of huge rants is fantastic.

My favourite is undoubtedly 'play it again Sam' that movie oozes class. But for some reason Annie Hall just seemed long winded and drab. There are a few movies that I probably should like, but don't. And a few that I shouldn't and do I love the Star Wars prequels! In the last 36 hours or so I've watched all for the first time: Extremely long but I love the contrast between Pacino and De Niro.

They play off of each other so well. But I really got into it once I got past the ridiculous premise that Matt Damon is a genius. I don't really have a rating for this one, it was extremely ridiculous. I'm a big Aronofsky fan, but I can't say I liked robin hood will have ptsd in john wickesque origins.

It was a bit off the wall for me. Knee surgery recovery isn't so bad: Just watched Unicorn City, supposedly a geeky movie. Didn't think it was that awesome. Reminded me of Clerks though, as it romanticises the geek lifestyle in the way Clerks does that for slackers or actual clerks obv. A friend told me to watch it. He also told me to watch Krod Mandoon mini-series. That was hilarious though. Had a lot of laughs. It's downright silly, but that gets me almost all of the times as Jay and Silent Bob is still one of my favorite movies.

Also watched the Emperor's New Groove and that was also right on the spot. Manhattan is much better. It feels more robin hood will have ptsd in john wickesque origins a movie, if that makes any sense. I've got Unicorn City to watch. I'm hoping I enjoy it. I did just watch G. Retaliation and although it didn't really keep me as interested as the first, it wasn't bad for what it was or at least that's what I think.

I also just watched Hamlet 2 which And the internet raged! The last time I remember the internet raging this hard was when they hired some chick flic actor named Heath Ledger to play The Joker. Personally, I would have brought in a new face for the role, or at least try very hard to find one.

I don't agree that everyone should be dead against him til' I see him in the actual role. IF at that time I feel he couldn't do it, then I will be willing to say wrong move I still remember when I found out that Michael Keaton was going to play batman, right after he played the role of Beetlejuice, robin hood will have ptsd in john wickesque origins I thought to myself what a horrible decision, if anything I would have cast him as the Joker.

I still think the first Batman that he did was the best out of that run of Batman robin hood will have ptsd in john wickesque origins. I thought it was going to end up all campy like the TV Show, and hated the movie before it come out.

I was pleasantly surprised, and can remember that it wasn't robin hood will have ptsd in john wickesque origins going to see it at ANY theatre at the time, as the lines were huge, even at the mall when it already ran it's time at the big box office, there was still a huge line. So, I don't have a problem with robin hood will have ptsd in john wickesque origins silly actor playing these all serious roles unless it becomes obvious they didn't take it serious when the movie comes out.

People act like Affleck is a terrible actor and can't do a serious role. The Town was freaking incredible and with any luck his Batman voice will be better than Christian Bale's god awful attempt. I thought he was great for the role Christian Baleand still do.

I robin hood will have ptsd in john wickesque origins don't see that guy that played "Robin" in the third movie being a better Batman then Affleck, but the internet would shoot me for saying that. To me, robin hood will have ptsd in john wickesque origins voice was cool in the first movie, because he was purposely making his voice different so not to be discovered.

The 2nd movie though, it started to get old, but by the 3rd movie, I would have rioted had they changed it, lol. For the record, I might as well admit this: I actually thought Green Lantern was better then most I only hated the villain.

Same with the Fantastic Four, the only thing I actually hated about any of them was Galactus. I think my biggest gripe on either of them was taking too many "liberties" with there origins Like, why is Hal Jordan fighting Parallax in the first movie?

Doom the reason they become the Fantastic Four? To me the comics stories were much better then the movies, and I never understand why they have to take so many liberties.

IF all that stuff is possible to show now, with modern technology, why do you have to change it so much that it redefines the whole thing that made them so popular to begin with?

The only series right now that I applaud their creativity with, is the Star Trek franchise, with it being an "alternate" universe using the same characters as the original with different actors.

I don't expect the Hero movies to do the comics verbatim, but I would like to see them stick to history a bit better The Spider-Man reboot, leaving out the lines "With great power comes great responsibility" to me, was a wrong move.

Everything else I can live with in that movie. I actually feel like they are trying to do a more historical Spider-Man with the biggest villains appearing in some sort of order.

I liked Green Lantern. I didn't love it, but I thought it was a fun movie. I especially liked Robin hood will have ptsd in john wickesque origins. I hated the villain though. I love the Fantastic Four movies and I'm not afraid to admit it.

They're full of camp and they're silly, but I just love them. Like you, I didn't like Galactus. Some sites are saying that Bryan Cranston has been cast as Lex Luthor, which will be confirmed after the last episode of BB has aired.

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Metallurgists are both admired and feared. They splinter their own minds in order to manipulate metal at the microscopic level, creating shadow selves to craft the nano-architecture of metal alloys into perfection. Near the vast steelworks of Karshad, a journalist has fallen in love with the residual personality of a metallurgist, but what will happen when realliance—and forgetting—comes? Take a chance and pick up a hitchhiker. But only after midnight and only when you need some company.

Of course, the hitchhiker will disappear. But this time you are the hitchhiker. The Wild Cards universe has been thrilling readers for over 25 years. Candace Sessou is known to be many things: When she hears that her brother Marcel also survived but is now on the run as a wanted terrorist, Candace tracks him to the Parisian underground… only to strike a deal with dangerous forces in order to save both their lives.

I could not add a link that would allow readers to purchase the book because as far as I could tell, The Fortunate Fall has been out of print for more than twenty years. I was astounded because I had the impression that the book was warmly regarded. The evidence suggests it was warmly regarded by a small number of very vocal fans 1.

I tend to expect that many others will love the same books that I do. I have been proved wrong again and again. Books that I love are not reprinted. Even in this era of ebooks, all but a few lucky books come forth like flowers and wither: Ah, the sorrows of the reader!

It seems a clever shorthand because practically everyone in the modern world knows who William Shakespeare is, and has at least read a play or seen one up close at some point in their life. Recently, I was honored to give a paper at the annual conference of the Philological Association of the Carolinas. Just about everything you can imagine happens in between: During the day she trains with other brown-skinned girls eager to be selected as an Attendant to a wealthy white family thus sparing them from the hardship of fighting shamblers on the frontlines , and at night she haunts the countryside, taking out shamblers and saving the innocent.

When her sometimes beau, Red Jack, asks for her help in locating his missing sister, Jane and frenemy classmate Katherine run afoul of a corrupt mayor and his clan of Survivalists, a political party made up of mostly white people looking for new ways to inflict old oppressions and subjugations on African Americans. The trio are hauled off to a fledgling town in the middle of Kansas built on secrets, lies, and horrific exploitation.

As a teenager I read The House of the Scorpion to pieces, languishing in the injustice inherent in the life of a clone grown for his organs, taking solace that at least my life was not his.

But for far too long, I was missing a piece of the puzzle. Welcome back to the Culture reread! Apologies for having missed last week; it turns out that traveling and reread posting are not necessarily fully compatible. This week, we finally learn exactly what Damage is.

Horza catches up with Kraiklyn and rejoins the crew of the Clear Air Turbulence , and an acquaintance reappears. Another few weeks, another foray into the world of women authors of the s. There also three previous instalments in this series, covering women writers with last names beginning with A through F , those beginning with G , and those beginning with H.

When one filters by debut date, the resulting set is downright tiny. I once suggested to a publisher that they rename some of their authors so the distribution of surnames by initial was more equitable, but I fear this was greeted with the same lack of enthusiasm as my suggestion that all editors be ear-tagged to make voting on the Best Editor Hugo more convenient for me. A black hole at the centre of the universe? My diminishing capacity for memory?

The Chronicles of Harriet Tubman Book 1: Kings and Book 2: Judges , by Balogun Ojetade. Have you ever noticed how difficult it is to manage a story once the party divides?

I hated having to wait so long to have the suspense resolved. Thinking about that now, though, a big chunk of time spent with each group might be preferable to the way The Eye of the World has been jumping perspectives each chapter. Seeing him basically take up a parallel role to Thom, each looking after two of the young people, is really interesting.

Good morning and welcome, fellow travelers, to week seven of Reading The Wheel of Time. Today we are tackling chapters There is something sort of sleepy about this section of the book. One of the delights of A Civil Campaign is that Bujold uses more than one viewpoint character. I learned a lot from their conversation. The officers who serve in Ops headquarters at Vorbarr Sultana are not interested in cleanliness in their food-and-beverage service establishments. This does not stop Ivan and Alexei from drinking there, and By is leaning on the bar when they walk in.

The Gift of Rereading is that this looks a smidge suspicious. By is the sort of person who wears nice suits. I know exactly how I missed this the first time around—I was busy with the conversation—but I now think I was very obtuse to have done so. Every month on Tor. But the more I think about the relationship Ready Player One has with readers and multiple mediums, the more I realize how perfect these relationships reflect what the book is. Zero girls, lots of excitement, and plenty of chances to get muddy and stay muddy.

Now a nascent demon-hunting crew on the lam, Danielle and her friends arrive in a small town that contains a secret occult library run by anarchists and residents who claim to have come back from the dead. Not to mention the author…. Uprising The Wheel of Time Nightflyers. I grew up not knowing I was starving. Chapter Ten all series. Recent Comments princessroxana on Lovecraftian Dream Logic: Deep Space Nine Rewatch: A Civil Campaign , Chapter 4 51 mins ago more comments.