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A trigger is a special kind of stored procedure that automatically executes when an event occurs in the database server. DML triggers execute when a user tries to modify data through a data manipulation language DML event.

These triggers fire when any valid event is fired, regardless of whether or not any table rows are affected. For more information, see DML Triggers. Logon triggers fire in response to the LOGON event that is raised when a user sessions is being established. Malicious code inside triggers can run under escalated privileges.

For more information on how to mitigate this threat, see Manage Trigger Security. Si tiene opciones sobre acciones ejemplo el desencadenador condicionalmente solo si ya existe. Conditionally alters the trigger only if it already exists.

Is the name of the schema to which a DML trigger belongs. DML triggers are scoped to the schema of the table or view on which they are created. Is the name of the trigger. Is the table or view on which the DML trigger is executed and is sometimes referred to as the trigger table or trigger view.

Especificar el nombre completo de la si tiene opciones sobre acciones ejemplo o vista es opcional. Specifying the fully qualified name of the table or view is optional. No es posible definir desencadenadores DML en tablas temporales locales o globales.

DML triggers cannot be defined on local or global temporary tables. Applies the scope of si tiene opciones sobre acciones ejemplo DDL trigger to the current database. Applies the scope of a DDL or logon trigger to the current server. Specifies the security context under which the trigger is executed.

Enables you to control which user account the instance of SQL Server SQL Server uses to validate permissions on any database objects that are referenced by the trigger.

This option is required for triggers on memory-optimized tables. Indicates that the trigger is natively compiled.

Ensures that tables that are referenced by a trigger cannot be dropped or altered. This option is required for triggers on memory-optimized tables and is not supported for triggers on traditional tables.

All referential cascade actions and constraint checks also must succeed before this trigger fires. AFTER triggers cannot be defined on views. Specifies that the DML trigger is executed instead of the triggering SQL statement, therefore, overriding the actions of the triggering statements.

Specifies the data modification statements that activate the DML trigger when it is tried against this table or view.

At least one option must be specified. Any combination of these options in any order is allowed in the trigger definition. Especifica que debe agregarse un desencadenador adicional de un tipo existente. Specifies that an additional trigger of an existing type should be added.

Indicates that the trigger should not be executed when a replication agent modifies the table that is si tiene opciones sobre acciones ejemplo in the trigger. Is the trigger conditions and actions. Las condiciones del desencadenador especifican los criterios adicionales si tiene opciones sobre acciones ejemplo determinan si los intentos de los eventos DML, DDL o logon hacen que se lleven a cabo las acciones del desencadenador.

Trigger conditions specify additional criteria that determine whether the tried DML, DDL, or logon events cause the trigger actions to be performed. For more information, see Remarks. A trigger is designed to check or change si tiene opciones sobre acciones ejemplo based on a data modification or definition statement; it should not return data to the user.

DML triggers use the deleted and inserted logical conceptual tables. They are structurally similar to the table on which the trigger is defined, that is, the table on si tiene opciones sobre acciones ejemplo the user action is tried. The deleted and inserted tables hold the old values or new values of the rows that may be changed by the user action. Por ejemplo, para recuperar todos los valores de la tabla deletedutilice: For example, to retrieve all values in the deleted table, use: For more information, see Use the inserted and deleted Tables.

Evite su uso en nuevos trabajos de desarrollo y piense en modificar las aplicaciones que los usan actualmente. Avoid using these data types in new development work, and plan to modify applications that currently use them. Use nvarchar maxsi tiene opciones sobre acciones ejemplo max y varbinary max en su lugar. Use nvarchar maxvarchar maxand varbinary max instead. For a CLR trigger, specifies the method of an assembly to bind with the trigger. The method must take no arguments and return void.

Si la clase tiene un nombre calificado como espacio de nombres que utiliza '. If the class has a namespace-qualified name that uses '. La clase no puede ser anidada. The class cannot be a nested class. Los desencadenadores DML se usan con frecuencia para aplicar las reglas de negocios y la integridad de datos. DML triggers are frequently used for enforcing business rules and data integrity. Sin embargo, DRI no proporciona integridad referencial entre bases de datos.

However, DRI does not provide cross-database referential integrity. Referential integrity refers to the rules about the relationships between the primary and foreign keys of tables.

This successful execution includes all referential cascade actions and constraint checks associated with the object updated or deleted. Instead, the statement is resolved as modifications against the base tables underlying the view. In this case, the view definition must meet all the restrictions for an updatable view.

For a definition of updatable views, see Modify Data Through a View. Cada vez que se modifica una tabla base subyacente se inicia la cadena para si tiene opciones sobre acciones ejemplo restricciones y activar los desencadenadores AFTER definidos para la tabla. Each modification to an underlying base table starts the chain of applying constraints and firing AFTER triggers si tiene opciones sobre acciones ejemplo for the table. A trigger is created only in the current database; however, a trigger can reference objects outside the current database.

Si se especifica el nombre del esquema del desencadenador para calificar el desencadenadorcalifique el nombre de la tabla de la misma forma. If the trigger schema name is specified to qualify the trigger, qualify the table name in the same way. Any SET statement can be specified inside a trigger. The SET option selected remains in effect during the execution of the trigger and then reverts to its former setting.

When a trigger fires, results are returned to the calling application, just like with stored procedures. To prevent having results returned to an application because of a trigger firing, do not include either SELECT statements that return results or statements that perform variable assignment in a trigger.

A trigger that includes either SELECT statements that return results to the user or statements that perform variable assignment requires special handling; these returned results would have to be written into every application in which modifications to the trigger table are si tiene opciones sobre acciones ejemplo.

Because SQL Server SQL Server does not support user-defined triggers on system tables, we recommend that you do not create user-defined triggers on system tables. DDL triggers, like standard triggers, execute stored procedures in response to an event. Instead, they primarily execute in response to data definition language DDL statements. Test your DDL triggers to determine their responses to system stored procedure execution.

Los desencadenadores DDL no se activan como respuesta a eventos que afectan a procedimientos almacenados y tablas temporales, ya sean locales o globales. DDL triggers do not fire in response to events si tiene opciones sobre acciones ejemplo affect local or global temporary tables and stored procedures.

Use the catalog views instead. Dicha carpeta se encuentra en la carpeta Server Objects. This folder is located under the Server Objects folder. This folder is located under the Programmability folder of the corresponding database. Logon triggers fire after the authentication phase of logging in finishes, but before the user session is actually established.

For more information, see Logon Triggers. Logon triggers do not fire if authentication fails. Los desencadenadores logon no admiten las transacciones distribuidas. Distributed transactions are not supported in a logon trigger. Error is returned when a logon trigger containing a distributed transaction is fired.

A logon trigger can effectively prevent successful connections to the Motor de base de datos Database Engine for all users, including members of the sysadmin fixed server role. When a logon trigger is preventing connections, members of the sysadmin fixed server role can connect by using the dedicated administrator connection, or by starting the Motor de base de datos Database Engine in minimal configuration mode -f. The ability to return results from triggers will be removed in a future version of SQL Server.

Triggers that return result sets may cause unexpected behavior in applications that are not designed to work with them. Avoid returning result sets from triggers in new development work, and plan to modify applications that currently do this. To prevent triggers from returning result sets, set the disallow results from triggers option to 1. Los desencadenadores LOGON impiden que se devuelvan conjuntos de resultados y este comportamiento no se puede configurar.

Logon triggers always disallow results sets to be returned and this behavior is not configurable. If a logon trigger does generate a result set, the trigger fails to execute and the login attempt that fired the trigger is denied.

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