How to Use Swing Trading for Bitcoin

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Today I go over how to preform a swing trade on Swing trading strategy cryptocurrency. What to look for and how to read the charts! I have a swing trade challenge coming up soon as well. Start Mining Bitcoin and Ethereum Today: Take My Beginner Crypto Class: I am not a professional financial adviser. All investments you make are of your own. Do your own research. I'm currently using quick trades to make back some losses swing trading strategy cryptocurrency help me get out of the red quicker.

But once we have a green market again it's party time! Thanks for sharing CCN! Just finished watching this video and it has given me a great insight to day trading. I have always been a long term crypto investor but recently I have been dabbling in a little bit of swing trading too.

The chatrt explinations were a great help too. I have found a lot of great advice from swing trading strategy cryptocurrency channel so far. Thanks, keep it up! I have been following CCN since late December on youtube. Zack and his team are great to everyone and literally has been helping other newbies like me to become more successful in the cryptocurrency world. Been following you for a while now and you have had crazy growth the past month.

Keep up the good work. Thanks for all the info. Great video, thanks for the info. Do these tips still work in the current market we are in with usually seeing a lot of red across the board? Also, do you recommend doing this across a few different cryptocurrencies or just sticking to one at a time. Hi Zac I cant believe you have a name, your channel is amazing. Now gimme bitcoin lol. I thought I found a good deal on tron satoshi.

Im stuck with it until it gets a boost. So sitting on a. Awesome video as always, I've been doing some day and swing day trades lately, but with the market consistently dipping, it's swing trading strategy cryptocurrency of buy, buy buy in hopes of a rebound over the next week or 2, then sell sell sell lol.

Awesome stuff, you should check my blog on the post I did today where I showed how I doubled my money in 5 days trading Tron during this downed market.

Wow this was one of your best video and most informative video i have seen on cryptocurrency thank you so much for sharing. Really enjoyed this one. Had someone else describe the Bollinger Bands but with you, I think I kinda get it!

Your explanation of the indicators makes it really easy for normal people to understand. I'll be following closely. Maybe even taking a day off to sit and trade with you I loved your video!!! I had to watch it twice all the way thru. I've been doing alot of research on trading because I'm very new to the Crypto world and your video helped me alot!!!!!! I think I might try to trade when you do it. I've been wondering how to swing trade!

Keep it up, bringing knowledge to the crypto market! Hey man check out Theta token! Also- im going to like all yalls comments, throw me some love too! So far I love it even starting my own blog just for fun! Subscribed on YouTube and followed your link here.

Thanks for showing swing trading strategy cryptocurrency steemit very cool! I'm excited swing trading strategy cryptocurrency see this series as a new investor. I found you first on youtube, and you are the reason I have gotten into crypto.

Finally i know your name Zack!! I always look forward to get home from work to watch all of your videos. So i can get to work again! Heres my address btc: I've started using the Bollinger lines recently also. Although I tend to work off swing trading strategy cryptocurrency 1 min charts for super quick turnarounds, couple dollars at a time still learning so not playing with big money yet!

Great advice, looking forward for your day trading challenge. Want to try this out myself for some time, just I need, as you said, convince myself not to be greedy and take small profits at a time. Would love to make buck extra in a week starting from In other word, double my money.

Not swing trading strategy cryptocurrency how this will go. Will by waiting for your challenge and will by learning from you and trying to apply same strategies as you: Keep up the great work, love your videos.

Make a trading stategy that swing trading strategy cryptocurrency just a strong set of rules that you will follow and never break and you will do fine: Keep the post coming.

You just saved everyone an entire school year with your very practical explanation. Thanks for a job well done. D didnt sell anything holding swing trading strategy cryptocurrency Thanks for another great video. I've been setting limits when I can't stay at my computer for hours on end. Swing for 1st base not the fences! Anyway you could update us on what you're doing live and maybe we can follow along?

Hi Zack thanks for the great video. Keep up the great work and looking forward to more like this. Just watched your video on youtube, and I am swing trading strategy cryptocurrency interested in the series you mentioned.

Your post was mentioned in the hit parade in the following category:. Who knew it was really that easy if your willing to just watch for the right dips. Have you considered Fibonacci lines when predicting price movement?

Also, Average true range is great as a stop loss tool. Good luck on the swing trades can be very lucrative! Thanks for the breakdown of day trading. You made it so much easier to use the charts on Binance. It would be really cool if you could do a challenge with a low initial investment. I understand that you have the money to trade but it would help others that maybe don't have the budget to do it in this large scale.

Thank you for this video. It was very informative. I have been trying to swing trading strategy cryptocurrency out when to take profits, but always miss out. Thanks to you i now know how to read the graphs and when to invest. Thanks for the swing trading strategy cryptocurrency Most likely still just planing to hold as don't have much time on my hands to day trade.

Maybe will swing trading strategy cryptocurrency it one day and experiment with it. Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.

Follow me too lol. If you double your 20 let me know. First line was likely intended to read 'perform' not 'preform'. Hey, Zach what time is best to look at when swing trading 5 min or 1 hr? Thanks brother, awesome information! Great future ahead for Tron. Thanks for sharing and the info.

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