15 Best Flea Markets in Texas

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Old Abilene Town Flea Mkt. All American Texas Flea Mkt. Ruth G Rodreguez Flea Mkt. Sunset Center Flea Market. Old Wagon Wheel Flea Mkt. Bergstrom Open Air Mkt.

King Mart Flea Market. Traders Paradise Flea Market. First Monday Flea Market. Second Monday Trade Days. Bridge St Flea Market. Gulf Coast Flea Market. Seventy Seven Flea Market. Buffalo Gap Flea Market. First Monday Trade Days. Corpus Christi Trade Center. Trade days in texas on 4th monday Market Las Palmas. Flea Mkt Mercado Las Palmas. Daddy Jack's Flea Mkt. Ignacia Gomez Flea Market. County Line Flea Market. Trading Post Flea Market. David R Raum Flea Mkt.

Fox Plaza Flea Market. Trader Bob Shops and Flea Market. Jesus Salvador-Avila Flea Mkt. Vikon Village Flea Market. Four Seasons Flea Mkt. Old Time Flea Market. Traders Village Grand Prairie. Treasure Chest Flea Market. Family Resort Flea Mkt. Galveston County Trade Days. Country Weekend Common Mkt.

Gulf Freeway Indoor Mkt. San Jacinto Common Market. Sin Ta Flea Market. SW Indoor Flea Market. Big Daddy's Traders Mkt. Cedar Village Flea Mkt.

Border Town Flea Market. Texas Ave Flea Market. Gun Barrel City Flea Mkt. Five Points Flea Market. Mineral Wells Flea Mkt. Twin Cities Flea Market. Texas Pickers 1st Sat. Texas Pickers 1st Saturday Antique Sale. RiverBend Too Flea Market. West Texas Flea Market. County Rd Flea Trade days in texas on 4th monday. Pipe Creek Flea Market. Old Towne Flea Market. WW White Flea Market. Eisenhauer Rd Flea Mkt.

Traders Village San Antonio. Los Gallos Trade days in texas on 4th monday Market. Marbach Plaza Flea Mkt. Maria A Gil Flea Market. Mission Open Air Market. Northwest Center Flea Mkt. Palo Alto Flea Market. Ralph J Bayer Flea Markets. San Benito Flea Market. The Price Center's 4th Flea. Fred Harvey Flea Mkt. Sinton St Flea Market. Old Sorehead Trade Days. Lions Club Outdoor Flea Market. Texas City Flea Market. North Beckham Flea Market.

Country Flea Market Victoria. Victoria Flea Market Inc. Price's Unlimited Flea Mkt. Treasure City Flea Market.

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First Monday's has grown from an event for farmers to market their wares to an event where armies of vendors sell a huge variety of items to thousands of shoppers in a shopping zone sprawling over hundreds of acres.

You would be correct. One of the arched "Canton First Monday" entries. This map shows only part of the Canton shopping area. The scooters come with handy carrying devices for your purchases and some even have built in tables enabling one to consume food without leaving the scooter.

The buildings are called Arbors. Including an assortment of rocking chairs. Fried Green Tomatoes is not just a movie. It is a Southern Delicacy. Fried Pies are as good as they sound with the best maybe being Apricot. Roasted Corn sounds, looks and smells better than it actually is. The owner of this eatery may have attended the same school as a certain former U. Texas size Burgers and Frito Pie. Here you can sample some popcorn while your peruse multiple guns for sale.

Outside the permanent buildings there are many more vendors. Like a garage sale on steroids. An oversized example of 'Southern Pride'. Many flags to choose from, including the U. Flag and the flag that represented the Confederate states, of which Texas was one.. Free rides on trolleys take weary walkers back to their cars. A lone big oak shades a small part of one of the large parking areas. Do you need Maps with good directions? The pictures were especially great combined with the comments.

There are just a couple points I thought I might bring up. Inside the east gate arch is the statue named The Trade. The map on the grounds you have pictured basically shows the original grounds, the city owned park and the Lewis pavilions. The event now covers near, if not over, acres, comprises over a dozen major areas, each owned and operated by different groups or entities and has over 28 miles of paths, aisles walkways etc.

You mentioned the buildings called the Arbors. Most are called pavilions or the trade centers such as trade center 1 through 4 and pavilion , , , Pavilions I, II, III and so on. There are also the areas like the Turners East Gate Marketplace, dog alley, the mountain, mill creek, and several others. Some such as the canton civic center and the canton marketplace are climate controlled. In addition to the free trolley there is also a man who uses what appears to be an extended golf cart to transport people back and forth between areas and does so for voluntary donations.

One of the most interesting attractions at the trade days is the old west town on the mountain. Where people dress the period and reenact gun fights Et Cetera. Are you planning a Texas Trip? You will find all the Texas Information you need by visiting one of the 12 Texas Travel Information Centers located at convenient locations throughout Texas. Since in a town in East Texas called Canton an event called First Mondays has occurred the weekend prior to the First Monday of each month.

You might guess from this photo that this visit to Canton First Monday Trade Days occurred the first weekend of December. This area looks like you've crossed into a shopping street in Mexico. You can get anything you need to furnish a house. Many eateries in one of the Arbors. Like the Monkey Crepe and the Purple Pig. The General Store of the Cowhill Express Coffee Company seems almost Starbuckian with its coffee selection and number of people buying coffee and something to dunk.

At Tubby's Grub you can get Fried Oreos among other nutritious fare. It is a wonder and a testament to how physically active Texans are that with all these fried temptations Texans somehow manage to stay off lists naming the Most Obese People in the U. Pork Kabobs and Cheese Fries.

I am Douglas Wolfe, owner and operator of 1stmonday.