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As Eddie wrote about the other day, a few of the writers and community trade review options yahoo fantasy football commissioner approve at Sports Fan 4 got together to create a Fantasy Football League. I was pumped to talk some friendly trash talk and take my Ninja Narwhals to the league championship. What I didn't expect was to have a commissioner who cheats! While talking it over with Josh a while trade review options yahoo fantasy football commissioner approve, he stated we'd be having a non-live draft, as everyone couldn't take part in a live draft.

And that's the last I heard of it until Josh called me up two Sundays ago asking why I wasn't in the live draft! Surprised that the draft was going on and that it had changed over to a live draft without warning, I jumped in at the 6th round to see that the computer had picked a decent trade review options yahoo fantasy football commissioner approve for me, but I would've done things a little differently [mostly not drafting Donovan McNabb] and wish I had been notified.

Figured it was a small communications hiccup, as the draft was announced in the forums, which I hadn't checked. While it's my responsibility to keep up to date with the league news, it's also the commissioner's responsibility to ensure all the owners are on the same page.

That and neglecting arguably the most important position in fantasy football, the running backs. At the time, it seemed Josh feel asleep at the keyboard, or had a unique strategy, as he didn't pick up any elite running backs and instead went with a few decent but not great backs.

All was quiet for a little while with the league, and then a monster trade rolled through the wire. Once I read this e-mail in my inbox, I immediately clicked on the veto button. Ricky Williams is at best a fantasy football backup and Jeremy Maclin is an unproven rookie who might, mightrack up some points but now is a risk. Even if both these players have breakout seasons, they'll still likely pale in comparison to the numbers Jones-Drew should produce week to week. Luckily, our league was set up with vetoing to prevent such unfair and highly suspicious trades.

After vetoing, I sent off an e-mail to the rest of the league and hit Facebook, Twitter and the phones to make sure the other owners were aware this trade was going down trade review options yahoo fantasy football commissioner approve to veto it. After the Draft Day drama, I didn't want to leave such a league altering trade to chance. At this point, Josh accused me and the rest of the owners of being a-holes and threatening to remove the veto power of the league if we didn't allow the trade to happen.

The majority of the other owners agreed with me on the trade's highly unbalanced nature and vetoed it as well. Note, the above image has been edited to remove irrelevant transactions. You can take a look at the full, un-edited, screen shotto see there's no screen shot shenanigans going on. There's nothing to prevent Josh from re-enabling the veto rule trade review options yahoo fantasy football commissioner approve prevent others from pushing such trades through.

With the above move, and especially considering the last point above, suddenly Josh's draft day decisions make a lot of sense. If you knew you had another team you could easily poach players from, well, it would certainly make for an odd draft day. The whole point of this league was to have fun. That fun is now dampened for me, as Josh injected a boatload of drama into the whole thing by unfairly helping himself via his role as a commissioner.

One final note, Josh went on to state that I was upset because this time I couldn't e-mail the whole league to get them to veto his unfair, unbalanced, suspicious trade. And you know what, he's right! Before Josh's rule change, we all had access to the same methods and were all on the same playing field. Anyone one of us could e-mail the league to promote our viewpoint. Now, Josh has all the power. The thing that really pisses me off is Josh accusing me of playing dirty by e-mailing the whole league something we could all do!

But, here's a nice guideline for how to be a good fantasy football commissionerin particular note this tip:. Trades can be a touchy subject. Most leagues allow the commissioner to set up trade reviews either by the commissioner or a league vote.

Both have their pros and cons. Most people who join in a public league prefer the league vote setting. The reason for this is fairly simple: And why should they?

Also, it is not usually considered fair that commissioners get to approve their own trade proposals. In the case of public leagues, it is a better idea to set up trade approval by a league vote.

People will feel much more comfortable with this. In leagues that you form with your own personal friends I prefer the commissioner approval setting. This can be helpful in that trades can get approved in a much quicker fashion since there is no two-day time limit. Just remember one thing though. If you want to keep those friends, you had better be fair.

In my eyes, it's cheating by the commissioner, plain and simple. But what do you think? Did the commissioner cheat? Thanks to skipgo shannon for the cheat photo. Still, conspiracies are fun so I left the post as is. He has commented on my site a couple times and keeps me coming back here. In my league, it is Commish decision and should be if it being run by someone who knows what they are doing but that decision has to be made before the season or at least not while trade review options yahoo fantasy football commissioner approve trade is up in the air.

Also, your note to the league IS justified. Worse than it being mid-trade, the trade review options yahoo fantasy football commissioner approve was actually rejected by the league, then vetoing was turned off, and then the trade was re-done and of course sailed right on through. My main objections are the same as yours, no league vote on a rule change after the league started up.

If there was no veto from the start, no problem. If we had a vote, no problem. And for the record, I like Josh too. Thank you both for your opinions. I ask not to instigate, but to figure out if we all think the same thing and are trade review options yahoo fantasy football commissioner approve calling it different terms. In my eyes, cheating is when someone either breaks the rules e. To be clear, me and Josh are still friends, and I think everyone else in the league is still on friendly terms and having fun with the league.

That the league players abused the meaning of the veto in order to prevent a team from acquiring a player that would possibly make his team better than theirs. The fear of losing made people reject a trade that two parties were willing to make.

We used the veto to prevent a trade that exchanged a great player for two scrubs. I think Josh knew that that lopsided trade would get vetoed every time so did what he thought he was allowed to do as commish. You can accept, reject or counter this offer by going to your team page if you do not see detail about this trade on the page, then it has been cancelled by the manager who originally proposed it.

Once caught cheating he disabled all members from any form of chat or E-Mail. Recently he disabled everyones ability to change their line up or add remove players except for himself obviously. I have send numerous E-Mails over the past 3 weeks to Yahoo concerning this matter; however they have not contacted me or addressed the situation. I will not utilize Yahoo Fantasy Sports in the future or endorse their services due to them not getting involved and resolving this situation.

Everyone in my league except the commissioner is extremely frustrated over this situation and it appears that Yahoo would rather have one person happy rather than numerous happy customers. Dont know how i stumbled on this, but this guy Josh is a complete cheater, and expletive.

Go f yourself jackass. I absolutely believe that everyone is entitled to their opinion. I also understand what I did could be considered a dirty move by turning off the veto. I edited your comment for content to fit the type of site we run here. Do not be discouraged from speaking your mind, just please attempt to monitor the language. Take a look at trade review options yahoo fantasy football commissioner approve Randy Moss trade for a real life example.

Having said that, the stats are super titled here. Look for them to try to make more trades this week after the games. Trade review options yahoo fantasy football commissioner approve i just stumbled onto this page because of a recent indiscretion with my comissioner which wasnt cheating, but was close to it. However from reading all of this heres what i see. Josh you changed the rules without asking your league to vote on it and you immediately were benefited from the rule change.

You also stated that you didnt think a trade review options yahoo fantasy football commissioner approve vote was necesarry. Well who the [expletive] cares what you think? You dont get to decide that, thats why theres a league vote. What you did was see a way to abuse your power and get what you want with complete disregard for the rules and of your fellow managers. Here are a few of the definitons of cheating from the dictionary.

So enough said you cheated, and the fact that with all of this evidence being stacked up in front of you you wont admit you cheated just speaks to the kind of person you are.

Thanks for the warm words Don. And as I have stated multiple times. It was wrong what I did. I have taken responsibility for my actions and admitted that it was a scumbag move. Please make sure you complete you research before attacking someone integrity in the future.

But again, take a look from my perspective where myself and another manager wanted to make a trade that we were both interested in yet the league revoked it to keep themselves safe from defeat. I know this thread is old but i was searching for the real intent behind trade veto and stumbled upon this. First i think Josh was wrong for turning off veto power to approve his own trade.

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