My 27 Percent Weekly Options Strategy

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He said that in Class Number 2 there will be a rule based credit spread system to be used as a guide for trading pure credit spreads. As many of you know, Trade weekly options pdf download recommend keeping an eye on the Capital Discussions community. A while back I ran across a presentation by Ali Pashaei on directional options trading and I added Ali to my list of people to follow.

In other words, he starts with an objective view of market activity and looks for opportunities rather than just taking a DTE trade. Ali has been actively trading options sinceconsiders Charles Cottle a mentor, and successfully manges his own and family money.

Ali recently presented a trade that uses a weekly short put in SPY as the foundation. However, the adjustments to the trade go beyond the typical rolling and hoping things rebound.

Ali will be teaching a course that takes place over three Saturdays beginning June 4th to cover the trade, adjustments, position sizing, and more. The CBOE has several papers on put selling strategies and there are now multiple indexes to track various strategies. The strategy Ali is teaching is built around selling weekly puts in SPY. However, rather than simply roll or close positions, Ali is defending the puts using various adjustments including rolling, vertical spreads, and butterflies.

The goal is more to recognize opportunities and how those opportunities change as the market moves. There is a PDF document linked below where you can see a sample trade. The trade takes place earlier this year where SPY traded down from around to as shown in the image below. The trade began as a short weekly put paired with a vertical spread as shown in the risk graph below. As the market moved lower, the trade was adjusted with other vertical spreads and rolling to result in a trade weekly options pdf download like the one shown below.

To see the strategy in action you can download a sample trade PDF here: This post exists primarily to make you aware of the upcoming course that Ali will be teaching. I receive no compensation for telling you about his course.

My motivation for telling you about the course is that I believe the information that Ali will be presenting is high level with a different approach to options trading than we typically see.

There are several different pricing structures for the course. The links below take you to the trade weekly options pdf download pages. More information on the payment options and the trade weekly options pdf download content is shown towards the end of the Capital Discussions video.

EST and the course will be recorded. EST and both courses will be recorded. I have not tried this strategy since it requires a lot of margin. Thanks for letting us know. It sounds trade weekly options pdf download interesting. I will read the pdf document and see what I can learn. The PDF is interesting and will give you some clues. The different approach is one of the things I thought was unique and worth sharing.

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