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No live data or feeds are trading groups on whatsapp and all information is historic only. Information is provided for ease of understanding for the purpose of learning. Accuracy of definitions etc is not mantained. Our Telegram Channel is at https: Our WhatsApp Group is at https: The contents and rules for both Telegram and WhatsApp will be same. If the WhatsApp group is full, consider joining in the Telegram channel. This is trading groups on whatsapp private group of investors to learn and share trading and investing ideas in equities and mutual funds with a medium to long term investing view.

We discuss investing ideas and themes in regard to investing and such related strategies for those who can take high degree of risk. We do not encourage intraday trading, delivery investments, futures and options because they are very risky for small retail investors like us.

We are absolutely not into currency, commodity trading or bitcoin-type crypto currency investments. Request members to restrict the discussions to these topics only. We are not here to get-rich-quick. We learn in the academic sense and invest our hard earned money with a long term perspective. Do not send any non-market related posts such as chain messages, spam, marketing or commercial messages such as 4g connections, airline tickets etc.

Do not send inspirational or religious images, greetings, jokes, political or defamatory criticism, attachments or even market related junk. Do not post anything in the group unless trading groups on whatsapp is important. Post only those messages that create value to members. Reduce unnecessary messages in the group so that quality messages are easier to find and read. Do not post any "Good morning" or "Good night". No blank messages and "like" symbols.

Silent members will not be removed from the group but chatter boxes will be removed. We are a focused group of traders and investors. Some expert members in the group will give ideas, views, recommendations or opinions in regard to companies and investment themes. We presume they are duly qualified to give such calls. We do not have any screening procedure for the same. The trading groups on whatsapp, its admins or members should not be held responsible trading groups on whatsapp the consequences that arise from such messages.

Some members of the group are new to markets. All calls given should be supported by some views as to why the call is given. This helps group members to learn. Admis of the group will never share any call or give any recommendation. The decision of trading or investments in response to a call given by any trading groups on whatsapp is up to you and you are totally and finally responsible for the decision you take.

You should not hold the person who gave the call or view to be liable for the profits or trading groups on whatsapp that might arise from your investment decision. The profits and losses that come will be totally yours and you should not hold the person liable.

Please be patient when some other member acts weired or out of mood. Empathy and patience are very important traits. Respect views given by others. If you do not like it, just do not follow it and ignore their messages. Healthy debating is good but do not enter into arguments or use abusive words.

Time is precious and important, particularly during market hours. Hence, use the group for market related talk only during market hours. Analysis and reviews can best be done after-market hours. Learning happens when you share. Please ask questions and share your opinions. Do not hesitate to ask any question you have, even if it is a small or silly it.

Our philosophy is that when a question is asked, it makes everyone think. And when a question is being answered, it help everyone get a new perspective on the topic. We are not a commercial group.

All services in the group shall be free of cost. We are here with a service motive - To help each other. If any member is found promoting or doing any commercial activity directly or indirectly, they will be removed from the group. Posting links to external groups such as other WhatsApp groups or Telegram groups is not allowed. You will be liable to be removed from the group if you do it.

Members are prohibited from changing group name and group icon. Only admins will change them as appropriate. Admins reserves the right to delete any post that is inappropriate to the group or remove any erratic or suspicious member without notice. They also reserve the right to change the group rules trading groups on whatsapp the best interest of the group.

Because of time and message typing constrains, it might not be possible for members who give tips or recommendations to give a disclosure.

Members trading groups on whatsapp requested to note that it is safe to assume that the member who gave the view or shared the tip, his friends, relatives or clients might already be having a holding or might have recommended the security that is being discussed. It is safe to assume that the admins, trading groups on whatsapp members of this group, including myself, are not certified professionals.

If you are not serious about investing or feel the group is not suitable to you, you are free to exit the group. Your continued presence will mean that wish to continue and adhere to the group rules as amended from time to time in the best interest of the group at large. There are two social media resources that might be intereting to you.

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