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April 04, I worked on an improvement of my script to find LibreOffice extension and template projects that are in the review state private and never made it to the review queue.

Maybe some of the authors have forgotten about their projects or have other issues with the publication process. In my last post I wrote about the most recent fight against spammers. Luckily The Document Foundation had very seldom problems with human vandals, but this seems to change slowly.

Since a few months a person maybe a group up to five person try to increase the version number for the next major release to 7. Many involved persons in the wiki team do not understand the obsession to increase a stupid number. Moreover we do not understand the sense in increasing the version number without having an important reason or new features in the product, that justifies a version bump.

The problem with these kind of vandalism is that the manual work to revert and delete the stuff can be incredible high. For that reason many related pages e. The whole project tries to be open as possible and tries not to create unnecessary barriers for new users. For the case this persons reads this post, feel free to response here or in the wikibut do not increase our workload for reverting stuff. In the last few weeks the amount of spam and thus the workload for the active admins K-J, fitoschido, Eric, myself got high for deleting spam and blocking these accounts.

The result of our new AbuseFilter 67 are impressive:. If that happens and the actual spammer show that they do not read or at least do not hit save again then the user gets automatically blocked. We — TDF wiki admins — do follow edits see screenshot above which got prevented by this filter and check for false positives.

March 27, Document Freedom Day was first celebrated on 26 March Document Freedom Day is a campaign about open standards and document formats, aimed at non-technical people. Open Standards ensure document interoperability, a pre-condition for knowledge sharing amongst individuals. Document freedom addresses much more than just texts and spreadsheets, as it is about the control of any kind of digital data, which should be stored in open and standard ways to empower knowledge sharing by users.

On the contrary, most digital data is normally stored in proprietary and closed formats, which constrain and manipulate users at enormous cost. In fact, documents that are not free are locked to some particular software or company.

Open Standards are essential for interoperability and freedom of choice, based on the merits of software applications. They provide freedom from data lock-in and the subsequent uno media solutions limited doing business as binary unodate posted june 10 2016 lock-in. This makes Open Standards essential for governments, companies, organisations and individual users of information technology. Open Standards must be:. Open Document Standard ODFthe native document format of LibreOffice and many more software applications, is the only Open Standard available in the domain of personal productivity for organizations and individuals.

March 26, March 25, Last week the new help system — online and offline — received enhancements to add multimedia and other resources for a richer user experience of LibreOffice Help.

The new help can now access external videos stored in You Tube or similar services and also to open or download OpenDocument files to support the textual explanations of LibreOffice features in the help pages. LibreOffice Help pages will continue to have text contents and external videos shall be used to support this contents and will not replace it.

Imagine the situation where a user need help on Calc pivot tables. Besides the existing help pages on the subject, a companion tutorial video can be linked in the page to further explain pivot tables with uno media solutions limited doing business as binary unodate posted june 10 2016 and different wording. If well produced, the external video stored in a video service server can even display captions in the user language, although it depends on the browser language settings, the video file service host and the video production.

Actually, production of good multimedia contents in general is not a light task. A good video tutorial requires advanced often professional techniques and skills, and our users will appreciate quality and effectiveness of the videos. Normally good videos are short — less than 2 minutes — have a direct communication with the user and must be rendered in low resolutions monitors. The new help also has OpenDocument files available for download in the help pages.

The purpose of the companion files is to offer uno media solutions limited doing business as binary unodate posted june 10 2016 the Help user a working case of the feature or a starting point for a bigger work around the feature. Adding Help contents for LibreOffice is not an easy task. Poor multimedia or companion files can turn into counterproductive resources. Are you interested in helping us to make our Help a rich experience? Do you want to improve our help contents?

Join the Documentation Team! For more information on how to add files or external videos, visit our wiki page. March 24, March 23, This is extremely important for the growth of the LibreOffice ecosystem.

Technical details about the release can be found in the change logs: LibreOffice users, free software advocates and community members can support The Document Foundation with a donation at https: Donations help TDF to maintain its infrastructure, share knowledge, and fund the presence of volunteers at events like LibreOffice Conference, where they can meet with free software advocates coming from all over the world.

The free and open source software world is known for being inclusive and open: In the LibreOffice community, we value the input from experienced community members who bring valuable knowledge and ideas to the table. Today we talk to Italo Vignoli, who has been with LibreOffice since day one and is responsible for marketing and public relations. He describes what led him to open source, along with the challenges and opportunities in marketing LibreOffice. Your background is probably a bit unusual in the free software world.

Why did you decide to become an advocate for free software and OpenOffice. Then, in I stumbled on OpenOffice. I was completely new to open source software, but I decided to learn. During I started trying to understand the community, and then — in early — I sent a message to the leaders of the Italian NLP Native Language Project and the marketing project, offering my help to raise the awareness of OpenOffice.

I met the OpenOffice. Thirteen years have gone by since that time, and I still have the same uno media solutions limited doing business as binary unodate posted june 10 2016 and motivation to be part of a community that changes the world of software. What was your background beforehand — and what led you into open source? I was born inso I am I have always been extremely curious, and this has helped me in going beyond my background in humanities.

In fact, after my degree in human geography, I started working at the Italian Touring Club as editor-in-chief of the cartographic department. At the same time, I was volunteering as an assistant professor of geography at Uno media solutions limited doing business as binary unodate posted june 10 2016 State University, and a journalist covering metropolitan areas development in Europe.

I soon discovered a passion for information technology which I could not even suspect, given my background and my lack of understanding of mathematics. Having worked as global marketing director for peripherals and UNIX computers, I realized that communications of high-technologies was my dream job. So, in I left the company to join a large Italian PR agency, and worked with several agencies throughout my career path.

Having founded two own agencies before, these days I work as a freelancer and helped several international companies to set up or grow their operations in Uno media solutions limited doing business as binary unodate posted june 10 2016. InI started to volunteer with OpenOffice. I first helped to shape the certification project, and then I have focused on marketing and PR since late I spend most of my time behind a desk, studying products and related topics like standard formats, interacting with journalists, monitoring online articles and comments, drafting documents, creating presentations, managing budgets, dealing with local communities, and handling daily tasks.

Like many who are active in the community, I also deal with a large number of emails and messages, as I am subscribed to most project mailing lists and Telegram groups. This is time consuming, but it is also a very good way of interacting with native language communities, which are often faced by different issues based on local language, culture and legislation.

One of my objectives for the next few years is to attend more events, to strengthen the links between the core team and the native language communities. I love travelling with my wife to discover geographies I have never visited, but I love free and open source software, so I also spend lots of my free time attending conferences or local community meetings, to speak about open source software, open standards and — of course — LibreOffice.

What is your personal perspective about the LibreOffice project? LibreOffice is the dream of the community turned into reality: History forced the community to reconsider the situation and it turned out it was the right time for a paradigm shift: In Septemberwe did not realize that we were writing a new chapter of the open source history. Today, we are fully conscious of the fact that The Document Foundation and LibreOffice are key assets of the open source ecosystem, and as such share a huge responsibility.

It is also the first open source program used to replace the proprietary counterpart in enterprises and public administrations. So, the first challenge is to keep up with the expectations of stakeholders: The second challenge is to keep the ball rolling, major release after major release.

LibreOffice is constantly improving, adding new features and improving the existing ones, and getting rid of some rough corners inherited from OpenOffice. Last, but not least, we have the responsibility of educating public administrations and enterprises, and even individual users, about the advantages of open document formats for interoperability.

Unfortunately, this is not an easy task, as the majority of people underestimates the importance of the topic and has not been educated about interoperability.

When we launched the project in late Septemberwe told the media that our dream would have been to reach million users in After seven years, we are on track.

What is your opinion about TDF achievements? Is there anything we could have achieved if…? Of course, we could have done even more to grow the community since the first day.

Especially during our initial setup phase, though, our resources were limited and we had to balance between bootstrapping the foundation, improving the product and communicating to raise the awareness. From the results we uno media solutions limited doing business as binary unodate posted june 10 2016 been getting during the last couple of years in term of community development, I think that it uno media solutions limited doing business as binary unodate posted june 10 2016 the right decision, as we managed uno media solutions limited doing business as binary unodate posted june 10 2016 establish the brand and raise the awareness to keep the flow of downloads and donations which has been key, so far, to support the different activities, including the growth of the community.

Are you contributing to other open source projects?

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