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Use Explorer to find the file you want to compare the current file to. Select the file and press Shift-RightClick. Posted by Dave in Software No Comments. This is a 6-degree-of-freedom controller that lets you fly around in Google Earth effortlessly. It works better if you glue it to your desk with some double-sided sticky tape.

Unfortunately, if you also have a joystick — any joystick — attached to your Windows box, Google Earth will take input from both v4l2loopback options trading once — which makes control impossible from the SpaceNavigator.

I used to deal with it by unplugging the joystick USB, or by disabling the joystick v4l2loopback options trading Device Manager, but I found a better way. Start up Google Earth. Then turn it off. I really want somebody to finish porting OpenCV to Python 3. Somebody needs to build an online platform that will let me make an offer like that — finish the port, get my money. Surely there are other people who share this goal — probably many of them are also willing to kick in something to make it happen.

The platform should allow me to set a goal with clearly-defined criteria for success, and then aggregate v4l2loopback options trading rewards offered by everyone who signs on to the goal.

Developers looking to make some money could pick a goal, accomplish it, and collect the reward. Whoever sets up the platform analogous to Kickstarter, Indiegogo, etc. I think millions of people would do that upon reading about a hero in a news story, if it was as easy as clicking on her name and entering the dollar amount. So, go do it. Posted by Dave in ElectronicsSoftware 3 Comments.

Harmony is extremely heavyweight. For example, the PDF documentation is pages long. Often there will be 1 or 2 lines of code here and there separated by hundreds of lines of comments. So I wrote the below Python script. Given a folder, it will walk thru every file and replace all the.

In March I posted the below to the nsg-d mailing listfrom which it was forwarded to a few other lists and engendered some discussion. For now, here is my post, with only very minor corrections:.

The problem of copyright is particularly relevant to nanotechnology, if you think molecular assemblers are eventually going to be practical. Once you have assemblers, physical goods have very little value, and intellectual property becomes a relatively much larger component of the economy.

In the beginning, before the invention of v4l2loopback options trading printing press, copyright was not an issue because there was no way to copy information in a way that was inexpensive enough to be economically viable. Such information as was copied was transferred mainly by word-of-mouth. Since anyone could v4l2loopback options trading this at any time, there was no practical way v4l2loopback options trading regulate or charge for the distribution of information, even if someone had thought of doing so.

To the extent that payment was associated with information distribution, it was performance-based. Authors or readers might pay a scribe to make a copy, storytellers or entertainers might receive something in exchange for a performance, but there was no restriction on the retelling, copying, or further transfer of information other than that which could be achieved by simply keeping information secret.

It worked reasonably well because making copies was difficult. Making a copy of a book or a phonograph record required a lot of capital equipment and labor, and was economical only in large volumes. Therefore the number of v4l2loopback options trading who could make copies practically speaking was limited, and therefore fairly easy to police. With the advent of Xerox machines, audio tape recorders, and VCRs, copying became easier and cheaper. In many cases an illicit copy could be made for less than the cost of purchasing a licensed copy from a copyright holder.

This is when the copyright system began to break down. Copies v4l2loopback options trading be made for friends and passed around by hand. Still, the amount of damage to the copyright system was limited, because of the limited distribution abilities of those doing the copying, and because the copying itself still required some v4l2loopback options trading of capital and labor. A typical copier might make one or a few copies for friends and acquaintances, but still could not practically engage in mass distribution.

The Internet changed v4l2loopback options trading this. With universal connectivity and broadband capacity, individuals could distribute copied works easily and almost cost-free. Low-cost computers removed labor from the process. The traditional merits of the copyright system started failing in a serious way. The difference is that today large industries v4l2loopback options trading formed to produce creative content, and society v4l2loopback options trading benefited tremendously from this.

These creators need to be paid or otherwise rewardedsomehow. Yet the copyright system as we have known it seems increasingly unable to do the job. The fundamental problem of the copyright system is the implication that a consumer must pay some fixed amount v4l2loopback options trading a copy of v4l2loopback options trading work, but the cost of reproducing the work is essentially zero. I refer to the marginal cost to produce an additional copy; not the cost of creating the work in the first place.

This represents a dead loss to society to the consumer. The amount of loss is the value of the work to the consumer, less the nearly zero reproduction cost of the work. But this loss was far less than the loss today on the Internet, because the cost of printing v4l2loopback options trading a significant fraction of the price of the book — v4l2loopback options trading relatively few readers found themselves valuing the book in the narrow range between printing cost and sales price.

On the Internet, the reproduction cost is approximately zero, so if a consumer places any non-zero value on a work there is a loss to society, unless v4l2loopback options trading value is greater than the sales price.

If we could come up with a replacement for or reform of the copyright system that eliminated this loss, while still incenting creators to create, that would be an immense win for society. In practical terms, copyright has become unenforceable. Yet there is a strong social benefit to be captured if, despite these facts, creators can somehow be paid or otherwise rewarded for creating useful or desirable works. The remainder is a list of half-baked ideas that I no longer support.

Taxes are collected in the amount that now goes to all copyright creating industries publishing, film, music, software, etc. These taxes are levied without regard to consumption of content. Have you ever had a huge complicated folder tree with thousands of files buried layers deep in folders-within-folders?

And wanted to flatten them out so all the files are in a single folder, but without filename collisions that is, lots of files with the same name? Posted by Dave in SoftwareVideo telecommunication 1 Comment.

A few posts back I was trying to get Linux to record and play video at the same time. My stupid video capture device grabs both interlaced fields of SDTV and composes them into a single frame.

My laptop does it easily in real time. And I learned enough to do it after just 20 minutes reading the Numpy tutorial. Then, I decided I could do better — instead of just doubling the even lines, I could interpolate between them to produce the odd-numbered lines as the average of the even-numbered lines above and below:. Your phone company Vonage, Google V4l2loopback options trading, the PTT, whatever would provide you with two numbers — a public one to be given out and a private one known only to the phone company.

When people call the public number, the service provider phone company would prompt for the extension or password, whatever. V4l2loopback options trading the caller gives the correct one, the call is forwarded to your private number. If not, to voicemail. It would be trivial to implement in a modern SIP or H.

And they v4l2loopback options trading charge for the service. Posted by Dave in SoftwareVideo telecommunication 3 Comments. The mplayer FAQ says you can do it this way:. I found a way that sort of works. This works by running mplayer to send the live video to the screen full screenthen running avconv at the same time to grab the video v4l2loopback options trading off the display -f x11grab and encode it.

I even asked on Stack Overflow and have exactly zero responses after a day. So I gave up on that. He suggested that the info needed to update the pygame code to do v4l2loopback options trading is hereand the source code is here. Another idea I had was to just buy a different USB video capture device, that works with the default input 0 and norm. Not only that, but I finally found out v4l2loopback options trading to get avconv to v4l2loopback options trading video4linux2 correctly and maybe also for ffmpeg.

Posted by Dave in ElectronicsSoftware 5 Comments. OpenSCAD has a simple but v4l2loopback options trading IDE, so you can try things interactively at the keyboard — just type some commands, mash F5, and see the result instantly.

Once your 3D model is rendered, you can use the IDE to zoom in and out and look at your model from any angle. If you want a part v4l2loopback options trading be tall enough to cover 9 other parts, just get the dimensions of the other parts, add them up in your script and feed the result in as the height value. That way, if you resize one part of your model, all the other parts that depend on it for their own size and position automatically get adjusted to compensate.

If you want something centered with v4l2loopback options trading to some dimension, just take the dimension and divide it by 2 to get the proper position! Gives you a v4l2loopback options trading prism with the given width, height and depth.

Or they can be program variables, which you can pass to a module and whose values you can compute. There are commands to translate, mirror, and rotate objects or groups of objectsand you can v4l2loopback options trading colors and transparency to them but not textures, yet anyway. All the basic arithmetic and trigonometry functions are there to help you compute sizes, positions, and angles.

And you can construct objects by any combination of adding or subtracting primitives rectangular prisms, cylinders, spheres, and polyhedrons. The x, y, z inputs to the module give the position where the base should be. It also prints the output:. Which gives me v4l2loopback options trading dimensions I need to cut to make the base. The print formatting abilities of the script language are minimal, but adequate for this purpose.

Here is the first part of my final script — it gives you an idea of how I calculated the dimensions of parts:.

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Our monthly meetings are hosted by: Warren Jasper Our Hack Nights are hosted by: Brian's Hub 3D Printing. Hosting for TriLUG's infrastructure is provided by. How to Give a Tech Talk Presenters: Thursday, 14th May, 7pm pizza from 6. The parking decks and Oval Drive street parking are free after 5pm Map: Giving a tech talk can seem daunting.

Come get some tips and tricks from folks who have done it before. This presentation will be a panel discussion about how to give a technical presentation. Panelists Brian Gerard, Daniel Farrell, Jason Hibbets, Sandi Metz, and Chris Collins will join us to talk about how they prepare to give a presentation, what to do and avoid during a presentation, how they handle questions from the crowd, and other aspects of presenting. After eight years developing abuse defenses for Yahoo!

Jason Hibbets is a senior community evangelist in Corporate Marketing at Red Hat where he is a community manager for Opensource. He has been with Red Hat since and is the author of The foundation for an open source city.

Prior roles include senior marketing specialist, project manager, Red Hat Knowledgebase maintainer, and support engineer. Sandi Metz , author of "Practical Object-Oriented Design in Ruby", believes in simple code and straightforward explanations. She prefers working software, practical solutions and lengthy bicycle trips not necessarily in that order and consults and teaches and speaks on all things OOP. Chris Collins began working for Duke in , and became a systems administrator with the Duke Office of Information Technology's Linux team in As a technical lead and tech enthusiast, he teaches introductory and intermediate courses and workshops to a wide variety of audiences around campus, and regularly gives presentations highlighting new projects and technologies.

Thursday, 12th March , 7pm - 9pm 6: Jeremy will provide an overview of how the Performance Engineering group at Red Hat approaches performance analysis, show specific examples of testing methods that produced interesting results, and show how they are able to performance-tune infrastructure in the field using tools like tuned. You will leave with a new appreciation for how many knobs and levers are available in the Linux kernel, and understanding how a practical approach to performance tuning can have a big impact on every-day deployments.

Jeremy Eder is a Principal Software Engineer and Network Performance Lead at Red Hat Inc, where he specializes in measurement and analysis of kernel-related performance metrics, and using that analysis to guide performance-tuning of real-world infrastructure. Improve your Editing Life with Vim Presenter: Thursday, 8th January , 7pm pizza from 6. Jack's Slides PDF or git repo. I spend a large fraction of my time editing text, and am always on the lookout for things that will make the experience more enjoyable.

In this talk, we will take a tour of the vim editor from how to use it and straight forward configuration options to arbitrary programming and scripting. While investigating these features, we will look at then through the lens of how they change your daily editing lives.

There are, of course, other editors, and we will take a lightning tour of the other options. His is also a member of the Steering Committee, and is passionate about Free software, storage, and Haskell. When not thinking about computers, he cares about Catholicism, trains, and ultimate frisbee. Thursday, December 11, 6: Red Hat, E. People should gather in the Red Hat Lobby on the ground floor where they will be escorted up to the 8th floor.

Free Parking is available in the Red Hat Building as long as you enter after 7pm. This parking lot has designated Accessible Parking spaces and elevators down to the main lobby.

On street parking is free after 6pm. Please RSVP using the above form so we can pre-authorize building security. This will also enable us to budget food and space. Food will be catered from Neomonde , as well as side dishes and treats contributed by our members.

Demos Share your passion by bringing a project or product to show off. As we get more demos we'll try to keep the list up to date!

If you want some inspiration, have a look at the demos from previous years: If you would like to setup your demo early, please meet in the ground floor lobby at 6pm. Thursday, 13th November , 7pm pizza from 6. The domain of financial record keeping could greatly benefit from new open source projects that provide accounting software solutions for the small to medium enterprise. The current offerings don't fulfill contemporary requirements, are often buggy and moribund in the maintenance of the code base, or are intractable to implement without extensive commitment from third party developers.

Quickbooks Online and Xero accounting will be held up as representative targets from the commercial world that the open source community should pursue with competitive products and frameworks. The talk will delve into GnuCash and other open source offerings, showing their strengths and weaknesses in today's world. Eric is not an accountant, he is a bookkeeper. He has been using Quickbooks for over 17 years in a wide range of industries, but he is drawn to Python and Open Source for some strange reason.

I think he would prefer to give it all up and go back to theater set design, but such is life. ASGN , provides organizations with scalable IT staffing solutions to address critical gaps in their current workforce and augment workforce management strategies. We specialize in providing IT professionals for contract, contract-to-hire, direct placement, and managed solutions to clients in Fortune , mid-market, and emerging companies.

Our specialized technology and industry practice groups help us match the most talented and qualified technical professionals to great companies across the country. To view our current job openings and join our Talent Network, visit itcareers. Skip to main content. You are here Home. Who's online There are currently 0 users online. Gold Sponsors Our monthly meetings are hosted by: Box Raleigh, NC Read more about May 14 Meeting: How to Give a Tech Talk. Performance Analysis Submitted by bfarrow on 24 February - 1: Read more about Meeting 12 March: Read more about January 8 Meeting: Improve your Editing Life with Vim.

We do not have permission to have alcohol at the Red Hat building, so please don't bring any. Refer back to this page to see the list of demos as they come in. Read more about December 11 Meeting: Read more about Meeting 13 November: The State of Open Source Bookkeeping.