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Thursday, April 19, Webinar archive thursday 7th march 2013 Light detection webinar archive thursday 7th march 2013 ranging, or lidar, used in UAV and aerial surveying can create a high-accuracy dense terrain model. An efficient and cost-effective 3D surveying and mapping method, it can aid greatly in a range of survey, construction, infrastructure maintenance and many other projects.

Presented with current case studies. Jonathan Adams is Federal Aviation Administration part certificated remote pilot with sUAS rating, using UAVs webinar archive thursday 7th march 2013 expedite and enhance the work of a growing surveying and engineering firm. Roman Kathofer President, Frontier Geomatics.

Roman Kathofer is president of Frontier Geomatics and an operations executive with more than 20 years of international experience in the technical support services of civilian and military geomatics and aerospace industries.

Jeff Fagerman is a professional surveyor and certified photogrammetrist. Fagerman is founder and owner of Lidar USA. Inthe main corporate focus became mobile lidar aboard UAVs. Thursday, May 17, Time: The Internet of Things IoT is the world of interconnected devices. It includes smart cities, connected vehicles, smart homes, wearables, enterprise and healthcare solutions. The magnitude of growth forecast in connected devices is staggering: It will dwarf the number of smartphones.

Fergus Noble is co-founder and CTO of Swift Navigation, where he spearheads futuristic planning and focuses on technology strategy and architecture. Nobile will highlight the benefits of integrating a cloud corrections service with high-precision GNSS receivers.

He also will provide an understanding for users of GPS about how high-precision GNSS receivers benefit from a cloud corrections service, including high-precision results in seconds and increased geographic range.

Janice was a twice-elected member of the board of directors of the E Institute, which supports the work of the U. Janice is a frequent speaker at mobile and location industry events. Janice Partyka is principal of JGP Services, a consulting practice that helps companies with marketing strategy, including investigating new markets, ensuring product roadmaps match market needs.

She also works as an expert witness for the mobile industry and conducts searches for patent cases. You can download the following webinars that have already taken place. Simply follow the link in the headline to the registration form. Once filled out, you will be able to launch the presentation. Webinars older than six months are available on our YouTube channel. Content Marketing Webinar Truth on the Ground is Best Seen from the Air How aerial imagery is propelling government and commercial organizations to higher levels of operational efficiency Broadcast Date: With Aerial photography and instant access to current 2.

The position, velocity and attitude solution can be smoothed and output at the required data rate and in the coordinate frame required. This process also provides the ability to assess the solution reliability and accuracy. Though the accuracies are great and the encrypted signal is resistant to spoofing, its weak signal is very susceptible to jamming.

August 31, Brought to you by: Special guest speakers Derrick T. Reish of Laser Technology, Inc. Editorial Webinar Prepare for tomorrow: Find vulnerabilities today Simulation against jamming and spoofing Broadcast Date: July 20, On Demand Available Until: July 20, Brought to you by: Performing these simulations requires advanced systems that are capable of simulating multiple code types multi-GNSS, encrypted signals, and more while simultaneously simulating jamming signals.

June 15, On Demand Available Until: June 15, Brought to you by: Our expert speakers will share insights into GNSS augmentations, including technology that thwarts jamming, eLoran for timing, and using beacons indoors. May 25, On Demand Available Until: Using a zero-code enterprise app platform, you can create, build and deploy your custom mobile app for any industry or workflow in minutes.

April 20, On Demand Available Until: April 20, Brought to you by: The webinar will focus on the ease of sensor integration aboard a flying platform, and its use for commercial purposes. March 23, On Demand Available Until: March 23, Brought to you by: However, all cases and possible scenarios should be tested for all GNSS equipment. This webinar focuses on fundamentals of good multi-constellation testing, case studies on specific signal simulation projects and special considerations for multi-constellation performance.

Editorial Webinar Signal Interference: Detection and Mitigation Broadcast Date: As the number of GNSS signals being tracked increases, webinar archive thursday 7th march 2013 does the potential for interference to dismiss the performance gains of using those additional signals. To maximize performance and webinar archive thursday 7th march 2013, prepared PNT users need their equipment to be able to detect when interference is present and mitigate webinar archive thursday 7th march 2013.

Developers, integrators and users need mitigation tools to protect and preserve GNSS measurement quality, maintaining high-quality multi-frequency multi-constellation positioning performance, even webinar archive thursday 7th march 2013 challenging RF environments.

This is essential particularly on the integration journey, especially during prototyping and when encountering unforeseen interference events in field testing, in order to produce fully successful integrated products. Those vulnerabilities include RF interference, atmospheric effects, jamming and spoofing. All cases should be tested for all GNSS equipment, not solely those whose applications or cargoes might draw criminal or terrorist attention, but because jamming or spoofing directed at another target can still affect any receiver in the vicinity.

The webinar covers the role of GPS products and services in maintaining the cybersecurity of national and global infrastructures; cyber threats to GPS itself, and products and services to combat them; authenticatable signals for anti-spoof and proof of location; and the role of timing in cybersecurity and securing network time services against attacks.

Editorial Webinar Lasers, Cameras and More: July 28, Brought to you by: Field data collection and mapping is booming, and the demand for accuracy and data richness is constantly increasing.

Speakers discuss new positioning challenges, which are met by a range of sensors complementing GNSS: Editorial Webinar Connected Car: Cutting edge research aimed at implementing connected car and driverless car technology Original Broadcast Date: June 16, Brought to you by: Connected cars and V2X — connectivity between vehicles and infrastructure — lie around the next bend in the road.

Extensive research and development have prepared these revolutionary concepts for implementation very soon. GPS World and our panel of expert presenters discuss recent developments in Webinar archive thursday 7th march 2013 technology; the role of GNSS and potential challenges in accuracy, reliability, jamming and spoofing ; advanced driver assistance systems ADASand potential regulations and aftermarket devices.

May 19, Brought to you by: In this webinar, speakers will engage you in discussions involving self-generated radio-frequency interference aboard UAVs; an autonomous relative navigation tool for in-air UAV refueling; sensor integration for a UAV designed for industrial environments; and considerations for multi-GNSS integration onto UAV platforms.

April 14, Brought to you by: March 31, Brought to you by: Williams Associates; and James L. Wright, Range Generation Next. Editorial Webinar Signal Simulation and Testing: Thursday, March 10, Brought to you by: Our expert panel will cover fundamentals for good testing, case studies on specific signal simulation projects and special considerations for multi-constellation performance.

Editorial Webinar Antenna Applications: February 18, Brought to you by: Our expert panel will discuss the use of RF detection system-equipped UAV jammer hunters, the performance of null-steering techniques for GNSS receivers and more in this one-hour webinar.

Thursday, December 17, Brought to you by: Thursday, November 19, Moderator: A university research team and three commercial manufacturers shared their first-hand experiences in — and expert insight into — the creation of unmanned aerial vehicles. They presented their operational UAV designs, discussed the project requirements, aspects of construction and integration of sensors — and also shared test results from their recorded flights.

New Applications and Techniques Broadcast Date: Thursday, October 29, Moderator: The panel also shed light on cutting-edge time transfer research, and dove into new applications and techniques for use in metrology, defense, communications and aerospace.

July 23, Moderator: Correction augmentation technologies — the theme of this webinar — meet the growing need and opportunity for more accurate location and navigation information in an increasing number of applications where position data are deemed useful or critical.

In this webinar we discussed recent developments in high accuracy correction techniques, the current scenario for state-of-art solutions, as well as explore future technology developments for the coming years. Editorial Webinar Street Smart: July 16, Moderator: Get a high-level overview of the latest enhancements to computerized geometric city models, which can help overcome data gaps and inaccuracies created by webinar archive thursday 7th march 2013 obstruction, to improve GNSS positioning in dense urban areas.

Download a Webinar archive thursday 7th march 2013 of the webinar archive thursday 7th march 2013 slides. Editorial Webinar The Road to Driverless: June 18, Moderator: Advanced driver-assistance systems ADAS are now integrated in all luxury cars and moving into mainstream models.

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Freddy also frequently makes live presentations see Events. Presentation slides from previous events are available see Library. This presentation considers the research foundations of the Common Core State Standards, especially as it pertains to comprehension.

Wixson presents on the upcoming assessments. She takes a close look at the sample questions and discusses the different question formats. Duke presents the pitfalls and potentials of the CCSS as it relates to informational texts. She explains the differences between previous and current definitions for key words used in the CCSS.

Hiebert presents information on using quantitative measures in the new Common Core Assessments. Valencia presents an expanded way of considering the relationship between comprehension and text complexity by examining text-task scenarios. Freddy presents 77 seconds on core vocabulary. What is it and how can the words be organized to help students read complex text? Archived recording of Freddy's November 28, webinar: Text Complexity and the Common Core: Moving into Action With Confidence.

Archived recording of Freddy's October 11, webinar: Archived recording of Freddy's September 12, webinar: Moving into Action with Confidence. A short webinar on the importance of reading during summer vacations and how SummerReads can help stop the summer slide.

The recording of a webinar Freddy presented for MA teachers and educational leaders on May 10, In June , Dr. Freddy Hiebert presented a webinar on the effects of summer reading. Freddy Hiebert presented the fifth annual Jeanne S. Freddy Hiebert discussed why text matters in developing reading fluency. Texts that contain too many difficult words frustrate beginning readers. This presentation examined key features in texts that support fluency and comprehension.

Hiebert also closely examined the texts in core reading programs to highlight the need for texts that increase reading fluency and comprehension. This updated version of the presentation includes an explanation of how QuickReads fits in with the Common Core Standards. Attention to comprehension-based silent reading rate CBSRR is very different than the over-emphasis on oral reading that been so prominent over the last decade. Developed for the Florida's Department of Education, Dr.

Hiebert has recorded a new video on summer reading. In this webinar Dr. Hiebert explores the relationship between a text's word frequency number and the Lexile number. Hiebert describes 7 facts about a generative vocabulary approach and describes 7 instructional strategies to support each word fact.

All rights reserved except where indicated. Other product and service names are trademarks or registered trademarks of their respective holders. Bringing the right texts to beginning and struggling readers. Topics Common Core State Standards. Moving into Action With Confidence: Building the Foundation for Reading Complex Text. Bringing the right texts to beginning and struggling readers Santa Cruz, California.