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On this blog when we talk about developer testing we have an ongoing assumption that you're going to use continuous integration in both senses of the phrase: But, perhaps surprisingly, many teams have as much trouble getting the automated system up and running as they do in writing the tests in the first place. The problem is their build. They have a system that is sufficient for assembling their software but that isn't ready for the demands of an agile team, demands like continuous integration, unit tests, functional testing, software metrics, etc.

These two events should pair very nicely: My goal was xxd binary options fundamentals of trading energy future and option have a single script using Watir to drive both Safari and Firefox. With a bit more work I'd like to have the same script driving Celerity. I like the idea of a continuous integration setup where the Celerity tests run first for fast feedback and then the tests run xxd binary options fundamentals of trading energy future and option the browser to ensure compatibility.

Along with a number of bug fixes and enhancements release notes there have been a number of significant below the surface changes that should be invisible out of the box but will be a GoodThing:. In addition to these change there quite a few little hygiene cleanups that made me happy. We currently have people registered from across Europe, ready to talk all about Continuous Integration, Testing and related topics. Hope to see you there! In this blog entry I talk about how simple changes can produce dramatically different results.

Developer testing is one of the practices, one of those little things, that add up to excellence:. I've enjoyed my time blogging here at Developer Testing, but I've started a new blog with a slightly broader scope. My Thought Nursery will no doubt deal quite a bit with similar issues issues — developers, testing, continuous integration and the like — but is also likely to get into other areas of interest and particularly ideas under development. See detailed release notes here.

If you've never been to an open spaces event you can think of it as the best part of a normal conference -- the hallway conversation -- dialed up to 11! But hurry, there are already people registered and only 30 more registrations will be accepted! Or maybe even all three! Artur Hildebrandt is a MBA student at the University of Liverpool and currently running a survey on the business benefits and risks of unit testing.

His goal is to identify and measure benefits software development organizations can gain by actively practicing unit testing. I xxd binary options fundamentals of trading energy future and option it would be great to have more information available to persuade management on the benefits of unit testing so I'm happy to promote his survey.

If you'd like to take part his questionnaire available at online. I'm sitting here in SFO waiting for my flight to Tokyo. This will be a bit different from my normal talks on CI because I'll be focusing on the benefits of CI for testing groups rather than my normal focus on developers. And xxd binary options fundamentals of trading energy future and option will be translation into Japanese which makes for a very different presentation experience. But I'm very excited about giving this talk because Continuous Integration is less well known in Japan than in Europe, Australia or the US, so it will be fun to be bringing the message to a new audience.

Today Kevin reminded me that Clover has a similar metric for identifying risky code, a tag cloud that uses complexity to size the tag and the coverage level to color it. They have posted a sample using Lucene here. This is a pretty neat looking approach I don't really like it. We're in a nice central locationvery close the Brussels North train station.

As an open space event everyone has the opportunity to propose a topic for discussion. The one I'm most interested in is talking about Crap4J and other ideas for metrics to spot bad code. This generally gives me a thread I can follow and eventually solve the problem, but it isn't very efficient. It looks like a better solution would be the What Jar? Have some extra time on your hands? How about uploading a bunch of the jars to save me some time in the future? Alberto blogged today about our free tool Crap4J.

You might think that the last thing software development needs is another metric, but our goal here was a bit different. We were looking xxd binary options fundamentals of trading energy future and option a metric that would be simple and actionable like the cholesterol index: By the same token, you can't say that just because your score is under that you're healthy. The cholesterol isn't a perfect indicator of health, and yet it is still useful.

And thanks to the writeup on The Server Side for my title. Kevin pushed a new version of JUnit Factory yesterday. The coolest new feature is that you can now execute your hand-written tests remotely on our server and get a coverage report out of it, such as this dashboard report for CruiseControl.

To make this work safely for us we run the tests under a security manager and restrict what the tests can do, so some tests will fail. I have just generated unit tests for some code that would have taken months or years to do manually and I did it in under 30 minutes including registering on your server and waiting for the reply xxd binary options fundamentals of trading energy future and option. Getting this kind of feedback is the fun part about having free as in beer software up on the web where anyone can try it out.

In this case Nick had a great experience with JUnitFactory and let us know with a post to our forum. The rest of the time you'll find me at the Agitar booth, so if you'd like to talk unit testing, continuous integration, or just hang out, stop on by and say hi. Julio doesn't like my blog -- it's too impersonal, not enough of me here for a friend.

He's right of course, but I think Rands might have given me a solution in Twitter. The problem is the tyranny of the pending entry. In theory I could ignore that I still haven't shared the advice in On Writing Well that sounds like refactoring and dash off a note that Leanne has started he own softgoods workroom My mind just doesn't seem to work like that. Today though I read Rands description of Twitter as a yard sale for casual information and was interested.

Then I read "I'd prefer to be drinking with y'all, but I'll take what I can get" and knew I had to sign-up. If you're thinking it's been too long since we've had a beer together maybe you should sign up too? We'll take up to so if you're interested in attending, it's not too late to register. The conference will be July 27th and 28th, Friday night and then all day Saturday. Btw, if you're not familiar with the Open Space conference format you might want to read this description.

If you're still not sure if this format or event is for you, you might want to see what people have posted about past CITCONs on the webor read the feedback from Dallas earlier this year. The dashboard provides an attractive web 2. The old reporting application is still there -- meaning xxd binary options fundamentals of trading energy future and option the 3rd party tools still work -- so there is no reason not to update and check out the new features.

I like how Alistair is bluring the lines between Wiki and Blog on his site. Martin does something similar, but his Bliki is read only. Alistar, otoh, is using MediaWiki to run his full site, xxd binary options fundamentals of trading energy future and option his blog, and encouraging people to post their thoughts on the discussion page for the related blog. I like the informal collegial feel and I'll be interested to see if a community does in fact develop.

Reading Paul Duval's blog entry I found him making a comparison I use frequently: If you don't like what you see in the mirror, do you blame the mirror or do you start thinking about spending more time at the gym?

This picture was just about the last quiet moment before they opened the exhibition xxd binary options fundamentals of trading energy future and option doors. Shortly after that the horde decended and at the booth we've been just shockingly busy. I'm encouraged by the number of people who are interested in unit testing and want to hear our pitch. We've been handing out JUnitFactory business cards like candy -- the ability to generate dashboards is a killer new feature -- and the printed copies of The Way of Testivus are popular as well.

I've been mostly xxd binary options fundamentals of trading energy future and option occupied describing AgitarOne to people but in between I've managed to catch xxd binary options fundamentals of trading energy future and option a bit with Paul Hammant who is pleased I finally have the include.

Andy introduced me to prolific traveling speaker Neal Fordwho must enjoy being on the road far more than I do. I got within handshaking distance of ASM author humble committer Eugene Kuleshov but was too busy talking with someone in the booth to do more than exchange greetings.

Following Bret's session I'm really interested in hearing from people who have had good experiences using RSpec on a Java project. Worth airport in Texas. If you've ever attended a conference and left feeling that the best part of the conference was the hallway conversation, then you should understand the appeal xxd binary options fundamentals of trading energy future and option the CITCON format.

At least this is the appeal for me! Jared posted a cogent argument for peer code reviews that is worth reading if only for the killer line. Space is limited to the first registrants and attendance is free. Registration is on-line and while it is open until April 13th we do expect to fill all the available slots, so sign-up soon to reserve your spot. These prior CITCON drew enthusiastic practitioners at all levels of experience, all looking to share what they knew and to learn what they could.

We're looking for more of the same in Dallas. I'll be there as a panel member Last week CruiseControl 2. In this release there are several bug fixes but also an odd little plug-in that seeks to address a common problem with inter-project dependencies.

Read on to learn about the new Veto plug-in and how it can help keep your projects building in the correct order. Well that webinar has now been posted so you can view the replay.

You do need to register to view it but if you don't want to hear from us just put in bogus data. So why ask for it? Because some people do want to hear from us and we're most interested in enabling those people. I've been so self-absorbed with my travel travails that I forgot to mention I'll be part of a webinar tomorrow morning on the Business Benefits of Unit Testing with Forrester anaylst and seemly very nice person Carey Schwaber.

I had read some of her previous reporting on the build market, because of her mention of CruiseControl, and meeting her in person confirmed what had come across in her reports: So if you're interested in the topic I think it would be worth listening.

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